September 21, 2020

Dear TVCS Families,

As of today we will no longer be able to utilize the parking lot behind the old Marie Calendars building. Life’s Kitchen has purchased the facility and they will begin renovation immediately. That being said, please watch our video regarding the route for our drop off and pick up: Student Pick Up and Drop Off Route

  • Please come in to our location from Fairview and Fairmeadow. 
  • Please pull around behind the school building and through the back alley (in between the neighborhood and the back of the school building).
  • Take your first left and follow that alleyway (In between His Way and TVCS.
  • Turn left again, going between the school building and the gym and then follow the loop around as usual.
  • Please pull forward as far as you can (to the end of the sidewalk) when picking up and dropping off your student.
  • Please make sure you exit to the RIGHT towards Fairview and not through the neighborhood. 

We are requesting that you do not enter from Fairview by the Old Marie Calendars building. As construction begins, it is possible that nails, screws and debris will be dropped. It is also a possibility that this area will be fenced off.
If you choose to park over at Winco and walk across, please walk to the corners before crossing as there is not a crosswalk. We advise you to adhere to the city laws.
We are aware that these changes might inconvenience a few, however, it is important that we all Seek First to Understand and Synergize together to make this change as smooth and safe as possible for our patrons, community neighbors, and businesses around us.
Thank you for your continued support to The Village Charter School. We appreciate all you do

Josh Noteboom
TVCS Administrator