Last month, LifeCare Alliance marked 120 years from the date that Catherine Nelson Black gathered with 18 other women in the parlor of her home at 1000 Bryden Road to form the Instructive District Nursing Association.

We've changed names since 1898, but our commitment to Carrie's mission to "take care of those no one else pays any attention to" remains constant. And one of our most critical tasks today is to secure our future.

This year, LifeCare Alliance will look to build its Legacy Endowment through a $5 Million Match Campaign. An anonymous donor has generously committed to matching the first $5 million in Endowment gifts, beginning in 2018.

This Campaign creates an opportunity for individuals and families impacted by the work of LifeCare Alliance to express their stewardship and leave their legacies in concrete and meaningful ways.

If you are interested in learning more about the Legacy Endowment Campaign or how you can become a member of the Catherine Nelson Black Society, please contact Chuck Gehring, President and CEO at 614-437-2801 or Rebecca Hurd, Director of Advancement at 614-437-2867.