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From the heart of our Pastoral Associate...Dr. Kathie Amidei
Family Program: A Home where Everyone Can Belong!
Before our juniors in high school are confirmed, as a final step in the preparation process, they gather in small groups for Confirmation interviews.
They review and share impressions of their years of faith formation.
When asked what they liked most about the process, one junior said, "Family Program was my favorite part. I really liked coming and being there with my family." Another member of the group said, "I don't really know what Family Program is. I go to a Catholic high school and so I didn't experience that." The first girl responded, "You really missed out!" She went on to share that she thought it was a loss not to have had that opportunity to be part of Family Program.
I have thought a lot about that comment for a number of reasons.
1.) To have a junior in high school say her favorite part of formation was what she did with her family is special. As much as teens are trying to individuate and find their own identity, keeping them looped in a program participating with their parents and siblings having conversations about faith, morals and values in a loving community is a highly supportive factor in an adolescent's faith life and emotional development.
2.) I was sad to hear a child from a family choosing Catholic school did not realize they are totally welcome to participate in Family Program! I wondered... did we not let them know that? Did they not feel welcomed? If that is in anyway true please know how welcome you are to be part of Family Program. Sometimes I wonder if Catholic school parents think what we cover will be redundant. We purposely use different resources from Catholic schools and gathering as a family is not intrinsic to Catholic education.
3.) It's never too early or too late to join us. Our programs are for any age, beginning at age three.
4.) It also made me wonder if those who may be single or empty nesters, those who are not raising children feel welcome. There is a way, you too can participate in a group taking place you may find is a good fit. You may have heard about Family Program but never thought it was for you. Let me know if you would like to learn more about this option we call, Take II.
5.) And one last thought, every year is important in our faith formation. There is a special emphasis around the time of sacramental prep, but the truth is our relationship with God and God's Church is the most important relationship in our lives. We don't take a year off from our marriages or raising children or being a good friend to someone. Every year of staying connected and forming our faith is precious.
So, I hope you will be part of this vibrant community, The Family Program. We are The St. Anthony Family of Faith and there is a place for everyone! I hope you don't "miss out" on a program that will nurture your relationship with God and connect you to our faith community.

We are so happy to announce that registration for 2018-19 is  already open!  Spread the word and sign up, it's for all families with children 3K-grade 11. More information on Family Program can be found here. The sooner you sign up, the easier it is for us to plan well  for you. 

Special offer! Register by June 15 to receive 2017-18 prices.

The last few weeks have been full of joy as we welcomed 66 First Communicants to the Eucharistic table and 74 of our teens were Confirmed by Bishop Haines. It is important to note that sacramental prep begins in 1st grade for First Communion and 9th grade for Confirmation (Family program and/or Catholic School enrollment required). 

Are you grateful for the faith that has been passed on to you? Are you feeling called to share  your gifts? 
Do you have a joy from the spirit working within you?  A heart for children or youth? A desire to grow deeper in your own understanding of our Catholic Faith?  

If so, we would love to have a conversation with you about the need for and benefits of serving as a catechist or small group leader. 

Email Debbie Kusch who will direct you to the person responsible for the age level that matches your gifts.  Our programs run from September to March.  Training, curriculum, support and materials are provided for you.  Come join us in building the Kingdom of God!
Women's Ministry Event: May 23, 6-8:30pm 
Ladies, you are all invited for dinner, a presentation & conversation on the topic of Feminine Relationships: a source of spiritual strength with Carol Sullivan. We hope you will invite your mom, sister, daughter (12 or older), or spiritual friend to join you!

Carol has been working since 1992 in the area of lay spirituality as a spiritu al director, a retreat leader, and a dynamic Christian motivational speaker.  We are happy to have her back at  St. Anthony on the Lake to lead us in this conversation.  
Summer 2018 Mission Trips
We've been sending youth out on Summer Mission Trips for almost 25 years! The work we do on these trips benefits so many - but it also benefits our parish! The teens come back full of the Spirit - ready to continue serving here at home. 

Please support these trips by keeping the youth and adults in your prayers as they prepare and while they are on the trips. Purchasing a $20 share helps to support these trips. We will sell them after Masses in late May.  

Summer Outreach Camp : A first experience of a Mission Trip for 7th and 8th grade youth serving out in our community. 
Evening July 24 through the evening of July 26. 
Adults are needed as team leaders. Contact Ann Fons if you are interested.
Summer Bible Camp: June 12-15, "Fishing for Faith"

Register now, before May 22,  to have your children (current pre3-5th grade) attend an amazing week of  F ishi ng for Faith!  Fun, crafts, stories, songs, snacks and a great time with friends! There is a special track for 4th and 5th graders which includes field trips.

Adults are needed as s tory teachers and group leaders also. Childcare is available for adult helpers. Middle School and High School helpers are als o needed. Contact Debbie if you are interested.  Planning Meetings: Thursday, May 17 OR Monday, May 21 AND June 4, 6:00pm - 7:30pm.
Molly Ministry/Early Childhood


Baptism Preparation: Expecting a Baby? Want to have your baby baptised? The next Baptism Preparation Session is May 22. Baptism Information. 

Make a Difference  

Mark your calendars and sign up to serve

MANY MORE HELPERS NEEDED! Great opportunity for families or small groups  to se rve together! This is different from the parish spring cleanup and serves local Seniors who can't do it themselves.  We currently have 7 yards to do. Many hands are needed. Sign up to help.


Friday, May 11 is St. Anthony's turn to help at the MacCanon Brown Homeless Sanctuary Meal .   Sign up to help here.
Family Program Families from this past year: If you have not yet responded to our survey, we hope you will take the time to share your feedback with us, as we want to provide the best program we can for your family. FAMILY PROGRAM FEEDBACK

Join us for the 10th anniversary of St. Anthony musicals!
Tickets:   $7 pre-order here$7 kids / $8 adults @ the door

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