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From the heart of our Pastoral Associate...Dr. Kathie Amidei
The Journey

When I was younger, I thought there would be a time when I would be grown-up. I thought at a certain point I would be a "completed grown-up" where I was pretty much finished growing, learning, becoming. I had no idea I would be here decades later still maturing.
Just this past week I was very upset with two interactions with others. I told my husband these people are pushing the same button in me...and it wasn't a good button! He noted a similarity in both cases that reflected a negative relationship in my past. Somehow just figuring that out allowed me to grow up just a little more and find a bit more peace in my heart and compassion for them. Self-knowledge can have a huge impact in the quality of our life and I have come to believe we never get to that "finished" place I previously thought existed. We all are "works in progress" and that makes life interesting. Through that lens I see how God still is working on me and in my life every day. I more clearly see God must love me to have not given up on me.
This is what Dr. Doug Meske and I wrote about in the book, The Journey. For years we each had worked, not only on our own life journey, but also accompanied many other folks along the way. We decided to write down and share what we learned about the emotional and spiritual lessons we had discovered over the years. 
For each of us- our life is an adventure, a challenge, a miracle, an opportunity, a responsibility, a gift. It is a journey we will only take once.

On Thursday, August 3, at 6:45 at St. Anthony, Doug and I invite you to join us for a discussion about, The Journey: A Guide for Persons, Partners and Parents. All are welcome. Come as you are for an evening about our six emotional needs and five spiritual hungers!

Summer Book Reads
We have a wonderful summer opportunity for you to learn something new, grow a little in your faith, talk with or meet new friends, and explore learning something to enhance your life! Join us for our Summer Book Read!
We think this year's Summer Book Read has something for everyone!
This year we are featuring four books. Each is a little different and each offers a unique learning opportunity to grow in your heart, grow in your mind, grow in your faith, grow in your spirit.
The way the Summer Book Read works is simple.
1.) Read the Book... or part of the book... or intend to read the book... someday
2.) Join us for an evening or morning of discussion in August
Here are the Books! See the website for more information on the books.

The Journey: (availablle for $15 in the Faith Formation office.) 
Discussion with the authors, Dr. Doug Meske and Dr. Kathie Amidei is Thursday, August 3, 6:45-8pm.

Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers (available on Amazon and other booksellers)

Discussion with Angie Flanagan and Becky Kohl is Thursday, August 10, 6;45-8:30pm .

Against the Glass (available  through  Sandra Tully  or for $15 in the Faith Formation office)

Discuss a beautiful book of poetry with the award- winning poet, Sandra Tully, the  morning of August 14, 10-11:30, or the evening of August 28, 6:45-8:30pm.

I am CXO, Now What? (available on Amazon and for $10 in the Faith Formation office)

Discussion with the author, Dan Burnett, is  Tuesday, August 22, 6:45-8:30pm


More Details on Ponder This. Any questions or to let us know to expect you, email Angie .

Here at St. Anthony on the Lake, we are committed to providing faith formation for every family. Many families choose Family Program, or the La Petite Family Program, as the method to help their family grow in faith. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have about our programs or how you can help as a catechist or group leader. Just call the office at 262 691-9170 and Maureen Michaels will direct your call to the appropriate staff member. See the Family Program page of the website for details on which program is best for you.  

If you might register for Family Program or Confirmation for the 2017 - 2018 school year, please do so now. As we plan for next year, it is important to know the number of those participating in each grade. Over the summer we purchase our textbooks, plan our curriculum and organize our spaces and catechists. Register here now.  

College Bound?

There is a combination of excitement and anxiety when we send our children off to college. One of my biggest fears as a parent was that my kids would somehow fall away from their Catholic faith. This is a great article: " 4 Pieces of Advice to New College Students"; which is an important parent/teen conversation to have well BEFORE they leave for college.  I hope this will help start a discussion.
One thing we can do, is to point our children in the direction of the Newman Center on campus and possibly attend Mass together when we move them into their new living spaces. It is a good time to look at the activities and ministries their Newman Center provides and encourage their participation. Here a link to the Newman Centers across the United States.  

We will be praying for all of our college students and wish them well on their continued journey. 
Cindi Petre
High School Youth Minister

Mission Trip Teens, Chaperones and "Shareholders": Please remember to join us for the shareholders brunch on July 30, following the 10:45 Mass.  Have you RSVP'd?
See some more photos of the trips on our website. For South Dakota, Sophomore Trip page and for Detroit,  Junior/Senior Trip page . If you have additional photos to share for the shareholders brunch video, please email to Ann and Cindi.      

Post Mission Trip:  Now what?
If you sent your son or daughter on a mission trip this summer you have likely heard great things about the trip already.  Your son our daughter had a great time and may have really bonded with the other youth.  The leaders have said the kids were all great.  How do you make the most of this?  How do you help your son or daughter to keep growing in faith and service, to continue to be the generous, kind person you heard about?  Here are a couple ideas: 


Recognize that the trip was a highly charged experience.  You probably won't be able to replicate that back at home because some of that energy came from being with a large group of people for a week - living in community. This is OK.  Even the disciples had to come down off that mountain after the transfiguration.  The key is that after that experience they continued to hang out with Jesus.  Encourage your son or daughter to continue to take time to pray.  Model daily prayer.

Recognize that even though most mission trip participants are in some way transformed by the experience, we all enter back into systems of relationships; family, friends, work, school, that are the same.  These systems can tend to pull us back into the same person we were before the trip. Be open to changes in your own family because of the mission trip.  Talk about this as a family.  Ask your son or daughter what you can do to help them stay strong in faith and service. 

Take the time needed to keep processing the trip with them over days and months ahead.  For more ideas on processing the trip check out the Youthworks Blog


Get them back to St. Anthony for more fun and service with their friends!  Watch the website, your email, and the bulletin for opportunities, or have them contact Cindi Petre or Ann Fons soon.


Thank you for encouraging them and giving them the opportunity to go!


Summer Outreach Camp is next week! 
July 25 through 27, 2017
Please keep our participants, leaders, and helpers, as well as the people we will be serving in your prayers.  Want to be a part of making this experience a success?   Sign up to help   
I Want To Serve

To follow Jesus is to serve others.  To serve others is to give glory to God by using the gifts God has given us for the building of the Kingdom. 

Please return your response form. We look forward to serving with you!

  More information and documents
New for our little ones.... Book Bags for Mass!

These are located on knobs near Jesus in the boat. Please use and return. We always enjoy seeing our little friends at Mass and we hope they enjoy them!  

Hope Center - Clothing Shop
Come to the Hope Center in Waukesha to help sort and hang clothing for those in need.  Children 5th grade and older are welcome with a parent.  Dress appropriately, as you may work outside some.  Thank you for helping serve as Jesus asks us.  Sat., July 22, 9-11:30 am.   

Markers & Glue Sticks & Pens, Oh My!  
Come help out the Lifelong Faith Formation Department one Sunday morning this summer! On August 6, we'll be checking all the markers and glue sticks to prepare for the new year of Family Program. Please stop by after 9:00 Mass to help out for an hour or so. Easy & fun work, and VERY helpful to our dedicated staff!  Sign up online.

Additional Service Opportunities...

This Saturday, The Gathering needs volunteers to help set up, serve and clean up a meal for the homeless in Milwaukee.  Families with children age 10+ are welcome.  If you'd like to go, sign up here.
St. Anthony will be shipping another container to our Peru sister parish in August.   We need many volunteers to help with sorting, inventorying and then loading the container.   The dates/times help is needed can be found on the Sign-Up Genius  .   Thanks in advance for any time you might be able to lend.
Hope you are having a wonderful summer! If you've been traveling or away, we hope you stay connected with us. See what's going on in our parish community: 

SUNDAY, July 16TH, Several parishioners joined other Milwaukee area families at the Ballpark Day of Faith. It was a beautiful day to gather for Mass and a ball game and even better to be with amazing people!

Hope you can come next year!

Visit for more information and follow-up. 


Join us in supporting our parish school!
Early registration deadline is July 31st. 

Golf at Western Lakes Golf Club, Dinner, Auction, Casino Night & Dancing at the Milwaukee Marriott West 

Young at Heart Bus Trip: 
Packer Hall of Fame and Stadium Tour Combo   Details
St. Anthony Choir on TV
Our parish choir participated in filming of Masses in May with Heart of the Nation and they will begin airing this weekend!
You can find them on Channel 6 at 5:30 AM and Channel 24 at 9:00 AM. Those will be edited for the time slot. The extended Mass without anything cut, will be posted to their You Tube page,
  as well as website, .
This weekend, the cantor was Bonita Ziegler and the lector was Warren Kosier.  
"Active at St. Anthony" - A Parish Wellness Opportunity
Want to stay cool and fit this summer?
"Active at St. Anthony" is a program that promotes health and fellowship, through regularly scheduled opportunities to engage in low impact walking. This twice weekly activity is held on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8:00am to 9:30am. Drop in when convenient for you! Parking and entrance to the gymnasium atrium are easily accessible through the doors on the lower level of the school.
Though no specific prior training or athletic ability is required, participants must be minimally fit and independently mobile. Bring your gym shoes and water. Sign in and begin enjoying yourself.
For more information on this opportunity for fitness and fellowship, please contact Kathy Libert  or Diane Ringeisen.  You can also reach Debbie Klimko in the parish office at 262-691-1173 x1119.
Family Inspiration: Schedule God Into a Busy Summer!

It is hard to believe that Summer is already half over. About this time of year I am usually trying to figure out how to fit in all the things I had great plans for at the beginning of the summer.  I stop and pull out the calendar and see where we can fit in a visit to my sister, or when we can finally get to cleaning out the garage, and what about that camping trip with friends?  The last month of summer can feel like whirlwind!  Kelly Bothun reminds us that  " it's precisely in this chaos that we must find Christ. He is in the middle of our tornado of life, the one spinning with barbecues and camping trips and late summer nights.  See more on her blog.