Lifelong Faith Formation Connections

From the heart of our Pastoral Associate...Dr. Kathie Amidei
Advice for Baby
In my last blog I shared: "... waiting the birth of my granddaughter. Today she is an idea to me. When she appears, I know I will never be able to imagine life without her. That is what a child does to us!"
Baby Maya Kathleen Tolani was born at 9:39 on April 24. Her mama and papa were so generous to allow me to be there as she entered head first into the world with an assertive cry that protested the eviction from her happy home where the only sound was her mama's heartbeat and she never was cold or hungry.
Already in her little life I have a treasure-trove of precious memories. May I share one?
Our Natey is Maya's wonderful cousin. He is in the first grade and a very sensitive soul.
Natey got a chance to hold baby Maya with his mom, Lisa, sitting close by next to him.
Lisa asked Natey, "If there is one thing you think Maya should know, what is it?" (Wonderful mom-question!)
Natey looked at Maya and in his tender sweet way said, "Be as kind as you can be. And be yourself."
Seriously, I think I would have needed to think about that questions for a long time and then when I did respond I would have gone on and on... but Natey nailed it.
I don't think I could have done better than Natey's advice, except to add, "Trust in love, Baby Maya. Trust in our love for you. Trust you are God's beloved." 
Upcoming Events In Our Community...  

Thursday, 12th

9-10:45am Sticky Faith week 1 (4 week program, how to develop long term faith in your teenagers) FH-G
9:15-11:15 ALPHA at Queen Apostles Church
7-9pm Adult Choir Rehearsal
Friday, 13th
8-9:15am Active in the PAC
Saturday, 14th
9am-1:30pm First Communion Bread Baking Retreat & Lunch
Sunday, 15th
8-9:15pm Buckets and Beliefs in the Gym
Monday, 16th
10-11:30am Molly Ministry Open Gym
6:30-8pm RCIA Session in Fireplace Lounge
7-8pm SPARK in Daily Mass Chapel
Tuesday, 17th
8-9:30 am Active at St. Anthony in the PA C
6:15-7:15pm Perpetual Help in the Daily Mass Chapel
Wednesday, 18th
6:30-8am Men's Spirituality
9:30-11am Guardians and Angels Playgroup in Child Care Room
9:30-11am WOW-Women of Wisdom in the Gathering Space Lounge
6:15-8pm Middle in the Middle(for Middle Schoolers) in the Science and Art room
6:30-8:30pm ALPHA in St. Anthony Hall
Thursday, 19th
9-10:45am Sticky Faith week 2 in Fellowship Hall G
9:15-11:15am ALPHA at Queen of Apostles
1-8pm Parish Photo Sessions please RSVP for a time slot
2:30/4:30pm Children's Choir Practice
5-8pm Dairy Queen fundraiser for St. Anthony School (the one on Heritage Drive)
7-9pm Adult Choir Practice
7:8:30pm Mom's Group in Fireplace Lounge
Friday, 20th
8-9:15am Active in the PAC
1-8pm Parish Photo Sessions please RSVP for a time
Saturday, 21st
All day event Partners in Mercy-Family Promise
10am-5pm Parish Photo Sessions please RSVP for a time slot
Sunday, 22nd
All Day Event Partners in Mercy-Family Promise
World Day of Prayer for Vocations
Earth Day
9am-4pm Parish Photo Sessions please RSVP for a time slot
3-5pm Confirmation Rehearsal 
5-6pm Mission Trip Teen and Chaperone Meeting
8-9:30pm Buckets and Beliefs  in the Gym
Monday, 23rd
1-8pm Parish Photo Sessions  please RSVP for a time slot
6-7pm Bible Camp Planning
Tuesday, 24th
8-9:30am Active  at St. Anthony in the PAC
9:30-11am Mom's Group  in Fireplace Lounge
1-8pm Parish photo Sessions  please RSVP for a time slot
5-8pm Culver's Night fundraiser for St. Anthony School  (the one on Grandview)
6:15-7:15pm Perpetual Help  in the Daily Mass Chapel
Wednesday, 25th
6:30-8am Men's Spirituality
9:30-11am WOW-Women of Wisdom  in the Gathering Space lounge
6:30-8:30pm ALPHA  in St. Anthony Hall
6:30-7:30pm Mission Trip Teen and Chaperone Meeting
7:30-8:30pm Middle School Retreat Planning
Thursday, 26th
9-10:45am Sticky Faith week 3 in Fellowship Hall G
9:15-11:15am ALPHA at Queen of Apostles
1-8pm Parish Photo Sessions please RSVP for a time slot
2:30/4:30pm Children's Choir rehearsal
7-9pm Adult Choir Rehearsal
Friday, 27th
8-9:15am ACTIVE in the PAC
1-8pm Parish Photo Sessions please RSVP for a time slot
7-10pm Confirmation Celebration
Saturday, 28th
8am-noon Parish Spring Clean-up Day
1-8pm Parish Photo Session please RSVP for a time slot
6:15-8pm The Couple Checkup session 1
Sunday, 29th
10:30-noon Panel Discussion on Drug Abuse Prevention


click the image for more information
Click the image to sign-up

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Are you called to serve our parish?  Do you know someone who is?  In addition to nominations for Pastoral Council we are currently seeking nominations for the Lifelong Faith Formation Committee - one of the standing committees of the Pastoral Council.  What does the LIfelong Faith Formation Committee do?  What is required of those who serve on that committee?  We meet monthly to pray, hear updates on what is happening in the parish, and, most importantly, to consider how we fulfilling our Mission Statement and meeting our goals.  See our Mission Statement here.   
Nomination forms are available in the Gathering Space and online
Make a Difference  

Mark your calendars and sign up to serve
I need lots of people (families included) to sign up for our Spring Yard Cleanup on May 12. We have 7 yards to do, 5 from ERAs Senior Network & 2 parishioners. We only have 1 person signed up!

Great opportunity for families or small groups  to se rve together! This is different from the parish spring cleanup and serves local Seniors who can't do it themselves.  We currently have 7 yards to do. Many hands are needed. Sign up to help.

Do you know an elderly friend or neighbor that needs help with basic yard cleanup? Let us know and we'll include them by sending out a team May 12. It's a nice gift the day  before Mother's Day! Contact Laura Smyczek or 262-691-9170, x1103.


On Monday, April 9, FaithWorks provided and served dinner to 55 people at Healing Hearts, which is a ministry in Waukesha for grieving children and their families.

Offertory Gift Bearer
Sign your family up to bring up the gifts at Mass once or twice this year.  Present the gifts of bread and wine at the altar in preparation for the celebration of Eucharist. 

Greeters at Mass
Sign up to be a Hospitality Greeter at Mass
All families are invited and needed to sign-up to be greeters at Masses. Help be a welcoming presence as we open the doors for visitors and parishioners coming for Mass. Your smile may make someone's day! More information and video here.  
Molly Ministry/Early Childhood


Upcoming Molly Ministry Events: 
Field Trip: Great fun was had at Rainbow Play Systems in Waukesha yesterday! Our next field trip is  May 9 at 9:30am at Retzer Nature Center.

Open Gym: Monday, April 16 will be our last open gym for this year. After that, as the weather gets nice, we will plan some park dates outside! Looking forward to seeing you there!
Evening Moms Group: meets Thursday, April 19, in the Fireplace Lounge, 7-8:30pm. No RSVP required, join us if you can!

Moms Group Tuesday Mornings:  Welcome to the new moms who have recently started coming to Moms! We meet again April 24, downstairs in MRE.9:30-11am. No RSVP required, join us if you can! Please register children for childcare if you are new, with Kathy Paro.

Guardians and Angels:  A preschool playgroup that includes music, stories, and crafts, as well as time for free play and a snack.  Children are welcome to participate at their own level with a parent or guardian. We gather in the child-care space of St. Anthony, from 9:30 -11:00am on scheduled Wednesdays. Join us as we explore God in our world,  April 18 and May 2, We will celebrate the year with a picnic on May 16 at Nettesheim Park. 
Bible Camp:
Mark your calendars to have your children (current pre3-5th grade) join us for Fishing for Faith!  Fun, crafts, stories, songs, snacks and a great time with friends! June 12-15. Details and Registration. 

Adults needed as story teachers and group leaders also. Childcare is available for adult helpers. Contact Debbie if you are interested. 

Summer Park Play Dates:   Dates have been set, so mark your calendars - June 7, June 21, July 12, July 26, August 9.  Locations yet to be determined, watch future newsletters for details.

Mom's Night Out:  May 30 at 6:30pm at Seester's in Pewaukee. Hope to see you there!
Baptism Preparation: Expecting a Baby? Want to have your baby baptised? The next Baptism Preparation Session is May 22. Baptism Information. 
Molly Ministry Thank You:  The final Molly Ministry meeting for the year will be May 14, 9:30-11am. Please join us to celebrate the year, learn more about Molly Ministry and thank the wonderful women who have planned the events all year with a light breakfast. We hope you join us to ce.lebrate! Email Kathy if you are abe to come.
Grades 1-5

Youth grades 5 and over are able to help by serving for Mass. 
First Communion Bread Baking Retreat & lunch will be held Saturday, April 14 from 9:00-1:30.

Bible Camp, "Fishing for Faith"
will be held June 12-15 from 9am-noon. Groups for current Pre3-Grade 5.
Mark you calendars; Registration is open!

If you would like to be an adult story teller or group leader, contact Debbie. Middle School and High School helpers are also needed! 
Planning Meetings: Thursday, May 17 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm OR Monday, May 21 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm AND June 4, 6:00pm - 7:30pm.
Middle School Ministry   
The April date for Middle in the Middle is April 18,  6:15-8:00pm. Do you think it will finally be warm enough for us to be outdoors? We hope so! It is never too late to join us at this gathering for youth in grades 6, 7, and 8; a place for fun, friends and faith. Bring a friend! 
  More information.  Email  Ann Fons to let her know you are able to come.

Middle School 7th and 8th grade Retreat is May 4th 
May the 4th (Force) be with you! Registration is available here.
Each year our 7th & 8th graders are given the opportunity to grow in faith by witnessing the faith of some of our older teens. The High School teens plan and facilitate this evening where in addition to games and stories we take time to consider our faith journey(re-scheduled from May 11 to accommodate the final day of play rehearsal) May the 4th (Force) be with you!  

A first experience of a Mission Trip for 7th and 8th grade youth serving out in our community. Sign-up soon. Adults are needed as team leaders. Contact Ann Fons if you are interested.
High School Ministry 
As part of Confirmation, students are asked to be part of a group Confirmation interview. Sign-up here.  

CONFIRMATION REHEARSAL:  Sunday, April 22 from 3-4pm in the church. This is for teens and sponsors, if a sponsor is unable to attend, please have a parent stand in.

CONFIRMATION:  Friday, April 27 at 7pm. Confirmands and their sponsors please meet in Fellowship Hall by 6:15pm.

SPARK : Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament specifically geared for teens, and young adults, but all are welcome!  It is a beautiful prayer experience.  Join us from 7-8 on April 16, for time with Jesus, stay the hour or stop in for 15 minutes.  Parents attend with your teen!  ALL are welcome!


LIVING STATIONS: Thank you to all who joined for the living stations on Good Friday! A special thank you to the teens who presented them so beautifully. 

Help plan and facilitate the 7th and 8th grade retreat: High School youth are needed to help with the planning and facilitation of the 7th and 8th grade retreat May 4. Planning Meetings: Wednesday, April 25 from 7:30 - 8:30pm Wednesday, May 2 from 7:30-8:30pm Set Up: Friday, May 4 from 4:00 to 6:30pm Retreat: Friday, May 4 from 6:30 to 9:30pm Contact Ann Fons with questions and to let her know you can help.

Summer 2018 Mission Trips
We've been sending youth out on Summer Mission Trips for almost 25 years! The work we do on these trips benefits so many - but it also benefits our parish! The teens come back full of the Spirit - ready to continue serving here at home. You can support these trips by keeping the youth and adults in your prayers as they prepare and while they are on the trips. You will also have the opportunity to purchase $20 shares in the trip. Do you know a teen who is going? They are selling shares individually now and we will sell them after Mass in late May.
Preparations continue for all the Mission Trips. . . it is now time for final payments, meetings, and selling your personal shares.  Participants please complete your 'assignment' and the survey prior to April 15. Parents and youth should see the website for details about their trip

Mark your calendars for these meetings:
All high School  teen participants: 
plan to attend one of these two options for a team meeting:
Sunday, April 22 from 5:00 - 6:00pm  OR
Wednesday, April 25 from 6:30 to 7:30pm
Please RSVP to Ann so we know which date we can expect to see you. 

AND attend the following with your parent:
Milwaukee Trip (Freshmen):  parents and teens - attend the meeting on Sunday April 22 from 5:00 - 6:00pm 
South Dakota Trip (Sophomores and Seniors) :  Parents and teens - attend the meeting on Wednesday May 16 from 6:30 - 8:00pm
Kentucky Trip (Juniors):  Parents and teens  - attend the meeting on Monday May 21 from 6:30 to 7:30pm
Chaperones - please attend both youth and parent meetings for your trip.
Not registered for a Mission Trip but wish you were?  Contact Ann Fons.  Ann can also answer questions about any of the trips.
Family Program
Thank you all again for a great year! We are filled with gratitude when we think about the many people who made this year what it was! Thank you again to the design team, catechists, kitchen helpers, set-up and clean-up families, and those who come in to assist with projects or take them to do at home. We couldn't do this program without you!

We are already beginning to plan for next year! Would you like to share ideas with us in order to help us plan? Perhaps you want to tell us what worked especially well for your family, or one thing you'd love to see included next year. If so, please email Kathie Amidei.

Online Registration will begin soon. We are just fine-tuning a few things to make the process even easier for you! Please watch your Remind app, the bulletin, and your inbox for a notification that it is open.

We are now almost at the halfway point of the Family Challenge, a good point to re-new your commitment to continued growth through reflecting on Scripture together. Please email us with any new questions about that Bible that pop up in your reflections.
Missed the Remind message for this week? It is Week 14 - the Scripture passage is John 10:7-18. We're looking for images that reflect your take away word this time! And next week it is Week 15.   Family Challenge Booklet 

We look forward to seeing you all at Mass and at parish and community events! Here is the link to the Family Program "Time Off" Calendar with some options for you!


Click here for a printable flyer with all the Take Back locations.

                 Click here to purchase tickets!

Movies, Documentaries, Bible Studies, and so much more for adults, youth and children! 

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.
In addition to our efforts throughout the year, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee has always recognized the important month of April as Child Abuse Prevention Month. This year, we have also designated April 22-28, 2018 as Safe Environment Week. In doing so, we can assure that every parish and school, as well as the entire faith community focuses, at the same time, on the importance of keeping our children and youth safe.
World Day of Prayer for Vocations | April 22
Join Pope Francis and the Universal Church in praying for an increase in vocations on Sunday, April 22.  For more informaiton and ideas
"The Fifty-fifth World Day of Prayer for Vocations once again proclaims this good news to us, and in a decisive manner.  We are not victims of chance or swept up in a series of unconnected events; on the contrary, our life and our presence in this world are the fruit of a divine vocation!" - Pope Francis
Saint Francis de Sales Seminary Open House:
We invite you to St. Francis de Sales Seminary's Open House on Sunday, April 29. We will celebrate Mass at 11a.m. Seminarians will serve as hosts and tour guides as St. Francis de Sales opens the doors to the public from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.  

            St. Francis de Sales Seminary Open House | Sunday, April 29
            3257 South Lake Dr., St. Francis
            11:00 a.m. Mass
            Noon - 2 p.m. Tours 

Family Inspiration:  

Schedule a fun day of faith, family and community: 
Easter Season  
ALLELUIA! May your homes and families be filled with EASTER JOY!
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