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January 23, 2020
Thought for the Month
Let's Come Together!

Years ago, when I was a Catholic school teacher, I had a very fuzzy notion about the religious education programs in the parishes where I taught. Then when I moved into faith formation ministry, I wasn't much in touch with the school in the parish.

That is one of the unique characteristics I love about St. Anthony on the Lake. We try very hard to work and live as one family. Just like any family, we have different roles and responsibilities, but we are one in the belief that we are all here for the same purpose-to be a great community in which to raise our children in faith, support our teens on their spiritual journey at a vulnerable time of their lives, and that, as adults, we are more likely to deepen our relationship with God if we stay close to our parish in prayer and grow in learning and formation about our faith. And so, we have been dedicated to an abundance of opportunities for all ages!

A real tangible sign of this unity is the first joint fundraiser, the Signature Event, Come Together! We anticipate a special evening to benefit both our School and Lifelong Faith Formation on February 15 at the Ingleside Hotel. I am not aware of any parish in the country that has a celebration like this! It is a rare sign of a shared mission in a Catholic Parish to work together like this! I hope you will find some way to come together for the mission and ministries of St. Anthony on the Lake and support this signature event!

At the event, Eileen Campbell and Amanda Maaser, two of our Faith Formation servant leaders, are being honored for the strong foundation they have built and continue to build in our Faith Formation programs.

Now that the event itself is sold out-- amazing!-- you can still support our parish by volunteering at the event, purchasing raffle tickets, and bidding online. Click below to volunteer or read more about the event in Fr. Tony's bulletin article. Raffle tickets are available in the  Gathering Space or Parish Office. Online bidding begins February 10, so watch for details on how to be a part of that!

Click below to watch this video on human dignity from Formed.
If you don't have time to watch the whole video, we recommend watching
from 17:56 to 19:28 on how we learn to live and love in a family, and also
25:13 to 27:52 on how we live in a culture of distraction and need to move out of our comfort zone and begin to enter into relationship with others.

To register with Formed, go  here and click Register.

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