Faith Formation Connections

From the heart of our Pastoral Associate...Dr. Kathie Amidei
Summer Holy Day!

Next Tuesday, August 15, is the Feast of the Assumption. It is a holy day of obligation which means, hopefully, we all will be gathering at 8:00am or 7:00pm that day at Mass to celebrate this wonderful feast day!
The Assumption of Mary is a teaching, a doctrine, that Mary's body and soul were taken into heaven. Pope Pius XII's, Apostolic Constitution, Munificentissimus Deus, (Most Bountiful God) defined the Assumption of Mary an official dogma of the Roman Catholic Church in 1950.
We can reflect on this feast as a sign of hope of heaven. It reveals in some sense we can grasp, on this side of death, that heaven is where believers are with God. When I think of my loved ones who have died this is reassuring. This teaching helps me formulate a vision of heaven. The Assumption of Mary affirms that she experiences the Christian hope in the resurrection of the body.
It confirms a sense of God's love of humanity, for God drew Mary in her human form to be with him. It is good to remember this when we strive to honor the dignity of any human being. Jesus wanted his beloved mother "there" with him bodily.
It also conveys the unique human relationship of mother and child, bound by the early, deep, pre-language memories of love, like a mother's touch and scent and the sound of her voice. I know this is what I treasured most and miss most about my own mother. Jesus knew such a relationship. I fully understand why he would want his mother with him in every sense of the word.
More on this can be found in the Catholic Herald.
Summer Book Reads
We have a wonderful summer opportunity for you to learn something new, grow a little in your faith, talk with or meet new friends, and explore learning something to enhance your life! Join us for our Summer Book Read!
We think this year's Summer Book Read has something for everyone!
This year we are featuring four books. Each is a little different and each offers a unique learning opportunity to grow in your heart, grow in your mind, grow in your faith, grow in your spirit.
The way the Summer Book Read works is simple.
1.) Read the Book... or part of the book... or intend to read the book... someday
2.) Join us for an evening or morning of discussion in August
Here are the Books! See the website for more information on the books.

The Journey: (available for $15 in the Faith Formation office.)
Discussion with the authors, Dr. Doug Meske and Dr. Kathie Amidei was Thursday, August 3. It was great to see all who attended!

Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers (available on Amazon and other booksellers)

Discussion with Angie Flanagan and Becky Kohl is tonight, Thursday, August 10, 6:45-8:30pm .

Against the Glass (available  through  Sandra Tully  or for $15 in the Faith Formation office)

Discuss a beautiful book of poetry with the award- winning poet, Sandra Tully, the  morning of August 14, 10-11:30, or the evening of August 28, 6:45-8:30pm.

I am CXO, Now What? (available on Amazon and for $10 in the Faith Formation office)

Discussion with the author, Dan Burnett, is  Tuesday, August 22, 6:45-8:30pm


Gather with other women,
August 14, 7-8:30pm at St. Anthony, downstairs in Meeting Room E, off of Fellowship Hall.

Come for a discussion using Ponder This
by Joan Carey.
 Any questions, or to let us know to expect you, email Angie .

Family Program begins on September 17 and 18!

We have been busy planning and preparing for the upcoming year in Family Program. Thank you to all who have registered already! We are excited to continue our journey of faith formation together. 

See the Family Program page of the website for details on which program is best for you, or share it with someone new. Is there someone you've been feeling called to invite?

If you might register for Family Program or Confirmation for the 2017 - 2018 school year, please do so now. As we plan for next year, it is important to know the number of those participating in each grade. Over the summer we purchase our textbooks, plan our curriculum and organize our spaces and catechists. Register here now.  

Shareholders Brunch:  Once again we thank all those who supported our Summer Mission Trips!  Our teens shared stories and photos of the fun and great work they did at the brunch on July 30.  Did you miss the brunch?  You can still see photos and hear from the teens on the  Mission Trip page  of the website.
Did you happen to see a group of young teens in bright green shirts working in a neighbors' yard the last week of July?  That would have been our youth on the Middle School Summer Outreach Camp.  Here is what one of the people we served had to say about it:  "What a wonderful thing happened to me - a group of unselfish, wonderful young people graced me by cleaning my garage!"  See more photos and hear from the youth on the   Middle School page of the website.
Freshmen:  Save the date - September 24, 9:00am for the Freshman Retreat.  See the High School Confirmation page of the website for more information and all the dates of high school confirmation sessions.  

Have you heard a call?  Sometimes it is only a whisper, or a nudge.  If your faith brings you joy, comfort, strength; if you are looking to grow in your faith, it could be God is calling you to be a catechist or group leader.  We need catechists, aides and small group facilitators for several grade levels, from the little ones to the high school youth, during the Sunday morning and Monday evening Family Program as well as on Wednesday nights for the high school confirmation program.  Curriculum and lesson planning help is provided.  Please contact the Faith Formation office for more details.   Contact Debbie Kusch to help with grades 5 and under or Liturgy of the Word, Ann Fons to help with grades 6 - 8 and Cindi Petre to help with high school youth. 
Please Pray For: 
All the help we need to pass on our faith to our children and youth.  There is a need for Catechists, aides, and support staff. 

One more park date this summer, hope you join us. We plan to meet at 10:00.  Feel free to pack a picnic lunch and stay as long as you want. Look for us by the rainbow windsock.  
August 23rd @ Mitchell Park, Brookfield

Want to help us with planning fun events for our families with our youngest members? Join us August 28, 9:30-11. We meet in the childcare room, little ones are welcome to play while we meet. 
New for our little ones.... Book Bags for Mass!

These are located on knobs near Jesus in the boat. Please use and return. We always enjoy seeing our little friends at Mass and we hope they enjoy them!  

Children's Liturgy of the Word will be starting again Sept. 10, during the 9:00 Mass,


Opportunities to serve can be found on the Faithworks page. Thank you in advance for helping to make a difference!
St. Anthony will be shipping another container to our Peru sister parish next week. 

We are accepting general clean, in good condition items until August 12 with container loading on August 16. Please NO furniture, appliances or electronics.  
We need many volunteers to help with sorting, inventorying, and then loading the container. The dates/times help is needed can be found on the Sign-Up Genius  .   Thanks in advance for any time you might be able to lend.
Hope you are having a wonderful summer! If you've been traveling or away, we hope you stay connected with us. See what's going on in our parish community: 

Young at Heart Bus Trip: 
Packer Hall of Fame and Stadium Tour Combo   Details

Join us in supporting our parish school!

Golf at Western Lakes Golf Club, Dinner, Auction, Casino Night & Dancing at the Milwaukee Marriott West 

Family Inspiration: Family Fun Nights

Have you had some fun family nights recently?  Summer is a wonderful time for family nights; even the Green Bay Packers hold one!  Read our  Family Program blog  for an idea for your next family night.