Lifelong Faith Formation Connections

From the heart of our Pastoral Associate...Dr. Kathie Amidei
The Rosary Revisited  
Some of you were at the presentation Mary Matestic gave, where she talked about her parents and the Rosary. I was so moved by it that I asked her to write it down. She did and I shared it in an article for the Catholic Herald. Here is an excerpt from that article. "My parents were married in August of 1941. Four months later my dad was deployed to the Pacific Front after Pearl Harbor. World War II was in full swing. He had his rosary in his pocket which he prayed daily during the worst of the battles and through the loneliness of separation from my mother. When he returned home three years later, the rosary which had round beads when he left were flattened from use. The chain holding the beads was broken, but he sewed them together with brown thread. Many times, his war diary expressed how much consolation the rosary gave to him on the battle field. (Mary Matestic) Mary said her parents continued to pray the rosary together and it gave them hope and a sense of God's nearness to them throughout the joys and struggles of their life. There is something about the image of the flattened beads and the broken chain, mended with brown thread, that captures the power of this treasured devotion. Separated by war they were held together in faithfulness to prayer, by a Rosary, in a way that sustained their love of God and each other." 
Mary's parent's devotion to prayer and each other is inspiring. In this month of the Rosary, maybe take a chance to pray the rosary or some form of prayer you haven't tried. I believe God is always happy to hear from us. May God's boundless mercy and goodness be with you and your family in your joys and challenges in these last days of October.
In our community...

All Saints Day is November 1st
Masses at St. Anthony are  at 8:00am and 7:00pm.

We celebrate All Saints Day on November 1
 - the day when we remember that as followers of Christ we are ALL saints!  The church also holds up Saints with a capital S, men and women to inspire us as we try to live lives of holiness.  A fun family activity might be to reflect on what traits you share in common with some of those capital S Saints.  Check out the Loyola Press website about Saints and take their online quiz to see which American Saint you are most like. 

A booklet of   Saints and their prayers .


Sunday, Nov. 5:  Dr. Doug Meske will be speaking from 10:55-noon in the PLC. 
The questions he would like parents to think about in advance are: 
1. What are your children seeing, hearing, learning and deciding "It's Normal" 
2. I feel most anxious and insecure when...
3. For me to be happier and more content, I must...
4. Do I have enough to look forward to on a weekly, and monthly basis? 

Monday, Nov. 6:  Dr. Patric Mattek  will speak on the topic of Promoting Healthy Habits for Our Kids.  All parents are welcome to join us for this session Nov. 6 from 6:25-7:30 in the PLC. 


Upcoming Events: 

Thursday, 26th
2:30/4:30pm Children's Choir Rehearsal
6:30pm Unlock Your Gifts  begins
7-8:30pm Mom's Group
Friday, 27th
10-11:30am Mary Bible Study
5:30-6:30pm Trunk or Treat
6:30-8pm  Halloween Dance
Saturday, 28th
8am-12pm Forming the Catechetical Spirit (St. Mary's)
Monday, 30th
7-8pm Spark!
Wednesday, 1st
8am All Saints Day Mass
9:30-11am Guardians & Angels
7pm All Saints Day Mass
Thursday, 2nd
9:30-11:30am Alpha (St. Anthony) 
Memorial Mass
6:30-8pm Unlock Your Gifts
8:30-9:30pm Memorial Mass Reception
Saturday, 4th
Sacrificial Giving Renewal-Testimonial Weekend
Sunday, 5th
Sacrificial Giving Renewal-Testimonial Weekend
La Petite/Family Program
10-11:45am Alpha 
11-12 Adult Speaker, Dr. Doug Meske (PLC)
3-5pm St. Anthony Concert Series - Mendelssohn and Friends
Monday, 6th
9:30-11am Molly Ministry Planning Mtg
5:30-7:30pm Family Program
6:30-7:30pm Adult Speaker, Dr. Patric Mattek (PLC)
Wednesday, 8th
10-11:30pm Molly Ministry Open Gym
6:30-8:30pm 9th/10th grade Confirmation  
Thursday, 9th
No Alpha at St. Anthony
Saturday, 11th
Alpha Day at St. Anthony
Ministry Highlight: Parish Directory

You are invited to capture memories for a lifetime by being a part of our parish directory. Our goal is to include everyone! 

We are partnering with Lifetouch for professional photography that will connect our families. Each family will receive a complimentary 8X10 photograph & directory for participating.   Schedule your session now.
Make a Difference   .

FAMILY PROMISE: Please consider donating food items or volunteer your time the week of Thanksgiving: November 19-26 for Family Promise of Waukesha County. It is St. Anthony's week to support our neighboring church where we provide food items and fellowship to families who are homeless. Overnight volunteers are especially needed. Overnight hosts will be provided with your own room and bed. All you have to do is be on site! If you are interested in being trained to provide fellowship, please contact Terri. Volunteering with your family is welcome! Family Promise Sign Up  

Upcoming service learning opportunities for you and your family include:

Serving the Healing Hearts Meal this week, thanks to all who came and donated food!
Help donate food, make lunches and give them out to the hungry at The Gathering.
It's a quick and fun way to help those in need in Milwaukee, and everyone in the family is welcome.
Sign up here to donate food, help make lunches at St. Anthony 10-10:45am (all ages) and/or give out the lunches at The Gathering (724 S. Layton, Milwaukee) from 11:15am-12:30pm.(ages 10+ with parent; 1 parent per child age 10-14) 

Teen Fall Service Day - November 5
St. Anthony on the Lake teens will be participating in a Fall Service Day on Sunday, Nov. 5. Please let us know if an elderly friend or neighbor needs help with basic yard maintenance, such as raking and bagging leaves or weeding, and we'll send out a team that day. Contact  Laura Smyczek by email or 262-691-9170, x1103.

Create a simple craft and pack donated treats and items in decorated bags for Seniors of Waukesha County. This takes place after the 9:00 Mass and lasts an hour, including a light snack. All ages welcome! Donations of candy, snacks, tissues, etc. also needed to fill the bags. Let's bring a little cheer to their holidays. Sign up to help and/or donate here.

Help check our packed holiday food boxes to ensure they're complete, on Nov. 20 or 21, 9-11 am. Then you can deliver the boxes to the House of Peace in Milwaukee on Nov. 21 or 22 at your convenience. Sign up for one or both online.

Greeters at Mass
All families are invited and needed to sign-up to be greeters at Masses. Help be a welcoming presence as we open the doors for visitors and parishioners coming for Mass. Your smile may make someone's day! More information and video here. 

Offertory Gift Bearer
Sign your family up to bring up the gifts at Mass once or twice this year.  Present the gifts of bread and wine at the altar in preparation for the celebration of Eucharist. 

Altar Angels... We are looking for new volunteers for 2018. Help is needed with any of the following:
* One hour light cleaning on Fridays or Saturdays. 
* Wash candle glass in the Eucharistic Chapel. 
* Wash and iron priest albs. 
* Wash and iron small or large linens. 
* Wash altar server robes 
Please call Linda Timbers at 538-1482 for more information. We need your help to keep our Worship Space looking its best!
Molly Ministry/Early Childhood
Fieldtrips: Today we went to Ebert's Greenhouse Village, in Ixonia. So fun to be with friends for some fall fun! 

Moms Group:     All the dates can be found here,   
TONIGHT, October 26, 7-8:30pm. Next morning: November 7, 9:30-11am

Guardians and Angels: Playgroup for birth - 5 year olds with a parent or guardian, meets on Wednesday, November 1, 9:30-11am.  New participants always welcome.

All parents are invited to join us for our family program speakers November 5 ( Dr. Doug Meske) and 6 (Dr. Patric Mattek). Bath will be talking on relevant parenting topics. See below in the family program section for details.

Children's Liturgy of the Word is back with us each week during the 9:00 Mass, See below in the Grade 1-5 section for more details on some help needed.

St Anthony is looking for a couple of high chairs to have available for our little ones. If you or someone you know are done with needing it, and you would be willing to donate it, please contact Kathy Paro.
Some of our 4 and 5 year olds are learning about God's Creations and this week, animals was the focus. One class even had turtles!

Grades 1-5
First Reconciliation
There was a parent/child preparation session on Thursday, October 19, Please return your registration form and sign up for your child's Celebration date. Let Debbie Kusch know if you have any questions.
CLOW, Children's Liturgy of the Word is back each Sunday, during the 9:00 Mass.
 We are grateful for the extra help we have been getting from Middle Schoolers! Anyone else wishing to help with this special ministry for our young Mass goers is welcome!  Please sign up here.   Any questions can be directed to Debbie Kusch  

  We are trying to expand this program, but really need some more leaders in order to move forward. If you would like to be a leader or a helper for this program, please contact Debbie Kusch.  
Alter Server Sign-up (Servers needed for this weekend!)
Youth grades 5 and over are able to help by serving for Mass. Contact us if you would like to be trained or need a refresher to help with this important ministry.
Family Program child classes
Mrs. Unger's 3
rd  grade class eagerly listened about our church being "One Holy People".

nd  graders are learning about making good choices and especially "choosing" to do good!

The October 15th 1st grade class learned about the Bible. One class even made Bible bookmarks.

Middle School Ministry 

Middle in the Middle  
A small but energetic group enjoyed the first regular Middle in the Middle on October 18.  Our focus this year is on activities to support social emotional learning and faith inspired resilience.  Activities this month included giant Jenga, fun with M & M's to show how easily our words affect others, and a prayer run. 

Exploring the grounds of the parish gave us opportunities to pray.  Here's just a sample: 
  • Rolling downhill we prayed about having courage to get up when we fall
  • Climbing up, down and around the playground we prayed for strength to keep going through the ups and downs of our relationship with God
  • Sitting on a brick wall we thought of the wailing wall at the Temple in Jerusalem, so we each prayed a personal petition
Middle School FP Classes 
The play dough animals that the youth in our Middle School Family Program classes created were marvelous, but no matter how hard we tried, we just could not breathe life into them.  Only God can give us life! 
We marveled at the power of God, and discussed what "you shall have no other gods before me" means to us today.  Read more about it and get background information on the  Middle School Blog .
High School Ministry

9th and 10th grade Service Day  will be taking place on Sunday, November 5, noon-3pm. Parents of 9th/10th grade teens, please make sure you fill out the online permission slip   for our Fall Clean Up Service Project. 
Please bring a rake and work gloves. 
If you are in Family Program, or coming from Mass, please bring a bag lunch too. We will be eating before we leave, while getting information for the event.

Confirmation Sessions
Do you want a sneak peek at what your teens are doing in the Confirmation Program? Take a look at the preview of the new  Alpha Youth Series

9th/10th Grade Confirmation Session is November 8
11th Grade Confirmation Session is November 29
New Time! 6:30-8:30pm Social time at 6:15pm
Thank you to everyone who has signed up to help with food for these sessions! We have just a few spots left. If you haven't signed up, please see where you can help:

This year, the High School courses for Family Program include Morality, Church History and Prayer.

CYM Basketball is back!  
Catholic Youth Ministry: Boys and Girls Basketball at St. Anthony on the Lake. 
Are you looking for an opportunity for team spirit that combines youth ministry and sports?  The Archdiocese sponsors a recreational Basketball League for high schoolers called CYM Basketball.  Our parish will once again field teams competing with other SE Wisconsin parishes.  The online registration will open shortly and close on November 30.

NCYC   Teen participant meeting Oct. 30 6:00-8:00pm (come at 5:30 if you can).

Thank you to everyone who supported our teens by purchasing sub and/or cheese beads! Our Sub Sunday, subsidize a teen fundraiser was a huge success and we are very grateful for your support and generosity. NCYC here we come!


SPARK, Our next Adoration Night designed for teens and young adults will be Monday, October 30 in the Daily Mass Chapel from 7-8pm.  This is a beautiful prayer experience with beautiful music and prayer. Please join us for time with Jesus, stay the hour or stop in for 15 minutes. Parents come with your children! ALL are welcome!  

Mission Trips
Sign ups for summer Mission Trips will be opening soon. Want to see the fun and work from last year? You can view the videos on our website. Current Freshmen will have two options for local mission trip experiences.
Sophmore, Junior and Senior trips will be the week of June 16-24.   
Family Program (Next dates November 5 and 6)
Do you know how the Bible is divided?  And why it is divided that way?  Check out our 
"You Asked" page  for the answers to this and other questions about the Bible.  

The Old Testament can be divided into four major sections: the Pentateuch, the Historical Books, Wisdom and Poetry Books, and the Prophets.  The New Testament can be divided into the Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, Letters and Revelation.  This week our families received bookmarks for eight major sections of the Bible.  Each bookmark has a short description, a list of books, and some key stories, images and people of that section.  You can 
see these bookmarks here .  
Families in Fellowship Hall learned about the different books of the Bible and added Post-it notes to each section.These younger families learned about one of the stories in the book of Genesis, which is the first book in the Pentateuch.  They did an activity that helped them understand sin as actions that hurt our friendship with God.  See Genesis 3:1-24.  

You can read more about Family Program, see photos, and join a conversation about the benefits of different ways to find the Bible (a book or online), at our  Family Program Blog.

The parent speaker was Dan Burnett, parishioner, father in our program and author of I AM CXO, NOW WHAT?

What is CXO? Chief Experience Officer. You can find out more about Dan and his book here.

Please sign up for remind to help us communicate better this year. 
Information on how to sign up for Remind , which is a new way to receive updates and notifications about Family Program.
LaPetite Family Program

LaPetite Centers for Grades 1-3 focused on Saints and our Church. Each family made a walking tour book with pictures of our worship space and learned about each picture.

During the October 15 Pre K & K Centers families learned about our Church, the Mass and the Sign of the Cross.
Family Inspiration:  
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