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From the heart of our Pastoral Associate...Dr. Kathie Amidei
I had one moment of quiet this week. (I know... how fortunate I am to have found one!) I decided at the last minute to be late for a scheduled meeting and sneak into Vespers, also known as Evening Prayer. Our parish holds Vesper Prayer at 6:30 during Advent and Lent. Though not quite a week's silent retreat, Vesper Prayer is like a spiritual deep breath of clear air or a power nap that revives you.
As I sat down the lovely woman next to me gave a long sigh just at the same time I did. The quiet, the gentle darkness seemed to wrap around me and still me. For a few minutes I forgot the deadlines looming, the pending work I had left on my desk, the unfinished shopping and wondering what time Kohls closes, from the center of my thoughts...
I just had to remind myself, Quiet! It all could wait for thirty minutes. Giving myself, this permission wasn't easy, but it felt so important and right when I did.
It was then I could hear the music and take the words of song and prayer into my heart. Instead of dwelling on what is next I listened to the first hymn: "Come, O Lord, and bring your light, O radiant star and heart's delight. O God-with-us, Emmanuel, with your love, the dark dispel."
The simple beauty and elegance of this is old hymn, touched something in my tired heart. That light, radiant and healing warms any dark thoughts, heals old wounds and present fears. This star that leads me to the baby whose birth is my real heart's delight. Can I hold "God-with-us, Emmanuel" center of my heart? These quiet moments of prayer make all the difference in re-centering me in joyful waiting.
I wish for you to find that quiet space, the God light that dispels the dark.
Maybe you can sneak away for 30 minutes next Monday evening for this gift of prayer. Hope I see you there! I will be the person sighing as I take my seat. 

It All Starts Here
It All Starts Here

In Our Community

Upcoming Events...  

Thursday, 14th
2:30/4:30 Children's Choir Rehearsal
5:30-7pm Handbell Rehearsal
7-9pm Adult Choir Rehearsal
Saturday, 16th
Choir Cookie Sale-before and after masses
Sunday, 17th
Choir Cookie Sale-before and after masses
1:30-2:30pm St. Anthony Choir Series-Piano Recital
8-9:30pm Buckets and Beliefs
Monday, 18th
6:30-7pm Vespers
Tuesday, 19th
6:30pm School Christmas Concert in Church 
Wednesday, 20th
8-9:30am Active 
9:30-11am WOW -Women of Wisdom
10-11:30am Molly Ministry-Open Gym
6:15-8pm Middle in the Middle
Thursday, 21st
5:30-7pm Handbell Rehearsal
7-9pm Adult Choir Rehearsal
7-8:30pm Mom's Group  in the Fireplace Lounge

Monday, 25th

Saturday, 30th
Winter Blood Drive-all day event

Wednesday, 3rd
6:30-8am Men's Spirituality
8-9:30am Active 
9:30-11am Guardians and Angels Playgroup
9:30-11am WOW-Women of Wisdom
6:30-8:30pm 9th/10th grade Confirmation Meeting/Adults need to attend
Thursday, 4th
5:30-7pm Sophomore Retreat Planning Meeting
Friday, 5th
8-9:30am Active St. Anthony's PAC
Sunday, 7th
8:30-10:00am LaPetite Family Program
10:00-noon Family Program
10:00-11:45am Alpha at St. Anthony
8-9:30pm Buckets and Beliefs
Monday, 8th
5:30-7:30pm Family Program
Tuesday, 9th
9-11am Molly Ministry Field Trip to Kids in Motion
Wednesday, 10th
6:30-8am Men's Spirituality
8-9:30am Active 
9:30-11am WOW-Women of Wisdom
10-11:30am Molly Ministry Open Gym
6:30-8:30pm 11th Grade Confirmation Session-Teen/Parent/Sponsor need to attend
Thursday, 11th
Photo sessions for the Parish Directory
1-3pm Quilters
5:30-7pm Sophomore Retreat Planning Meeting
Friday, 12th
8-9:15am Active
Saturday, 13th
Sunday, 14th
8-9:30pm Buckets and Beliefs

Alpha will be returning in January!
Who will you invite?

Wednesday evenings at St. Anthony and Thursday mornings at Queen of Apostles. Join the Adventure!

Bible Study will also be starting up again in the New Year on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings.

Make a Difference   .

Amazing participation in our Giving Tree this year! Thank you for all of your generous donations and help that will make a huge difference to the many people who will receive them!

The group that makes jewelry that is sent to Santisimo Sacramento every year for Mother's Day are running low on supplies.  Do you have some old jewelry that they can re-purpose? 
P lease bring to the parish office, marked for Peru Mother's Day project. Would you, teens or adults, like to work on this project? Email Maureen to  let her know you are interested and she will let you know when dates are set.  

Mark you calendars and sign up to serve in the new year! Valentines for Seniors - Jan. 7-Feb. 5 
Hope Center Clothing Shop - Jan. 20 
The Gathering Bag Lunches - Jan. 27
Hope Center Meal - Feb. 14
Pizza with a Purpose - Feb. 24

Greeters at Mass
All families are invited and needed to sign-up to be greeters at Masses. Help be a welcoming presence as we open the doors for visitors and parishioners coming for Mass. Your smile may make someone's day! More information and video here. 

Offertory Gift Bearer
Sign your family up to bring up the gifts at Mass once or twice this year.  Present the gifts of bread and wine at the altar in preparation for the celebration of Eucharist. 
Molly Ministry/Early Childhood

Dec. 20, 10-11:30am Open Gym Bring your preschoolers for some indoor playtime in the St. Anthony gym.
Dec. 21, 7-8:30pm Looking for a little Peace in the midst of this busy and beautiful season? Join other moms for fellowship, prayer and discussion in the Fireplace Room off of the gathering space.

Field Trips
For our December field trip we helped spread Christmas cheer to the residents at Mission Creek Senior Community in Waukesha. 
January Field Trip:  Join us for the first field trip of the new year January 9 from 9:00-11:00.   We will be meeting at Kids in Motion (14135 West Greenfield Ave. New Berlin) for a morning of fun!  

Thank you to all who joined us for this fun-filled tradition of singing Christmas carols, gathering to make a craft as a family, decorating cookies, and hearing the Christmas story. 

Thank you to the wonderful ladies that made the breakfast, the kids that helped with the singing, Lea Boyd, Kathy Paro and the Molly Ministry team for putting together this special event to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with our children!
Grades 1-5
CLOW, Children's Liturgy of the Word and Childcare  is each Sunday, during the 9:00 Mass, except Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve) and Dec. 31 (New Years Eve). 
 We are grateful for the extra help we have been getting from Middle Schoolers and adults! Anyone else wishing to help with this special ministry for our young Mass goers is welcome!   Please sign up here.   Any questions can be directed to Debbie Kusch.
Youth grades 5 and over are able to help by serving for Mass. Contact us if you would like to be trained or need a refresher to help with this important ministry.
Family Program child classes
2nd graders Sunday morning learned about the Liturgical year.
Middle School Ministry 

Middle in the Middle 
We will carol for the neighbors of our parish.  A hay ride is included so be sure to dress warm.  Drop off at 6:15pm and pick up at 8:00pm near the St. Anthony School Entrance. 
Click on the image to register now.

Registration for Summer Outreach Camp, our mission trip for 7th and 8th grade youth is open now, and filling fast!

High School Ministry 

Wednesday, January 3rd from 6:30-8:30 pm.  
Parent and Sponsor should attend with youth. Important information about Confirmation and Retreat will be given.     

Wednesday, January 10th from 6:30-8:30pm  At least one parent should attend with youth, Fr. Tony is our speaker!

Sophomore Retreat Planning begins in January! Attention high school juniors, seniors and interested adults, mark your calendars for the sophomore retreat planning meetings, Thursdays, January 4,11,18,25. Meet in PLC-A (Youth Room). Retreat is January 27-28.

Summer 2018  Mission Trip Sign-up is OPEN!

Our parish provides life-changing, Christ-centered service opportunities for youth in grades 7 through 12. These trips are an opportunity to live out the love of Christ, to commit to growth in faith and community, and to serve those we meet in our travels. Sign up now. 

Do you have home-repair skills? We need your assistance for one of our Youth Mission Trips, partnering with Appalachian Service Project. This organization asks us to bring along adults who are skilled at home-repair and also able to instruct the youth. The dates of the trip are June 16-24. If you can't make the trip, perhaps you could still help with a skill-training session before we leave. Please contact Ann Fons if you can help.
Family Program  
Our next programs are January 7 and 8, 2018.

December 3 and 4, we made Advent Wreaths. We pray your families are finding some time to pause while you light your advent candles and are waiting in joyful hope. We would love to see some photos of your wreaths lit, and with your family. Please share.

Remember to light your third candle, the pink one, this Sunday for Gaudate Sunday. Joy! 

Rememb er also to use your bibles!

FH HomeworkOpen your Bibles to page 1448 and 1449. You will see an activity for the passage about Jesus' birth in Matthew 2:9-11. Take some time to go over these pages, including discussing the Understand it, Live it & Tell it, and the children's activity sheet if you chose to take it.

PLC and SAH: Keep your bibles open to Hebrews 1:1-14 and read the Live It on page 1730.
Please sign up for remind to help us communicate better this year. 
Information on how to sign up for Remind , which is a new way to receive updates and notifications about Family Program.
LaPetite Family Program
2nd grade class prayer with Advent wreath. O Come O Come Emmanuel!


Family Inspiration:   

What Shall We Give The Children?

The Holidays are almost here.
Toys and games and playthings,
As we do every year?
Yes, for the magic of toyland
Is part of the Holiday lore
To gladden the heart of childhood,
But I will give something more.
I will give them patience,
A more sympathetic ear,
A little more time for laughter,
Or tenderly dry a tear.
I will take time to teach them
The joy of doing some task.
I'll make time to answer
More of the questions that they ask.
Time to read books together,
And take long walks in the sun.
Time for a bedtime story,
After the day is done.
I will give these to my children,
Weaving a closer tie,
Knitting our lives together
With gifts that money can't buy.

Author - Unknown

Happy Advent and Merry Christmas!
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