Our goal is to engage, inspire, surprise, expand minds and experience our peoples' amazing history and tradition in a new light and through new lenses. From music to movies, text study to book groups and learning from some of the most accomplished scholars of our time, there is truly something for everyone!

Here is what's coming up in March & April
Tuesday, March 7
12pm | Stevens Atrium

Lunch & Learn: Purim

More Traditional Purim,
Purim Day Megillah with Lunch & Learn with the Shir Ami Clergy

Come hear portions of Megillat Esther (a.k.a."the megillah") chanted as we also explore some of the themes of Purim.
Lunch will be served. 

Wednesday, March 15
7:15pm | via Zoom

iEngage: One State, Two States – Moral Red Lines

This innovative course explores the pivotal events of 1947 and 1967 as key moments when Zionism unleashed new thinking about the meaning of Jewishness for generations to come. The course is an open discussion about issues of Jewish identity, peoplehood, ethics, and theology, as they relate to nationhood, land, sovereignty, Jerusalem, occupation, and moral red lines.

Through the consideration of major historic moments, this iEngage Project series grapples with the different ideas and values that shape the meaning of modern Israel, Zionism, and Jewish identity today.

Thursday, April 13
7:30pm | via Zoom


Shir Ami Record Club: Welcome to the Jungle/Guns N' Roses

"My grandmother was very spiritual, and she thought doing Jewish things was important for my life. They weren't important for me, but she was older and wiser. She passed away 15 years ago but now she's my angel. She's with me and she helps me constantly. She believed in things and I believed in her" - Steven Adler

Join Rabbi Eric on a musical journey filled with astronomical success (Their debut album, Appetite for Destruction, has sold over 30 million copies worldwide), incredible controversy (Their song One in a Million was deemed by many to be ‘racist’ and ‘homophobic’) and undeniable influence – at least for one teen (Guns n’ Roses are the reason Rabbi Eric picked up a guitar for the first time).   

Thursday, February 27
7:30pm | via Zoom

Israeli Book Club: Israel: A Simple Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on Earth (Noa Tishby)
Led by Rabbi Eric 

Israel. The small strip of arid land is 5,700 miles away but remains a hot-button issue and a thorny topic of debate. But while everyone seems to have a strong opinion about Israel, how many people actually know the facts?

Here to fill in the information gap is Israeli American Noa Tishby. Through bite-sized chunks of history and deeply personal stories, Tishby chronicles her homeland’s evolution, beginning in Biblical times and moving forward to cover everything from WWI to Israel’s creation to the disputes dividing the country today. Tackling popular misconceptions with an abundance of facts, Tishby provides critical context around headline-generating controversies and offers a clear, intimate account of the richly cultured country of Israel

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