Issue No. 4
December, 2014
Lifelong Listeners Newsletter

This month we are celebrating the holidays and exploring some of the musical traditions that go along with them.  Happy Holidays!

Music 101

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(Use this section with Listener Worksheet #1  and Listener Worksheet #2)

* This symbol indicates that a Music 101 faculty member will perform in this concert!

12/12 (Fri.), 8pm and 12/13 (Sat.), 8pm - Melrose Symphony Holiday Pops (Melrose)
Come support our local orchestra and enjoy some holiday favorites sung by John Stevens; a contemporary Sinatra-style crooner.  Click here for more information. 

*12/13 (Sat.) - Symphony New Hampshire Holiday Pops, 8pm (Nashua, NH)
This Holiday Pops concert will feature 2014 American Idol finalist (and New Hampshire native) Alex Preston performing some holiday favorites with the orchestra and chorus.  Music 101's Jenny Herzig will perform as part of the orchestra.  Click here for more information.

12/14 (Sun.) - Beethoven Society, 3pm (Melrose)
This FREE concert features performers on voice, piano, percussion, guitar, bass, and flute!  Soloists and several small ensembles will perform some Christmas music and some classical music.  This concert will take place at the Melrose Highlands Congregational Church (355 Franklin Street).  There will be a free will offering at the door to benefit The Beethoven Society's Music Award Scholarship Fund for students.  Don't miss this great local opportunity! 

12/18 (Thurs.), 7:30pm and 12/21 (Sun.), 3pm - Handel and Haydn Society (Boston)
This concert entitled "A Bach Christmas" will feature an orchestra playing on historical period instruments and a chorus.  They will perform classical Christmas music representing several time periods. Click here for more information. 
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(Use this section with Listener Worksheet #1 and Listener Worksheet #2
Singing carols is a big part of European holiday traditions.  This is a traditional French carol.  Notice how the men on the left sing the highest notes and those on the right sing the lowest.  By blending many different types of voices (called voice classifications), they get a lush, full sound. 
Songs about riding in a horse-drawn sleigh like "Jingle Bells" are popular holiday traditions here in the United States.  This orchestra piece by Leroy Anderson uses some cool techniques to make horse sounds.  Watch as the percussionists play jingle bells, a clapper (to sound like a whip), and temple blocks (to make the "clip clop" horse hoove sound).  Also, at the end, the trumpet makes a special sound like a horse's whinny.  Click here
to find out how the trumpet player makes that sound.   
Oy Chanukah is a traditional song celebrating the Jewish holiday.  Here the song is arranged for the Ukulele, a small, guitar-like instrument originally from Hawaii. 
Here are some more traditional Hanukah songs arranged for piano and played by local artist Eve Kodiak. Listen to how the moods of the different songs change.
For Students

Holidays Around the World

Check out this cool website from Smithsonian Magazine.  You can click on different locations on the world map to hear samples of traditional holiday music from those places!* 

*Note: Since these clips are just samples and not complete pieces, they can not be used for listener worksheets.


Test your rhythm and chord skills with these fun holiday music games.  Enjoy!
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