Vol. 3 Issue No. 4
December, 2016
Lifelong Listeners Newsletter

Happy Holidays! This month we will explore Christmas music from the movies and television. Some of the most popular Christmas music was either written for or gained its popularity from television or movies.  We will even look at one song that inspired a T.V. special! No matter which holiday you celebrate, we hope you enjoy learning about these popular pieces of music.  Happy Listening!


Music 101        

Music 101 News!

12/17 (Sat.), 4 P.M. - Performance Class This month's performance class will be co-hosted by two members of our faculty: Joshua Garvey and Sylvia Schwartz!  Come hear Sylvia play the violin and Josh play the piano, learn a bit about their music, and perform a piece of your own. A perfect time to play some of the great Christmas music you have been working on (or anything else you would like to share)!  


Enrichment Classes! Have you heard? Music 101 is offering several new enrichment classes this year along with our popular performance classes. Best of all, certain classes are FREE of charge, while others remain at a low cost. Meet other kids who are interested in music and enhance what you learn in your private lessons. Classes meet periodically with no long-term commitment required, so they are easy to fit into busy schedules! 

Live Concerts!
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*This symbol indicates that Music 101 faculty will perform in this event 
12/9 (Fri.) and 12/10 (Sat.), 8 P.M. - Melrose Symphony  Hear Jazz singer David Thorne Scott and his "Vintage Vocal Quartet" perform along with our hometown orchestra in this holiday pops concert. Get your tickets soon, this one tends to sell out! 
 *12/10 (Sat.), 8 P.M. and 12/11 (Sun.), 3 P.M.- Symphony New Hampshire (Nashua/Concord, NH)
See Music 101 faculty violinist Jenny Herzig perform with the orchestra!  This concert will feature the New England Tenors performing holiday favorites along with the orchestra.
Listen Online!
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Music Made Famous by Movies/T.V.: 
Irving Berlin "White Christmas" (sung by Bing Crosby and Martha Mears) This classic Christmas song was actually written by Jewish songwriter Irving Berlin! At first, the song was not popular, but after Bing Crosby recorded it and sang it in the movie Holiday Inn, it topped the charts and became the best-selling single of all time! Here is the version from the movie.   
Vince Guaraldi Trio "Linus and Lucy" (performed by the Jerry Granelli trio) Linus and Lucy became especially popular after it aired as part of the soundtrack to the A Charlie Brown Christmas T.V. special in 1965.  Ever since then, it has been associated with Charlie Brown and with the Christmas holiday. Jerry Granelli (seen on drums in this video) was part of the original trio who recorded this music.    
Music that Inspired Television:
Walter Rollins and Steve Nelson "Frosty the Snowman" (guitar performer unknown)  Here is a guitar version of the favorite holiday song "Frosty the Snowman". This song is special because it actually came before any of the movie or television versions. The original version was recorded by Gene Autry, and was so popular that it inspired several television specials. As this video shows, it remains popular today and people continue to record it and make it their own. 
Music Written for Movies:
John Williams "Excerpts from Home Alone" (Boston Pops) Sometimes Christmas movies have great soundtracks which were written for the movie but later become popular on their own. Here is one example by great film composer John Williams. These pieces were written for the Home Alone movies. This music is unique because it uses a boy's choir along with the normal adult choir and orchestra.  Listen for the unique sound that the young boys' voices add to the texture. 
Allan Silvestri and Glen Ballard "Suite from the Polar Express" (Charlottesville Symphony and UVa University Singers) If you don't recognize the music from Home Alone, you might recognize this music from the movie Polar Express. Notice how the mood of the music changes depending on what is happening in the film.      
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