Vol. 2 Issue No. 6
February, 2016
Lifelong Listeners Newsletter
In cold winter months like February, we often find ourselves dreaming of getaways to warm places.  Regardless of whether you can get away during school vacation week, we are bringing the vacation to you in this month's newsletter!  We will spend our month traveling to four different warm vacation destinations and learning about the unique instruments that come from those places.  Stay warm and happy listening!
Music 101
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2/28 (Sun.), 4:45 P.M. -Group Performance Class This month, faculty member Andrew Mattfeld will host on the piano.  Come hear Andrew play, earn some listener points, and play a piece of your own. Sign up early to reserve your spot! 
Music 101 News!

Listener Prizes! This month, our first round of prizes will go out to those who earned listener points in 2015.  Congratulations to everyone earning a prize, and remember it's not too late to start earning points for the next prize round in June!

Congratulations Caleb!  Music 101 would like to congratulate piano student Caleb Barnes, who had the honor of performing at Melrose Mayor Robert J. Dolan's inauguration on January 11th.  Click here to watch his outstanding performance!
Music 101 Faculty on the Radio! On February 5th, Music 101 guitar faculty member Christopher Schoelen and some of his colleagues from NEC will record a performance to air on WGBH radio!  We will send details of when to tune in soon!
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*This symbol indicates that Music 101 faculty will perform in this concert!

2/13 (Sat.), 8 P.M. - Lexington Symphony (Lexington) During this "Three Portraits" concert, the orchestra will play descriptive pieces portraying story characters and places.  This concert includes the world premiere of a new piece by Michael Gandolfi. 

* 2/14 (Sun.), 11 A.M. - Josh sings at First Church (Boston) Hear Music 101's Josh Garvey sing a cantata by Handel as part of the worship service at First Church (66 Marlborough St. Boston, 02116)

2/21 (Sun.), 3 P.M. - Beethoven Society (Melrose) Hear a FREE concert and support a great cause! Admission is free but donations at the door support the Beethoven Society's music scholarship fund.  The concert is at the Melrose Highlands Congregational Church (355 Franklin Street).
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Trinidad and Tobago: Steel Drums If you take a vacation to the Caribbean, you might hear some music played on steel drums.  Here we see a steel drum band performing in a competition in Trinidad and Tobago, where steel pan drums were invented.  Just like a symphony orchestra, the steel pan band has instruments which play low, middle, and high range notes.  Can you believe such a melodic sound can come from old oil barrels?
Hawaii is another popular vacation destination, famous for its relaxing atmosphere. Here we hear the calm, soothing sound of the Ukulele.  Notice how master player Herb Ohta uses different dynamics to play a melody and accompaniment at the same time. 
Argentina: Bandoneon (Luis Vazquez and Matias Zloto play "Por una Cabeza" by Carlos Gardel) Argentina is a popular tourist destination in South America, and it is famous for tango music.  Here we hear the bandoneon play a tango piece along with a guitar.  Watch as the bandoneon player presses the keys on the side and pushes and pulls to send air through the instrument all at the same time! 
Australia: Didgeridoo If you ever get to visit Australia, you may get to hear the unique sounds of the didgeridoo.  It is an instrument originally used by the native aborigine people of northern Australia to accompany dancing and singing.  Here we see a master player making all sorts of complex sounds and we also see some traditional dancers.  Didgeridoo players use a technique called circular breathing where they inhale through their noses while exhaling through their mouths at the same time. This way they can play for long periods of time without ever stopping to take a breath!
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How to Earn Listener Points!
You can earn Listener Points by exploring this newsletter, completing worksheets, and redeeming them for great prizes!  Here is how:


1) Download Listener Worksheets from our website or pick up copies at the studio. 


2) Go to a concert!  See our "Live Concerts" section for ideas.  Turn in your program for 10 points.  Turn in Listener Worksheet #1 or
about something you heard for 10 additional points. 


3) Listen online!  Listen to one of the videos in the "Listen Online" section and turn in Listener Worksheet #1 or Listener Worksheet #2 for 10 points.

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