Issue No. 10
June, 2015
Lifelong Listeners Newsletter
June is recital season here at Music 101!  In honor of that, we are learning about virtuoso performers during the romantic era of classical music.  These exceptional performers made their livings by putting on great recitals all over Europe and pioneering new ways to play their instruments.  They were the rock stars of their day.  We hope you enjoy listening to some of their recital music as you get ready to share yours with us. 

Music 101
Live Concerts! violin-playing.jpg
(Use this section with Listener Worksheet #1  and Listener Worksheet #2)

*This symbol indicates that Music 101 faculty will perform!

Your last chance to hear Melrose's hometown chorus this season.  The chorus will perform the Broadway hits of Sondheim and Schwartz.

6/13 (Sat.), 7 p.m. - Lexington Symphony (Winchester)
Q&A with musicians/conductor, 6 p.m.
This unique informal concert would be great for kids!  The orchestra will sit in a circle in the center of Winchester Town Hall and take turns performing pieces in small groups. 

*6/18 (Thurs.), 12:30 p.m. - Zamir Chorale (Boston)
Come see Music 101's Andrew Mattfeld conduct the Zamir Chorale in this FREE concert at the Massachusetts State House.  The Chorale will sing "Middle East Harmonies" with the YMCA Jerusalem youth chorus. 

*6/22 (Mon.), 7:30 p.m. -Zamir Chorale (Wellesley)
Another chance to see Andrew Mattfeld conduct!  The concert will take place at Temple Beth Elohim (10 Bethel Rd. Wellesley).   
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(Use this section with Listener Worksheet #1  and Listener Worksheet #2)

Gioachino Rossini: "Non Piu Mesta" from the opera La Cenerentola (Cecilia Bartoli, mezzo-soprano) Rossini was not a performer, but he wrote operas for some of the most talented singers of his time.  This aria requires the singer to be a true master and have total control over her voice.  Listen to all of those fast notes and big leaps!  The character must be excited about her wedding!

Mauro Giuliani: "Allegro Vivace from Raccolta" (Babak Babaie, guitar) Mauro Giuliani was one of the best guitar players in the 19th century!  He traveled all over Europe giving recitals.  He must have known how to play fast because he wrote so many fast notes in his guitar pieces! 

Nicolo Paganini: "Caprice No. 24" (James Ehnes, violin) Paganini was the most famous violin virtuoso of his time.  He invented so many new ways to play the violin that he had to write his own music in order to show them off!  This piece uses many different special techniques with the bow and fingers. 


Franz Liszt "Grand Galop Chromatique"(Gyorgy Cziffra, piano) Franz Liszt saw Paganini in recital as a young man and was inspired to become just like him!  Just like Paganini, Liszt started playing solo recitals on his instrument and mesmerizing audiences with his amazing fast fingers.  Here Gyorgy Cziffra uses his amazing fast fingers to play one of Liszt's pieces. 
Music 101 would like to congratulate all of our students for their hard work during this school year.  We also want to extend a special congratulations to the following graduating seniors:
Amy Butts
Claire Driscoll
Emily McCarthy 
Will Robbins 
Serena Russell
Carli Sullivan 
Katraya Wier 

We are so proud of all of you!   
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