Vol. 2 Issue No. 10
June, 2016
Lifelong Listeners Newsletter
In this school year's final issue, we are celebrating the summer season and another great year of the Lifelong Listeners Newsletter!  We will revisit some of the musical genres we have studied this year and discover how composers and musicians in each genre celebrate the summer season. Have a wonderful summer and Happy Listening!

Music 101
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Summer 2016 Programs - Registration is now open for our summer session! In addition to our flexible-schedule private lessons, we have added 5 new group classes to our summer programming! Students now have the chance to study small ensemble playing, songwriting, group singing, beginner piano, or music explorations in a fun group environment. Don't miss your chance to be part of the fun this summer!
6/17, 6/18, 6/19 Annual Recitals - Mark your calendars for our annual celebration of musical accomplishments!  If your student is not participating, you are still welcome to join us, but please RSVP to the front desk so we can be sure to have enough chairs for everyone.
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*This symbol indicates that Music 101 faculty will perform in this concert!
6/3 (Fri.) or 6/4 (Sat.), 7:30 P.M. - Polymnia Choral Society (Melrose) Join our hometown chorus for their last concert of the season. The chorus will perform Andrew Lloyd Webber's famous musical Jesus Christ Superstar along with a full orchestra and tenor soloist Danny Zolli.
6/11 (Sat.), 3:30 P.M. -Hayley Thompson-King(Brockton) Support Music 101's own Hayley Thompson-King as she performs as part of the South Shore Indie Music Festival. There will also be lots of other great performers throughout the day. 
6/18 (Sat.), 3 P.M.- Hayley Thompson-King (Cambridge) Another chance to see Hayley perform! Enjoy a unique experience and hear some great music as the streets of Harvard Square in Cambridge become a music festival for the day. Hayley will perform on the main stage at 3 P.M.
6/17 (Fri.), 5-7 P.M. - Waltham Symphony Brass Quintet (Waltham)  Enjoy Waltham's Riverfest and hear the brass quintet live! The event includes vendors and activities along with a schedule of music performances.
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Antonio Vivaldi "Summer", movement 3 (Anne Sophie-Mutter, violin solo) We have studied many types of classical music this year, including the music of Vivaldi and the baroque era. Here is another example from Vivaldi's famous "Four Seasons" concertos.  In this movement, Vivaldi is describing a summer thunderstorm through music. He marked the title "Presto" which means "fast" in Italian. Do you think the musicians are playing fast enough to sound like an angry thunderstorm?
The Beach Boys "Surfin USA" Last month, we studied early rock music. Of all the rock bands through the decades, the Beach Boys probably remind us the most of summer. Their music has a unique sound that instantly reminds us of warm weather and sandy beaches. 

George Gershwin "Summertime" (Ella Fitzgerald, voice) Jazz is another genre we have explored this year. In our January newsletter, we learned about Gershwin and his unique ability to compose both jazz and classical pieces. Here is a great example of that. This song was originally from an opera, but it's definitely in the jazz style. It has a slow tempo and sliding singing style that reminds us of a hot, sticky, lazy summer day.  
Anoushka Shankar "Indian Summer" In February, we explored unique instruments from around the world in our vacation issue. The sitar is a very cool instrument from India that takes years and years to master. Anoushka Shankar plays Indian classical music on her sitar as well as many other styles.  She also writes her own music.  Here she is playing a piece she wrote called "Indian Summer".  Notice the unique sound of the sitar.  Does it make you think of summer vacations to exotic new places?
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