Vol. 3 Issue No. 10
June, 2017
Lifelong Listeners Newsletter

In honor of Father's Day, this month we are celebrating famous fathers in classical music and their children. Musical talent sometimes runs in families, and many famous composers throughout history had fathers who were also musicians. Classical music might never have been the same without these talented Dads and the kids they raised. Happy Father's Day and Happy Listening! 


Music 101        

Music 101 News!


Listener Awards Coming Soon Turn in your final points! Awards will go out in June to students who earned listener points during the 2016/17 school year. Shoot for 70 points and earn a blue ribbon! Turn in final worksheets and concert programs by Friday, June 9th. 


Recital Season! Our students have been working hard all year to bring you some great performances this month! Even if you aren't participating in the recitals, you are welcome to attend and support your fellow students*. The group recital will take place on Sunday, June 4th at 3 P.M. at the Music 101 annex. Individual recitals will occur the weekend of June 16th-18th at the Roosevelt School. *Space at the group recital and other recitals may be limited, so please notify the front desk if you plan on attending a recital you will not perform in. 

Live Concerts!
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*This symbol indicates Music 101 faculty are featured in this concert
*6/2 (Fri.), 8 P.M. - Felipe in Concert (Boston) Support Music 101's own guitarist and composer Felipe Pinto d'Aguiar as one of his compositions is performed in this concert. Also hear some great music by other local composers. Best of all, tickets are FREE!  
6/3 (Sat.), 7:30 P.M. - Polymnia Choral Society (Melrose) Join our local chorus for their final concert of the season. This "ABBA-Palooza" concert will feature soloist Danny Zolli and the chorus performing songs by ABBA as well as popular hits from Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. A fun opportunity to support local music and enjoy a night out! 
6/10 (Sat.), 7 P.M.- Lexington Symphony (Lexington) See the musicians up close in this informal, unique "Music in the Round" concert.  Audience members will sit amongst the musicians and hear works by Hindemith, Dittersdorf, and Telemann. A great concert for kids who are curious about music and different instruments.
Listen Online!
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Baroque Period
C.P.E. Bach "Sonata in A minor movement 3" (Ryan Layne Whitney, clavichord) Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach is the son of famous composer, Johann Sebastian Bach. He had 19 siblings, and some of his brothers also became composers. C.P.E Bach was a successful musician and an expert keyboard player. He actually wrote a textbook (called a treatise during his time) on how to play keyboard instruments. He credits his father for being his only keyboard and composition teacher. As you can hear in this video, J.S. Bach must have been a good teacher! The instrument being played in the video is a clavichord.
Classical Period
Leopold Mozart "Toy Symphony" (Ensemble Metamorphosis) You have probably heard of Leopold Mozart's famous son, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. However, Leopold Mozart was also a successful musician. He worked as a violinist, composer, and music teacher. He was his famous son's first music teacher. He also helped foster Wolfgang's career by taking him and his sister on grand tours of Europe when they were young to play for kings and queens. In this video, we hear one of Leopold's compositions, in which some toys play along to the music as instruments in the orchestra. Do you think Leopold was inspired to write this piece by listening to his young children play with their toys?
Romantic Period
Clara Schumann "Romance for violin and piano" (Joshua Bell, violin and Jeremy Denk, piano) Clara Schumann's father, Friedrich Wieck was a piano teacher. He taught his daughter piano and composition from an early age and made sure that she practiced hard. She went on to become one of the best pianists in the world. She was also a great composer, as you can hear in this video. Clara's father also taught her famous composer husband, Robert Schumann. If it wasn't for Friedrich Wieck, who knows if we would have Clara or Robert's music to listen to today. 
Modern Period
Thomas Newman "Finding Nemo Theme" Thomas Newman is the son of Oscar-winning film composer, Alfred Newman. Kind of like the Bach family, many of the Newmans are composers. Besides his father, Thomas Newman has siblings, cousins, and uncles who are all film composers! Thomas Newman has won many awards, and has written music for movies you might know, including "Finding Nemo" as you can hear in this video and its sequel, "Finding Dory". In this video, you can hear a complete piece from the film. You can also click  here to see a behind-the-scenes clip of Newman recording music for "Finding Nemo".
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How to Earn Listener Points!
You can earn Listener Points by exploring this newsletter! Here is how:


1) Download Listener Worksheets from our website or pick up copies at the studio. 


2) Go to a concert!  See our "Live Concerts" section for ideas. Turn in your program for 10 points.  Turn in Listener Worksheet #1 or Listener Worksheet #2
about something you heard for 10 additional points. 


3) Listen online!  Listen to one of the videos in the "Listen Online" section and turn in Listener Worksheet #1 or Listener Worksheet #2 for 10 points.

4) Click on a link in the "Composers & Artists" section. Turn in Listener Worksheet #3   for 10 points.
5) Click on a link in the "Other Links" section.  Turn in Listener Worksheet #4 for 10 points.
6) Look up any music topic that interests you.  Turn in Listener Worksheet #5 for 10 points.