Issue No. 7
March, 2015
Lifelong Listeners Newsletter

stpattys_day3.jpg This month we are celebrating St. Patrick's Day with an issue all about Irish music!  We will learn about traditional Irish music and instruments and discover some interesting artists and composers.  Also, don't miss the many local concerts going on this month, including two right here in Melrose!  Happy St. Patrick's Day and happy listening!

Music 101
Live Concerts! stpattys_day.jpg
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* This symbol indicates that a Music 101 faculty member will perform in this concert!

3/7 (Sat.), 8pm - Melrose Symphony (Melrose) Support our hometown symphony and hear some great music including a cello soloist!  This concert will feature works by Wagner, Tchaikovsky, and Dvorak. 

3/14 (Sat.), 7:30pm - Polymnia Choral Society (Melrose) Support our hometown chorus and hear some great music!  The chorus will perform a Schubert mass as well as Purcell's opera "Dido and Aeneas".  Don't miss it!

3/22 (Sun.), 3:30pm - Reading Symphony (Reading)
This is another great opportunity to hear live music close to home!  The concert will feature a violin soloist performing Dvorak and other great works from the romantic era.  Best of all, adult tickets for this concert are only $15 and kids under 12 are FREE!     
*3/25 (Wed.), 8pm- Leah Dominy Performs (Boston)
Come support our own Leah Dominy as she performs her Master's degree graduation recital!  The recital will take place in New England Conservatory's Williams Hall and admission is FREE!  This is a great opportunity to hear some high-caliber music at no cost. 

Listen Online! pot_of_gold.jpg
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Irish Fiddle: Frankie Gavin "Farewell to Ireland" The fiddle is one of the most popular instruments used in Irish folk music.  Fiddle players play the same instrument as violinists, but the musical style is very different.  Most often players stay in one part of the bow and fingerboard.  Fiddle music is always fast and meant to inspire people to get up and dance! 

Voice: Roisin El Safty "Eleanor a Run" (Irish sean nos folk singing) Here a singer demonstrates a traditional Irish singing style called sean nos.  This style dates back hundreds of years and involves singing in the Gaelic languages (traditional languages of Ireland).  Listen to how the singer "ornaments" or embellishes the melody by adding all sorts of extra notes as she sings. 

Piano: Michael McHale plays "The Beardless Boy" by Philip Hammond Classical Irish composers and performers are still inspired by the traditional music of their country.  Here an Irish pianist (Michael McHale) performs a piece composed by an Irish composer (Philip Hammond).  The piano is not a traditional Irish folk instrument, but you can hear the Irish inspiration in this piece. 

Guitar: Lukasz Kapuscinski "The Green Island" This guitar player is performing his interpretation of a traditional Irish tune.  His playing is mostly fingerstyle, which means he plucks the strings with his fingers instead of using a pick.  Notice how he uses his hand to cover the sound hole when he wants a softer sound. 

Folk Band: The Chieftains "O'Sullivan's March" This video shows all sorts of traditional instruments used in Irish folk music.  Notice the harp, wooden flutes, and special drums called bodhran.  One instrument that is really interesting is the uilleann pipes, a type of Irish bagpipe. 
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