Issue No. 9
May, 2015
Lifelong Listeners Newsletter
This month we are celebrating Memorial Day with a tribute to American music.  We will explore American musical styles like ragtime and bluegrass and also learn a little about the American military bands.  Happy Memorial Day!

Music 101   
Live Concerts! independence-day-hats.jpg
(Use this section with Listener Worksheet #1  and Listener Worksheet #2)

5/15 (Fri.) and 5/16 (Sat.), 7:30pm - Lexington Pops Chorus  Come hear the chorus perform a wide variety of music from classical melodies to pop music to Broadway hits!  With children's tickets just $5, this is a great local opportunity!  

Your last chance to hear the Waltham Symphony this season! This concert includes the orchestra playing works by Rossini, Hamlin, Schubert, and Dvorak along with a cello soloist!  Best of all, this concert is FREE! 

Come hear the orchestra play music from the movies, including music from "Frozen"!  Adult tickets are only $15 and kid's tickets are FREE!  

Your last chance to hear Melrose's hometown chorus this season.  The chorus will perform the Broadway hits of Sondheim and Schwartz.
Listen Online! many-waving-flags.jpg
(Use this section with Listener Worksheet #1  and Listener Worksheet #2)

Ragtime Piano:
Jelly Roll Morton: "Tiger Rag" (Adam Swanson, piano) Ragtime music is an early form of jazz that was popular at the turn of the 20th century.  Watch as the pianist uses his whole forearm on the keys to make the sound of the tiger's roar!  Click here to listen to a short radio show about ragtime music.  

Bluegrass Band:
Bluegrass is American folk music.  This video features Tony Rice playing the guitar in the flatpicking style.  It also includes many other bluegrass instruments.  Have you ever seen a mandolin, a steel guitar, or a banjo before?  You can read more about bluegrass and its instruments here.

Violin and Orchestra:
William Kroll: "Banjo and Fiddle" (Jennifer Pike, violin) Classical composers often take their inspiration from folk music.  Here, American composer William Kroll was inspired by bluegrass music.  Listen as the violinist plucks the strings to imitate the sound of the banjo and uses the bow when she wants to sound like a bluegrass fiddler.  

Voice (Broadway Singing):
Robert B. Sherman and Richard M. Sherman: "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" (featuring Ashley Brown as Mary Poppins) The Broadway musical is America's version of the opera.  Broadway performers have to be great at singing, dancing, and acting.  Here the performers are doing all three at once!  

Concert Band:
John Philip Sousa "The Stars and Stripes Forever" (U.S. Marine Corps Band) A memorial day tribute to American music would not be complete without including a U.S. military band.  John Philip Sousa was actually the leader of the U.S. Marine Corps Band for many years, which inspired him to write his famous marches.  Learn more about Sousa and American military bands here.
For Students
In honor of the American military and its music, here are some cool links:

Sousa and American Military Bands Radio Show  (Click "play" to listen!)
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