Vol. 3 Issue No. 9
May, 2017
Lifelong Listeners Newsletter

This month we are celebrating Cinco de Mayo by learning about Mexican music. We will discover some examples of Mexican folk and classical music and learn about some important composers, artists, and instruments along the way. Happy Listening!   


Music 101        

Music 101 News!


Enrichment Classes! Have you attended your free class yet? Sign-up forms are now available for our spring session of enrichment classes. These great classes are the perfect compliment to private lessons. Covering everything from famous composers to scales and chords to how to deal with stage fright, these classes help students develop the skills they need to become well-rounded musicians. Some classes are FREE while others remain at a low cost. Don't miss your final opportunity this school year to get the most out of your Music 101 experience. 


Listener Awards Coming Soon Turn in your final points! Awards will go out in June to students who earned listener points during the 2016/17 school year. Shoot for 70 points and earn a blue ribbon! Turn in final worksheets and concert programs by Friday, June 9th.      

Live Concerts!
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5/6 (Sat.), 8 P.M. - Melrose Symphony (Melrose) Your final chance to see Melrose symphony this season! This pops concert will include selections from Broadway musicals and popular movies. Best of all, Music 101 students get 50% off tickets! Just use coupon code "music101" at online checkout.
6/3 (Sat.), 7:30 P.M. - Polymnia Choral Society (Melrose) Join our local chorus for their final concert of the season. This "ABBA-Palooza" concert will feature soloist Danny Zolli and the chorus performing songs by ABBA as well as popular hits from Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. A fun opportunity to support local music and enjoy a night out! 
Listen Online!
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Mexican Folk Music: Mariachi
Mariachi Sol De Mexico "Guadalajara" Probably the most recognizable type of Mexican music is Mariachi.  This type of music dates back hundreds of years, and is still widely used today in Mexico as celebration music at holidays and special occasions.  The large guitar plays very low sounds and is called a guitarrón

Mexican Folk Music: Norteño
Ramón Ayala "Casa de Madera"  This is another type of Mexican folk music called Norteño. This type of music uses two interesting instruments: the accordion, and the bajo sexto, a special type of Mexican guitar. Can you hear their unique sounds in the video?
Mexican Classical Music:
Juventino Rosas "Sobre las Olas" (Orquesta Sinfónica del Instituto Politécnico Nacional) Although the they are not recognized as often as their European counterparts, Mexican composers have made important contributions to classical music. You may recognize this waltz. The title translates to "Over the Waves". This famous melody has been used in circuses, films, and even other types of music like jazz. In this video, you hear a Mexican orchestra playing the piece.
Mexican Classical Music:   
Manuel Ponce "La Pajarera" (Eleazer Rodriguez, guitar) Manuel Ponce is a very well-known composer of guitar music. His Mexican heritage and interest in folk music shines through many of his compositions. This piece is actually an arrangement of a popular Mexican folk song. 
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How to Earn Listener Points!
You can earn Listener Points by exploring this newsletter! Here is how:


1) Download Listener Worksheets from our website or pick up copies at the studio. 


2) Go to a concert!  See our "Live Concerts" section for ideas. Turn in your program for 10 points.  Turn in Listener Worksheet #1 or Listener Worksheet #2
about something you heard for 10 additional points. 


3) Listen online!  Listen to one of the videos in the "Listen Online" section and turn in Listener Worksheet #1 or Listener Worksheet #2 for 10 points.

4) Click on a link in the "Composers & Artists" section. Turn in Listener Worksheet #3   for 10 points.
5) Click on a link in the "Other Links" section.  Turn in Listener Worksheet #4 for 10 points.
6) Look up any music topic that interests you.  Turn in Listener Worksheet #5 for 10 points.