Issue No. 3
November, 2014
Lifelong Listeners Newsletter
turkey.jpgThis month's newsletter is all about giving thanks and giving back.  We will celebrate Thanksgiving by exploring ways that people use music to give thanks for the blessings in their lives and to do good in the world.  This year, don't forget to be thankful for all the great music in the world that we can enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Music 101
Live Concerts! thanksgiving-dinner.jpg
(Use this section with Listener Worksheet #1  and Listener Worksheet #2)

* This symbol indicates that a Music 101 faculty member will perform in this concert!

*11/15 (Sat.) - Hayley Thompson-King Performs, 4-6pm (Cambridge)
Come support Music 101's Hayley Thompson-King as she performs at the Plough and Stars Restaurant in Cambridge!  You can also enjoy some great food while you are there.  This concert is FREE and open to all ages.  For more info, click here

*11/16 (Sun.) - Make-A-Wish benefit concert featuring The Cambridge String Quartet, 2pm (Somerville)
Come hear some great music and support a great cause!  Music 101's violinist Jenny Herzig and her string quartet will perform music by Beethoven as well as some tango, mambo, and samba music.  After the concert, join us for a reception and raffle also in support of Make-A-Wish.  Tickets are $14 for adults and $4 for kids. Click here for more information.

*11/21 (Fri.) - Andrew Mattfeld Solos with Blackstone Valley Community Chorus, 7pm (Northbridge)
Come see Andrew Mattfeld in action as the tenor soloist in Mozart's Requiem Mass!  You will also get to hear a full choir at this concert.  This concert is a great opportunity with ticket prices at a suggested donation of only $5!  Click here for more info.  You can also view the official concert poster here.

*11/21 (Fri.) at 7:30pm or 11/23 (Sun.) at 3pm - Boston Camerata Performs Daniel (Boston)
Come see Music 101's Joshua Garvey perform as part of the chorus in this Medieval play with music.  For more information, click here (scroll down to Nov. concerts). 

*11/22 (Sat.) - Symphony New Hampshire, 8pm (Nashua, NH)
Come hear Jenny Herzig perform with the orchestra!  This concert will feature a full orchestra and a full chorus.  Click here for more information. 

*11/23 (Sun.) - Zamir Chorale Concert, 4pm (Sharon)
Another chance to see Andrew Mattfeld conduct the Zamir Chorale! Click here for more information. (See October newsletter for info about Nov. 10th performance).

*11/30 (Sun.) - Recital featuring Katherine Sullivan (soprano) and Andrew David Mattfeld (piano), 3pm (Andover)
Here's a chance to see a wonderful soprano soloist and hear Andrew Mattfeld on piano.  The recital will be at the Lanam Club in Andover.  Admission is FREE! 

12/6 (Sat.), 7:30pm in Melrose or 12/7 (Sun.), 3pm in Wakefield - Polymnia Choral Society Concert
Polymnia is our local chorus!  Come support them and hear some festive holiday music.  Click here for more info.
Listen Online! apple-pie.jpg
(Use this section with Listener Worksheet #1 and Listener Worksheet #2

You may recognize the famous melodies from this violin concerto (violin solo with orchestra accompaniment).  The piano-like instrument is called a harpsichord (you can also watch a video about harpsichords here).  The composer, Antonio Vivaldi, had a cool music job which helped kids.  For a long time, he worked at an orphanage in Italy, teaching the children music.  His talented students attracted large audiences, and so this beautiful hobby was also a skill that the students could use to earn money for food, etc.  

In the video above, we saw the harpsichord play with orchestra.  Here is a video for solo harpsichord.  Isn't it amazing how fast her fingers move?  To read more about the harpsichord, click here.  To watch a video about it, click here.

Guitar: Luiz Bonfa "Samba de Orfeu" (Charlie Byrd (guitar), Joe Byrd (bass), Chuck Redd (drums))
Helping people can be fun when you use music!  This month, the Cambridge String Quartet will be playing some fun Latin American music at their concert and earning money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation (see the "Live Concerts" section for more info).  One of the pieces in the concert is a samba, a type of Brazilian dance music.  Check out this band playing some samba music.  
Music has been used for centuries by people to give thanks for the good things in their lives.  Just like the Thanksgiving holiday, gospel music is also an American tradition.  Notice the jazzy style of this music. Gospel music and jazz both evolved from African American traditions like spirituals. To learn more about this famous gospel choir, click here.     
For Students

Cool Music Job: Music Therapist 
Did you know that there are special therapists who use music to help kids and adults in all kinds of ways?  Music therapists go to college to learn how to help people using music.  To learn more, check out Roman Music Therapy Services right here in Melrose!     
How can you help? 
Remember, you don't always have to be a professional musician to help someone using music. Next time someone you know is having a bad day, try playing your instrument or singing for them.  You can also try exploring some new music together (go to a concert or explore the videos in this newsletter).  It may help cheer them up!    
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How to Earn Listener Points!
You can earn Listener Points by exploring this newsletter, completing worksheets, and redeeming them for great prizes!  Here is how:


1) Download Listener Worksheets  from our website or pick up copies at the studio. 


2) Go to a concert!  See our "Live Concerts" section for ideas.  Turn in your program for 10 points.  Turn in Listener Worksheet #1 or Listener Worksheet #2 about something you heard for 10 additional points. 


3) Listen online!  Listen to one of the videos in the "Listen Online" section and turn in Listener Worksheet #1 or Listener Worksheet #2 for 10 points.

4) Click on a link in the "Composers & Artists" section.  Turn in Listener Worksheet #3 for 10 points.

5) Click on a link in the "Other Links" section.  Turn in Listener Worksheet #4 for 10 points.    

5) Look up any music topic that interests you.  Turn in Listener Worksheet #5 for 10 points. 

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