Vol. 2 Issue No. 3
November 2015
Lifelong Listeners Newsletter
As the weather gets colder, many people go to the movies instead of spending time outside. Thanksgiving weekend/ the holiday season is one of the most popular times to release blockbuster films.  In honor of this, this month's newsletter is all about movie music.  We will explore movie music from different time periods and see how composers use different instruments and styles to create just the right sounds to support what is happening on the screen. Happy Thanksgiving and happy listening! 

Music 101
Music 101 Events! decorated_turkey.jpg

11/22 (Sun.), 4:45 P.M  - Group Performance Class! This month Music 101 faculty member Joshua Garvey will host, along with a special guest playing a unique instrument: the viola da gamba! Come hear Josh sing, learn about the viola da gamba, earn some listener points, and play a piece of your own. Don't forget, sign up early to reserve your spot!
Live Concerts! pilgrim_hat_2.jpg
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*This symbol indicates that Music 101 faculty will perform in this concert!
11/7 (Sat.), 8 P.M. - Melrose Symphony(Melrose)  Support our local symphony and hear some great music!  This concert will feature the music of Russian romantic era composers.  You will also hear a piano soloist who is only 18 years old! Music 101 families get 50% off tickets!  Use coupon code "music 101" at the online checkout. 
11/14 (Sat.), 12 P.M. - Boston Youth Symphony Family Concert  (Boston) Come hear this young orchestra perform a concert especially designed for kids ages 3-8! The orchestra will perform Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf. Come early and see the instrument demonstrations/petting zoo from 10:30-11:30.
11/15 (Sun.), 3 P.M. - Beethoven Society (Melrose) Hear a FREE concert and support a great cause! Admission is free but donations at the door support the Beethoven Society's music scholarship fund. The concert will take place at Melrose Highlands Congregtional Church (355 Franklin Street).  
 11/27 (Fri.), 7:30 P.M. or 11/28 or 29 (Sat./Sun.), 3 P.M. -Handel and Haydn Society (Boston)
Spend Thanksgiving weekend getting into the holiday spirit by hearing Handel's Messiah performed by an authentic baroque orchestra! This concert will also include a chorus and some talented vocal soloists.
Listen Online! apple-pie.jpg
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"Silent Movie Music" Ekkehard Wolk (pianist/composer) The first movies didn't have sound, so theaters had live music. Some wealthy theaters had orchestras and pre-written music, but most just had a pianist who improvised. Can you hear how the music changes depending on what is happening in the movie?
Jazz Orchestra (featuring guitar)
Monty Norman "James Bond Theme" (Tim Beveridge and the Neophonic Orchestra) Later, filmmakers started using jazz music in movies. Classical music was still used, but now composers could choose a genre to best suit a scene or character. Here composer Monty Norman thought jazz music and the gritty sound of the electric guitar best suited the character of James Bond.  What do you think? 

Symphony Orchestra
John Williams "Star Wars Main Theme" (Boston Pops) Even though later film composers had many genres to choose from, sometimes classical music still represented the movie best. Composer John Williams is famous for his symphonic movie music. Notice how all of the instruments work together to help create the adventurous atmosphere for Star Wars.

Whitney Houston "I will Always Love You" (written by Dolly Parton) Today, any genre that best represents a scene or character is used. Sometimes the genre that works best is popular music. This song was originally written and recorded by Dolly Parton, but it became ultra-famous after Whitney Houston sang this version in a movie called  The Bodyguard. Notice the amazing control Whitney Houston has over her voice and the wide range of dynamics she uses.

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Composers & Artists
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