Vol. 2 Issue No. 2
October 2015
Lifelong Listeners Newsletter
Composers from the romantic era were masters at illustrating feelings, pictures, and stories. Long before there were movies, these composers captured people's imaginations by painting vivid pictures in music.  In celebration of Halloween, we will explore music from the romantic era which illustrates spooky stories and characters.  Also, don't forget to check out our new group performance class and all of the great concerts happening in Melrose this month.  Happy Listening!

Music 101
Music 101 Events! halloween-ghost.jpg

10/25 (Sun.), 3:15 or 4:45 P.M  - Group Performance Class!  Don't miss your first chance to participate in our new Group Performance Class.  This month Music 101 faculty member Alicia DePaolo will host.  Come hear Alicia sing, earn some listener points, and play a piece of your own. 

Group Performance Class Season Passes! If you want to attend more than one group performance class during the 2015/16 season, you can save money and reserve your spot in the classes by purchasing a season pass or a 1/2 season pass!  Click above for details.
Live Concerts! blackcat_halloween.jpg
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*This symbol indicates that Music 101 faculty will perform in this concert!

*10/17 (Sat.), 7:30 P.M. - Atlantic Symphony Orchestra (Braintree) Come see Music 101's Jenny Herzig perform in the orchestra.  The orchestra will play works by Berlioz, Barber, and Mahler. 

10/18 (Sun.), 3 P.M. - Beethoven Society (Melrose)
Come hear a FREE concert right here in Melrose and support a great cause.  Admission to these events is always free but donations at the door support the Beethoven Society's scholarship fund for area students studying music in college. The concert will take place at the Melrose Highlands Congregational Church (355 Franklin St.). 

*10/23 (Fri.), 7:30 P.M. - First United Methodist Church Anniversary Choral Concert (Melrose) See two Music 101 faculty members perform in one night! Andrew Mattfeld will direct as several choirs perform to celebrate the church's 200th anniversary.  Josh Garvey will perform as a soloist.  Don't miss this FREE concert right in our neighborhood!

11/7 (Sat.), 8 P.M. - Melrose Symphony(Melrose)  Support our local symphony and hear some great music!  This concert will feature the music of Russian romantic era composers.  You will also hear a piano soloist! 
Listen Online! jack-o-lantern.jpg
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Edvard Grieg "March of the Trolls" (Leif Ove Andsnes, piano) One mythical and scary creature that is often in Halloween movies is the troll. As you listen, try to imagine a group of trolls stomping around on Halloween night.
Franz Schubert "Der Doppelganger" (Laszlo Polgar, bass) This song is about a man who sees a ghostly vision of himself.  Listen as the piano sets an eerie mood and then the singer gets more and more frightened as he sees the ghost.   
Baba Yaga is a mythical creature from Russian folk tales who is kind of like a witch or a sorcerer.  According to the legend, she can fly through the air. Listen for the loud, staccato low notes at the beginning which sound scary and the higher melodies that sound like Baba Yaga flying through the air! 

Guitar Duet
Modest Mussorgsky "Night on Bald Mountain" arr. Michaelangelo Toumanidis (Michaelangelo Toumanidis and Spyros Christoglou, guitars) This music is best known as a piece for orchestra, but here it is played by two guitars.  The music was inspired by a spooky story about witches.  Can you picture this music being used in a scary movie?
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How to Earn Listener Points!
You can earn Listener Points by exploring this newsletter, completing worksheets, and redeeming them for great prizes!  Here is how:


1) Download Listener Worksheets from our website or pick up copies at the studio. 


2) Go to a concert!  See our "Live Concerts" section for ideas.  Turn in your program for 10 points.  Turn in Listener Worksheet #1 or
about something you heard for 10 additional points. 


3) Listen online!  Listen to one of the videos in the "Listen Online" section and turn in Listener Worksheet #1 or Listener Worksheet #2 for 10 points.

4) Click on a link in the "Composers & Artists" section.  Turn in
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