Vol. 3 Issue No. 2
October, 2016
Lifelong Listeners Newsletter

This summer, Music 101 faculty member Jenny Herzig had the privilege of traveling to Salzburg, Austria. This beautiful city is the hometown of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the most famous composers of all time. That trip has inspired this special issue all about Mozart!  We will glimpse into Mozart's life and music.  All photos featured in this issue were taken by Miss Jenny on her trip!     
Music 101 News!
Mozart Statue in Salzburg

10/22 (Sat.), 4 P.M. - Performance Class Join us for the first performance class of the year! Hear Music 101's own Andrew Mattfeld perform and learn about his music. Then, share something you are working on in your lessons. Best of all, this year your first performance class is FREE! Click here for registration form.


Enrichment Classes! Have you heard? Music 101 is offering several new enrichment classes this year along with our popular performance classes. Best of all, certain classes are FREE of charge, while others remain at a low cost. Meet other kids who are interested in music and enhance what you learn in your private lessons. Classes meet periodically with no long-term commitment required, so they are easy to fit into busy schedules! 

Live Concerts!
Mozart's Birthplace
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10/15 (Sat.), 8 P.M. - Waltham Symphony (Waltham) This concert will present music from several different eras. Works by Beethoven, Bernstein, and MacDowell will be presented. This concert also includes the chance to see a piano soloist live!

10/16 (Sun.), 3 P.M. Caleb Barnes Performs at Beethoven Society (Melrose) Come support Music 101 student Caleb Barnes and other talented local musicians! Caleb will perform a Mozart Sonata as part of this FREE concert. Any donations made at the door will go towards Beethoven Society's scholarship fund for local students pursuing music in college. (Concert Location: Melrose Highlands Congregational Church, 355 Franklin Street)
11/5 (Sat.), 8 P.M. - Melrose Symphony (Melrose)
Support our hometown symphony as they open their new season! This unique concert will feature famous pieces of instrumental music from operas.  Even if you aren't an opera fan, you will probably be surprised how many melodies you will recognize.
11/6 (Sun.), 3:30 P.M. - Reading Symphony (Wakefield) Another symphony very close to home kicks off its season with this concert! This concert will feature works by Beethoven and Schumann and includes the chance to see a piano soloist live! 
Listen Online!
Street where Mozart was born
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String Quartet with Double Bass
W.A. Mozart "Eine Kliene Nachtmusik (movement 1)" (Gewandhaus Quartet) Whether you realize it or not, you probably have heard Mozart's music. The beginning of this quartet continues to be used in TV commercials, movies, and many other places; as well as being played in concert halls of course. This gives you an idea of how famous Mozart really is and how his music continues to live on. Do you recognize it?
Four Hand Keyboard Duet
W.A. Mozart "Sonata in D Major (Movement 3)" (Wolfgang Glüxam and Patrick Ayrton, Harpsichord)
Mozart had a unique childhood.  His immense talent was recognized at such an early age that by the time he was six years old, he was touring with his sister Nannerl and playing for important people all over Europe. Nannerl was also a very talented musician.  Can you imagine them performing this duet together on one of their tours? The instrument in this video is called a harpsichord, which is one of the instruments Mozart would have played since the modern piano had not been invented yet. 

Orchestra with Violin and Viola Soloists
W.A. Mozart "Sinfonia Concertante in E-flat (Movement 3)" (Maxim Vengerov, violin and Lawrence Power, viola with the UBS Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra) Along with playing keyboard instruments and composing, Mozart was also an excellent violinist and violist. During Mozart's time, the viola was mostly used as an accompaniment instrument. However, Mozart loved the lower, mellow sound of the viola and decided to make the viola parts in his string music much more important. In this piece, the viola player is one of the soloists! Do you like the sound of the viola or the violin better?     

Opera Duet
W.A. Mozart "Papagena, Papageno (from The Magic Flute)" (Detlef Roth, baritone and Gaële Le Roi, soprano)   Mozart loved music of all types, but if he had to pick a favorite, it would have been opera. He had a playful and imaginative personality and you can hear that in his operas. This piece is from an opera called The Magic Flute. Papageno (the man dressed like a bird) is actually a bird catcher who is given a set of magic bells to complete his quest. In this scene, he uses his magic bells to summon the perfect wife for himself, and it works! Papagena, his perfect match, appears and they sing about their love for each other. Notice how playful this duet is and how the two sound like birds when they say "pa" over and over.
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