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Spotlight: All I Want For Christmas Is Lifestyle Medicine
Updates/Amendments to ACLM Constitution
SAVE THE DATE: Lifestyle Medicine 2013
Advancing Medicine with Food and Nutrients Book Discount
Employment Opportunities
Research Summaries
Opinion Articles & Resources
ACPM Headlines
Welcome New Members
in alphabetical order:

Adelowo Abiodun, MD, Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner and Wellness Coach, Lagos State Health Service Commission
Lagos, Nigeria

Joseph Adams, MD, Practitioner, Community Care Center
Towson, MD

Audra Barletta, PA, General Medicine, St. Clair Hospital  
Pittsburgh, PA

James Bennie, MD, Practitioner, Redding Family Medical Group
Redding, CA

Larry Cohen, DO, FACEP, Emergency Physician, Memorial Hospital
Colorado Springs, CO

Melissa Grimm, MD, Internist, Fairview Lakes Medical Center
Wyoming, MN

Derek Heldzinger, MB, ChB, Practitioner, Urgent Care Center, Speaker, A Healthy Balance/All Power
Ooltewah, TN

Ashley Maltz, MD, MPH, Integrative Medicine Fellow, Stamford Hospital and University of Arizona Center
Tucson, AZ

Margaret Marino, RN, FNP-BC, Nurse Practitioner, Massachusetts General Hospital and Charlestown Health Care Center
Charlestown, MA

Lawrence Miller, PsyD, Clinical Health Psychologist, Rogers Memorial Hospital
Oconomowoc, WI

Robespierre Queiroz da Costa Ribeiro, PhD, State Secretariat for Health - Health State Department, No Communicable Disease Surveillance Sector
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Jeffrey Ruterbusch, DO, NMD, MPH, MSA, MS, DACBN, CNS, CISSN, CSCS*D, CMCM, Dip S.N., Retired Professor
Middleburg, FL

Karen Studer, MD, MPH, Chief Resident, Loma Linda University Preventive Medicine
Loma Linda, CA

Cole Zanetti, DO,
Practitioner, Dartmouth Preventive Medicine Residency
Concord, NH
Events Calendar


Preventive Medicine 2013

February 20-23
Phoenix-Scottsdale, AZ


ACSM's Health & Fitness Summit & Exposition

March 12-15 

Las Vegas, NV


23rd Annual Art and Science of Health Promotion Conference

March 18-22
Hilton Head Island, SC


The 10th International Conference of the Society for Integrative Oncology
October 20 - 22 

Vancouver, BC, Canada 



Lifestyle Medicine 2013, "The Treat the Cause Movement Begins!"

Fall 2013 (tentatively October 28-30)  

Crystal, City, VA - just outside Washington D.C.  

Now Available Online:

With top experts presenting highly valuable instruction it is no wonder the event received such great reviews. Click here to view the program packages and speakers.

Lifestyle Medicine in Action
  December 2012 
The President's Report
Happy Holidays!
Celebrating Our Collective Efforts

Liana Lianov, MD, MPH


The holidays are here. This is a time for looking back over the past year, celebrating our individual and organizational accomplishments and looking forward to even better progress in the coming year. In last month's column, I outlined the progress that ACLM and the LM community has made as a whole. This time, in the spirit of the season, I would like to recognize the contributions of a few colleagues in the LM community.

First, I must celebrate the passion and hard work of our Executive Director Marc Braman. Without his dedication, ACLM would have come to grinding halt this year. Despite our challenges for resources and staffing, he continues to serve as our pillar and true north. His wife Lori also stepped up to assist us. This is truly a labor of love for their family.

And we are also fortunate to have a fresh young talent working with us, Lisa Gregory. She came on board as the 2012 conference coordinator and has continued to serve us far beyond that initial commitment.  Her can-do attitude and social media expertise are additional life rafts for our organization.

Dr. George Guthrie, our Secretary-Treasurer has tirelessly and wisely provided oversight to our budget and memberships, developed meeting minutes and also chairs our nominations committee. The Board of Directors and members of the committees, all of whom volunteer their time generously, must also be thanked. Their expertise in lifestyle medicine and dedication to the cause serves as a crucial source of support for our group. One of these committees, the Standards Committee, chaired by Dr. Jennifer Rooke deserves special recognition. They conducted the major task of developing long overdue lifestyle medicine standards on behalf of the College. These standards will be released soon.  



All I Want For Christmas
Is Lifestyle Medicine 

Marc Braman, MD, MPH
ACLM Executive Director / Past President

As awareness of Lifestyle Medicine slowly increases, we at ACLM are seeing a steady increase in the number of inquiries of all types wanting Lifestyle Medicine.  Many of these requests are from patients or family members of patients struggling with major health challenges and not able to find skilled, knowledge health care professionals in evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine.  Some are from health care students or residents, struggling to find some training somewhere in the existing system that relates to treating the causes of disease as the basis of treatment.  And of course, there are the professional inquiries, both those in clinical practice seeking to provide better, more effective care to their patients, as well as those in academic and teaching settings.  There is also activity on the organizational level with pioneering professionals on various continents coming together to lay the foundations for Lifestyle Medicine professionally globally.

Christmas is a time for reflection, family, stories, and gifts.  So in our Christmas edition of Lifestyle Medicine In Action we share stories of the hunger and need for Lifestyle Medicine.  And the "gifting" opportunity that exists.

Patient Pleas:
Let's start with patients.  Patients are really what it is all supposed to be about anyway, right?  Unfortunately, health care has largely forgotten about the patient.  There is so much pushing and jostling for position and "turf" and dollars in health care these days.  Patients are bounced around like pinballs in a crazy game controlled by others.  We see and hear this very clearly in the pleas for help we receive at ACLM.

One of the recent cases was one I got more personally involved in.  A lady on one coast was calling (over and over) on behalf of her sister who lived in the central U.S.  Her sister was in a lot of pain, the doctors she was seeing and all the multitude of medications she was taking were not helping her.  The story was that the doctors told her, after many tests, that "every vein in her body was plugged" -- I understood this to mean that she had severe diffuse vascular disease: cardiac causing pain and limited function, peripheral with claudication, etc, etc.  The lady had seen one of the documentaries related to Lifestyle Medicine and was desperately seeking to find someone somewhere in the middle part of the country that could help her sister.  She wasn't finding anyone. 


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to the ACLM Constitution

ACLM is announcing a 60-day notice that updates/amendments to the ACLM constitution will be made at a membership meeting in AZ in February. Details will follow.
Lifestyle Medicine 2013  
"The Treat the Cause Movement Begins!"
Fall 2013 (tentatively October 28-30)
Crystal City, VA - just outside Washington, D.C.

Advancing Medicine with Food and Nutrients Book Discount  

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a  20% discount on the purchase of the book, Advancing Medicine with Food and Nutrients (second edition).  


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CME Opportunities
March 18-22, 2012 
Hilton Head Island, SC

Applications for CEUs, CMEs, and CECs  will be submitted to for the professionals listed on their website - click here.
Employment Opportunities

Seeking: Nurse Practitioner or Physician versed in Integrative/Functional Medicine to join our growing practice.

Begin Your Dream Lifestyle Medicine Practice
Turnkey health and wellness facility in an affluent community in
Dallas, Texas is available for lease.

Want to place an Employment Opportunity?
Employment listings are free for ACLM members, and are also posted on our website. Others may post opportunities for a modest fee.
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ACPM Headlines 

Here are some of the stories found in the recent issue of ACPM's newsletter:  


1. AMA adopts ACPM policy to protect Prevention and Public Health Fund

2. USPSTF issues draft universal HIV screening recommendation

3. AJPM launches new iPad app 

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