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Lifting ideas!
I really enjoy seeing AWI launch pilot projects - its most recent one literally took flight! We collaborated with the Revolving Museum's  PROJECT SOAR and Interact teen clubs in a first step to design the world's largest paper airplane.

Great fun, for sure, but why?  We have known since 2008  that one in five cases of depression are wholly preventable but community leaders have been slow to act on that science. Therefore, AWI provides wellness promotion through seed capital and consulting to help develop new resources or promote wider use of existing resources. For example, one Interact teen club helped define a goal to remove barriers to  communication and support in Wellesley. They act to make it happen with:
  • billiards play among generations at the Tolles Parsons Center
  • inviting restaurants to train to better serve those with challenges
  • normalizing the conversation on wellness and improving referral through  Project Soar, art, and other innovations
It will be interesting to see how many in Wellesley will participate and what new actions will spark here and in other communities. I am optimistic because of these results from previous AWI pilot projects:
  • 19,000 youth have exercised Whyville Wellness Center activities
  • another 20,000 completed the Boston Children's Hospital 'Break Free From Depression' curriculum
  • within the time of a class period any age can exercise practical skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity through the PIP Problems-Ideas-Plans activity
Tell me if you have a project to pilot in your town! Also, please check out the page for  Chris Lyver, the Boston Marathon runner supporting AWI.

Happy Valentine's Day!

some restaurants welcome those with challenges?    
This is one example of removing barriers to communication and support. Participating restaurants sign up for training on improving the dining experience for those with PTSD, social anxiety, autism, or whatever life deals to a family. You can help grow the network by enjoying a meal in one of the restaurants participating in Purple Table.
Featured guest

The Boston Globe wrote about Jenifer Apazidis and her husband, John when they opened in Acton, MA a 'Bristish gastro pub' called the Red Raven. She is also the founder of an online service to connect people with symptoms of mental illness to welcoming restaurants. 

A PBS news transcript provides her explanation:  " Someone can call up, make a Purple Table reservation, and that reservation flag basically tells us that someone is coming in that may be living with Alzheimer's, living with dementia, have a child with autism, so basically someone in that party might need a little extra care and attention and patience while we are serving them.  So the staff have been trained to approach the table a little differently, to speak patiently, to not clang plates at the table."

Jenifer speaks at the Rotary Club of Wellesley this month (details).
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Alex Kung introducing Whyville

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