We cover 5 topics that will have a major impact on your profits today and the future:
  1. Opportunity (USA Economic Forecast)
  2. Problem (Skilled Labor Shortages)
  3. Solution (Automation)
  4. Return on Investment (Ligchine™ vs. Somero® product comparisons)
  5. Grow Profits via Tax Opportunities (Section 179 Tax Deduction)
OPPORTUNITY - The election is over (Amen)! 
  • Economists have already forecasted a 33% increase in USA GDP growth for 2017 increasing from 1.5% to 2% plus
  • The Trump administration plans to introduce a $1 Trillion infrastructure spending plan spread over the next 10 years. 
PROBLEM - Skilled Labor Shortages
  • Just released Bureau of Labor Statistics show the unemployment rate for the Construction industry has dropped to a 10 year low of 5.7% and it's continuing to drop. (Click here to read full article.)
  • Economists traditionally state the USA is at "full employment" when the rate drops below 5%.  One half of the states in the USA are already below 5%. 
  • Wages will be increasing and your future business growth will be limited if you don't act now to prevent skilled labor shortages.
SOLUTION - Automation 
  • The flatwork contractors that will grow their businesses and profits are the ones who invest in automation now. 
  • Owning a laser guided screed will reduce your labor from an average of 12-15 laborers down to 4-5 laborers on a typical job.
  • Use some of your automation savings to retain your most skilled/productive laborers by increasing their compensation to insure they don't take a higher paying job with a competitor.
  • Bid more jobs at higher margins with the increased productivity of owning a laser guided screed AND improve your quality while decreasing call backs.  WIN, WIN, WIN!!
INVESTMENT - Compare Ligchine™ against Somero® screeds 

There are two companies in the USA manufacturing Boom operated screeds in 3 categories: 
Ligchine International™ and  Somero Enterprises®.  
Before you purchase we suggest you test/demo both companies' screeds.  You be the judge as to which machine will best service your company.
  • Compact Boom Screeds: Ligchine's ScreedSaver II™ screed is the most competitively priced boom screed in the world.  You can purchase a ScreedSaver II™ for less than Somero® drive in the concrete models (S-840, S-940, S-485).  
    (Click here for a detailed comparison)
  • Large Boom Screeds: Large boom screeds can screed up to 200 sq. ft. per pass.  Ligchine's ScreedSaver MAX™ sells for a price significantly lower than the Somero® S-10A and a fraction of the cost of a Somero® S-15R.  
    (Click here for a detailed comparison)
  • Mega Boom Screeds: Mega boom screeds are the most productive screeds in the world placing 240 sq. ft. per pass.  The BOSS 240 has a number of patent pending technologies that you won't find on a Somero® S-22E screed.  Equally important is that the BOSS 240 machine sells for about 1/2 the price of Somero® S-22E, and the BOSS 240 can be pulled with a pickup truck/trailer combination. 
    (Click here for a detailed comparison)
  • There is a good chance under the Trump administration that Federal Tax rates will be lowered in 2017.  Taking tax deductions in 2016 at higher rates and thus pushing profits to 2017 at potentially lower rates is a tax strategy worth discussing with your financial advisor. 
  • Using IRS Section 179 you can fully depreciate your 2016 capital expenditures up to $500,000 at your 2016 tax rate.  The USA government is essentially paying up to 38% of your equipment price in the form of tax reductions. 
    (Click here for a detailed explanation)
  • You have 3 weeks to take advantage of the Federal "Section 179" tax deduction (must purchase by December 31, 2016).  

If you have questions on purchasing or lease-to-own options on a 
ScreedSaver machine, please contact us directly at:
WOC 2015 Exterior
JANUARY 17-20 2017
BOOTH O32126
For the 9th straight year, we'll be at our outdoor booth conveniently located between Wacker Neuson and the City Tram escalator.  W e'll be performing live machine demo's all day with our line of Laser gui de d screeds including ScreedSaver II, MAX, MAX XT and our NEWEST laser guided screed, ScreedSaver BOSS 240.  In addition you'll b e able to view and learn more about our revolutionary Ligchine-Topcon 3D GPS satellite control system, designed for contoured paving.   We look forward to seeing you soon.   
Thank you for your time and interest in the Ligchine International ever expanding line of Boom operated, Laser and 3D GPS guided screeds.  We look forward to talking with you soon to further expand on how we can benefit your business, and help you grow your profits thru ownership of one of our machines. 

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