Our Second Family in Jordan
"Those young boys and girls, despite all their circumstances, are striving to achieve their dreams - are clinging to them - and trying to develop themselves despite the simple possibilities they have and despite their few financial capabilities."

Bible Live:
The Church of the Ascension 
In this Month's Bible Live, we will visit the Church of the Ascension, while remembering and being thankful for the Holy Spirit that was given to us after Jesus ascended to the Father. 

Our Student Riham Khair Discusses Her Final Project Seminar
Our fourth-year student in the Biblical Studies program, Riham Khair, discussed her final project paper on a critical topic entitled "The Crisis (Nakba) of Faith in Reading the Old Testament in Palestinian Christian Context."
As our graduates begin a new phase in life please pray with us that they would be able to live out what they learned here at Bethlehem Bible College, using it to influence their communities and spread Jesus’s love to all.

  • Pray for our summer community training programs as hundreds of students are joining us. May the light of Christ shine through us and show them the God of love.

Pray for our summer camp, which will start in 2 weeks as 60 kids are joining us. May we be able to teach them Jesus’s word and love, and plant His seeds in their hearts.

  • Continue to pray for the Shepherd Society ministry as they continue to help the needy and less fortunate in the West Bank and Gaza. May the Lord open more doors for them to be able to reach out to more people and change lives.

Please keep our Tawjihi (high school) students in your prayers. They are preparing to finish their final governmental exams and soon will be in the process of applying for universities and colleges. May God lead them in the right direction to use their talents to serve in His kingdom.
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