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FOXCRAFT Wins 2016 CotY Award 
from National Association of the Remodeling Industry! 
     We're excited to announced that we've won another  CotY Award - this time for the project shown above - in the category of "Residential Bath Over $100,000"  for Region 2 Southeast. 
     From a master bathroom suite that had no character, limited functionality, inadequate lighting, standard fixtures and questionable builder quality, we created a space that looks and feels like a five-star resort. Every item on the client's wish list was delivered. All elements - from custom cabinetry to a natural stacked-stone wall - now reflect the client's personality and desire for a master bathroom and closet that provide form and function on a daily basis.
We are pleased to once again sponsor the  Tinner Hill Blues Festival in Falls Church City, June 10-12.
Zeb Rodier
Business Manager
    Zeb started in the design/build
industry in 1994 as business
Zeb Rodier
manager for a local Arlington based firm where she stayed until joining FOXCRAFT in 1996 as office manager.
    In 1999, she was awarded the opportunity to open a franchise location in Hilton Head, SC, for Case Design Remodeling, where she was owner/operator, handling all aspects of the design/ build business from production management to sales management.  In addition to those core management responsibilities, she was also responsible for accounting, contracts management, marketing, recruiting and all administration and human resources related tasks.  In January 2016, Zeb happily returned to Northern Virginia and to FOXCRAFT Design Group where she currently is the Business Manager.
Tonya White
Design Consultant
    Tonya White has been with FOXCRAFT since 2010. She  is  responsible for assisting  sales and design with  materials  selection, 
Tonya White
project floor plans and perspectives as well as project development and proposal preparation. She also works with the production department to coordinate delivery and availability of project materials.  Tonya holds a bachelors degree in art history from George Mason University, a certificate of advanced studies from the University of Cambridge, UK in the history of architecture and a bachelor's degree in interior design from Marymount University. Tonya is often the first person at FOXCRAFT that clients talk to about their remodeling needs.
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Light Bulbs 101: What You Need to Know Now!  
     Our clients and other readers have told us lately that few things are more baffling than all of the new light bulb choices on the market today.  Said one, "Too many choices and too much research just to pick out a few light bulbs."  So here's our "Light Bulb 101" - what you need to know to choose the best lighting for your home!
     First, let's address incandescent bulbs - tried and true since
Thomas Edison perfected them.  A  ban on selling incandescent light bulbs   officially went into effect in spring of 2014 because they waste energy - 90% of the power required to provide the desired brightness is emitted in heat rather than visible light.  
     But even if you like the warm glow of these bulbs and your
supply is running low, fear not.  The new alternative bulbs give you a wide range of choices in terms of power used, brightness and the actual color of the light.  
     Your most common alternative bulb choices are Halogens, compact fluorescent (CFLs), and light-emitting diode (LEDs) light bulbs
     Remember two terms: wattage and lumens.  In plain English, a watt refers to the amount of energy required to power a bulb. With incandescent bulbs, the number of watts repre sents the level of brightness, even though a watt only tells you the amount of power necessary to light the bulb. Lumens, on the other hand, indicate  the actual amount of light emitted by the bulb. For example, a typical incandescent 40W light bulb draws 40 watts of power and provides about 400 lumens of brightness. A CFL requires 9-13 watts and an LED light bulb uses 6-7 watts to provide the same amount of lumens.
Wattage Comparison

     Halogens look the most like the
 incandescent bulbs, but they offer the least value in terms of energy costs and replacement lifespan.  Additionally, halogens generate excessive heat; therefore, we don't recommend them for most home applications.
       CFLs have been around a while and offer a good value in regards to lumen output and life. And while today's CFLs have  solved some of the issues from when they first came 
out 15 to 20 years ago, there are still some drawbacks. For example,their light can make colors appear dull and unnatural. They also take a while to power up to full brightness. CFL bulbs also contain mercury, which can be dangerous if broken and should be disposed of responsibly when they burn out.  [CFLs are usually rated for 8000 to 12000 hours of life versus incandescents, which were in the 750 to 1000 hours range. Decorative incandescent and floodlights were rated 1500 to 2000 hours, a little longer, but still not up to CFL standards.
      LEDs are our favorite and we recommend them.  LEDs
 offer good light output and longer life,  however they still 
cost more than the CFL 
options, but prices are dropping and will continue to do so as the technology improves. They come in a wide range of light colors or temperatures, from soft to warm (for bedrooms and bathrooms to bright and white (for offices, kitchens and garages).  The color temperature most familiar and most like incandescent bulbs is typically in the 2700 to 3000 Kelvin range.  Color temperatures higher than that tend toward bluish hues. 
     LEDs are rated even longer than CFLs - typically 25,000 hours - which translates to more than 20 years with average use at about three hours a day.  For recessed cans, which you might have in your kitchen or basement, floodlights are available in both CFLs and LEDs.
     While some CFLs and all quality LED bulbs are dimmable, they will require a dimmer switch that is compatible with the specific bulb type.  The existing dimmers in your home may require an upgrade to allow you the lighting and mood control you are accustomed to.
Questions about the new light bulb technology?  Please give us a call. 

For more information, visit  www.foxcraft.com  or call 703.536.1888.
27 Years and Going Strong 
FOXCRAFT Design Group  is one of the most creative, experienced and respected design-build firms in the Virginia-DC-Maryland region. We've been here for 27 years. 

Chandler Fox
Clients love working with us not  only for our creativity and our proven ability to turn their ideas into beautiful, national award winning living spaces, but because of our professional, responsive and friendly team members. 
Mike Blood

Many of our clients have brought us with them from house to house and some  have even come back to us 5-10 times for new projects. That's a very  strong vote of confidence in our entire team!  We are problem solvers -- we have strong real  estate ties and have the skill and background to adapt homes of any age for today's lifestyles. 

Our clients consider us trusted advisors even before purchasing a new home, and they consult with us on the feasibil ity of remodeling projects in their current or next homes.  We have a deep understanding of the varied styles of homes  built in the DC region over the past 100 years.  

Call us with your questions! 
Thank you!
Chandler FoxPresident 
Mike BloodVice President & COO
For more information, visit  www.foxcraft.com or call 703.536.1888.