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Join us for the next DEEP DIVE covering the features and capabilities of BLOCK and TUNNEL. Register below.

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Date: June 9th, 2021

Time: 9am and 12pm (Arizona)

Duration: 15 minutes, plus Q&A




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The Hydra Series AIP-200 is a compact 200 Watt RGBL IP65 rated, convection cooled zoom PAR that is packed with a high feature set.

The silent, compact luminaire weighs 13.44 pounds and features a powerful lumen output with a wide zoom range. The motorized zoom produces a beam spread between 6.5° and 50° with built-in stops at five different set points ensuring precise beam spread repeatability.

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TERALyte™ by JLC-Tech is a complete line of integrated lighting solutions for suspended ceilings used specifically in data center applications. A suspended ceiling system plays a critical role in the performance of a data center by helping to maintain thermal containment zones along with physically supporting equipment. Lighting in these spaces not only needs to provide adequate light levels, but it should enhance the critical role of the ceiling, be simple to install, and energy efficient.

TERALyte offers integrated lighting options for the two types

of suspended ceiling systems typically found in data centers including 15/16” heavy duty grid as well as extruded aluminum grid systems.

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Vertical solar LED lighting systems utilize photovoltaic modules that are integrated with the lighting poles structure. Mounted vertically in a 360 degree arrangement, the panels convert sunlight into electricity throughout the day which is then stored in batteries to power the artificial lighting at night.

Suitable for use in a majority of exterior applications, this system offers a number of advantages over the conventional solutions that utilize a horizontal panel mounted above the light fixture.

  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • No need for aiming
  • Improved aesthetic
  • Greater wind resistance
  • Anti-Snow covering
  • High Efficiency
  • Cost Effective
  • Can be controlled locally, remotely or via portable device
  • High standard or manufacturing and quality
  • Long Battery Life
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