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June 2017: Materials Plus 

After addressing materials in our last offering, Light Green Machine board member Dave Bennett had this to say on the subject:

Yes Jim;

Without doubt, knowledge and awareness (the word "innovation" is too toxic) of modern materials not only can avoid corrosion-induced maintenance, i.e., reduce total cost, but also can significantly lighten parts and components made from stainless steel and non-metals.  

Because these materials do not corrode, they require no or far less "corrosion allowance".  Duplex SS's ASME code maximum allowable stress is high enough to permit substantial 'down-gauging' of pipe and tanks, and requires no paint, not even to prevent under-insulation stress corrosion cracking which afflicts 300-series stainless steel grades.  

Almost all pipe around the paper machine can be (properly supported) plastic pipe to avoid internal and external corrosion and improve cleanability.  But, alas, engineering design companies, equipment manufacturers and owners of the most recent paper machines built in North America have shown no interest in these material options.

Dave Bennett

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Think light!

Brian Brogdon, Ph.D.
Executive Director


Jim Thompson

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