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August 2018: LGMI Refresher Course

I am looking forward to my personal Light Green Machine Institute refresher course, part 1, which is just around the corner. As I write this, seven brave souls and I are headed to Panajachel, Guatemala on Saturday, 28 Jul 18. As you read this, we will be doing good deeds and getting instruction by example of how to construct a home economically, yet earthquake proof, using simple techniques and clever construction methods.
Later this fall, likely October, I will have phase 2 of my refresher course. I have been invited to spend a weekend on an Amish farm in southern Ohio. No cell phones! Yippee!
Both of these experiences mentally draw me back to the way to do things that economizes on materials and, yes, labor.
For you see, much of what we harp about here at the Light Green Machine Institute is simply designs, activities and actions that solely serve to CYA. If there was no fear of receiving bad marks on your review, you would do things differently than you do them at work today, ways that are more economical and involve less materials and less redundancy. Yes, we do many things saying we are worshiping the god of minimizing downtime, but we equally do many things to make sure our personal paycheck continues to flow our way.
You are capable of doing things more economically, for you do when it is on your own time and it is your own money. It is when it is the company's money and time, despite you being the best fiduciary you can be, that you will compromise and spend a little extra. This all adds up.
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Think light!

Brian Brogdon, Ph.D.
Executive Director


Jim Thompson

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