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December 2017: IoT

IoT, or Internet of Things, is a current buzz phrase in the retail/home world.  You may not be noticing, but is becoming important in the manufacturing arena, as well.  I think it is a path to the future that will solve several problems (and perhaps create a few others).

IoT is simply the idea that everything is connected to the Internet.  Why?  In our world, it is for the purposes of monitoring and control.  What I like about this is it means (if we can get the security right) that equipment and chemical suppliers can monitor their own scope of supply in perpetuity.

This should mean better performance, for if a supplier of pumps, for instance, is monitoring thousands of pumps around the world, their database of likely faults or conditions leading to likely faults should grow to a level of intelligence that none of us can have on our own in just one mill.

In the long run, this should help alleviate the severe shortage of skilled maintenance people in each mill.  For if IoT works as I envision it working, by the time the wrench-toting mechanics head to the suspected malcontent your pump lineup, they will already have a printout of like problems, a kit of likely needed repair parts and appropriate drawings, diagrams and instructions for disassembly, replacement and reassembly. Life should be much better.


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