The Light Green Machine Institute

June 2019: Award available

What is the optimum width and speed for a modern recycled linerboard machine? LGMI is looking for an algorithm, linear programming or calculus solution to this question.
The winning solution will incorporate consideration of the costs for:
Capital (all process equipment and infrastructure to build such a machine at 40 degrees North
Latitude in Europe, Asia or North America)
                Raw Materials
The winning solution should not incorporate the cost of the raw land.
The more variables included (beyond those delineated above) will be a plus. Elegant, transparent solutions will be a plus as well.
The single, winning solution will be awarded a prize of USD 1,000 and other appropriate recognition. Submittals must include a release of all information incorporated to the public domain and many not be patented, copyrighted or otherwise restricted from public use. Other appropriate waivers may be required; it is up to submitters to check with LGMI before submitting to understand the details and other attestations required.
Submittals become the property of the Light Green Machine Institute. Submittal form and content shall be provided in the coming months.
Submittals are due to the Light Green Machine Institute by midnight, EST, March 31, 2020. The Light Green Machine Institute reserves the right to reject any submittal for any reason.
More details to follow.
As always, your comments will be appreciated.

Think light!

Jim Thompson

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