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May 2019: Light Green Machine has meaning all around your campus

When we started on this quest many years ago, we focused on cast iron dryer cans. Why are they not aluminum? Or steel? We have explored this topic and have been encouraged by the progress that has been made but will express frustration that the progress has not been made faster.
It is time now to occasionally look beyond the paper machine at other places these concepts can be measured. Warning, and I will apologize in advance, but the rest of this column may sound like an advertisement. At the same time, understand it is a topic I have studied and I endorse so here is what I am about to say.
Lately, I have been thinking a lot about effluent lagoons. At the back of the mill, often neglected, these necessary processes are silent until they reach out and bite you. They can bite you with equipment failures and regulatory excursions. When they bite, they bite hard and, if the situation is dire enough, they can cause excessive fines, or, in extremis, shut you down.
Here is the commercial part. One of our sister organizations has, as an advertiser, Airmaster Aerator.   Time and again, in our industry and others, Airmaster's patented units have replaced much larger units (horsepower wise), improved the water quality and reduced maintenance. It is not bragging if you can do it, eh? Not only do they use less power, their horsepower reduction allows lagoons to handle larger loads without replacing all the cabling and transformer infrastructure. This is a true light green machine. You can see them at
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Think light!

Jim Thompson

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