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October 2018: The Next Big Thing

By Jim Thompson
The Next Big Thing, in fact for some companies you can almost already use past tense, is IOT (the Internet of Things) or, sometimes called Industry 4.0. What is it? The definition is amorphous and still in development. The best way to describe it is perhaps sensors on steroids coupled with monstrous data storage capacity, analyzed by sophisticated algorithmic programs in real time and history.
That is a mouth full, but the "movement," if we dare call it that, is towards gathering and analyzing process and production data to the extent we have never been capable of doing it before. Cheap sensors, storage and new algorithms are making this possible.
Producer or supplier, it will be disruptive to your business.
Paperitalo Publications was founded on disruption. Paperitalo Publications will be at the forefront of this one, too. We are launching a monthly newsletter on 23 Oct 18 called "Industree 4.0." As the name implies, it will be Industry 4.0 focused on the pulp and paper industry. As time goes on, we and our contributors will sort out Industry 4.0 for you. If you would like to be sure you are on the mailing list for this, drop me a line at with "Industree 4.0" in the subject line. Likewise if you wish to be a contributor or advertiser.
As always, your comments will be appreciated.

Think light!

Jim Thompson

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