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8 Feb  17: Unconventional layouts, part 3--"'68 Corvette Mako Shark" Building draws mixed reviews

The 1968 Corvette's curves inspired the nickname, "Mako Shark" as it somewhat looked like this fierce animal.  The concept I described for the modern paper machine building last week, with a bit of imagination, follows the nearly the same shape.  It also drew a bit of comment:


Really did you work at paper mills? I think that you never had been in a paper mill when there are troubles, not on one dryer that require to be removed. Only one felt roll is many times enough difficult to remove between hot dryers and felts, also guiders and stretchers. Is not easy work. Now your are proposing to cut aisle on tending side. How can be removed one felt roll or a dryers with tending side aisle shorter? Using a outside of building crane to remove it? Removing walls before work?

Now I'm thinking that this ideas are too bad in order to think in paper machine operations. That's my way of thinking that you never was working in paper mill operations, may you are were seated on a desk and only working in administration, but never working with real troubles on paper machine when there are an no scheduled shutdown. This ideas about to get shorter tending side aisle or drive side aisle are bad for maintenance works. This space are required to do a good maintenance and quick works on both sides of paper machine. Many people that are working seated on a desk will tell you that this ideas are wonderful. But if we talk with maintenance people or manufacturing people will be laughing about this ideas.

But never will tell you because you are a "guru" of paper. I don´t think so. You only are an administrator with time to think in ideas our of service.

I apologize if this message is not good for you, but the last ideas on your LGM are with no sense to me.


Ing. Manuel Bahena Olvera.
Emiliano Zapata, Hidalgo


 Good point on the building but why not try this.
· Reduce the tending aisle of a machine all the way down to 10 or 15 ft. This reduction runs from the end of the press to the winder.
· With the newer Unirun dryers we don't need the tending aisle any more (requires a different mindset for machine design).
· The press and wire sections need the extra width for fabrics and rolls.
· In the narrow portion of the building over the dryers etc. provide an overhead crane to run rolls down to the wet end over the press and former or over the winder.
Now you have seriously reduced your building volume and the crane costs without impacting maintenance time.


Bryan Creagan
Montreal, PQ

And an offer to make the hood/building:


I would like to respond to your premise of making the building serve as the dryer section hood but I need to understand the life expectancy you have or would require for the "hood" before doing so.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.


Mark Harrison

I haven't stirred up this much controversy since I proposed the vertical paper machine.


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Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
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As always, your comments will be appreciated.

Think light!

Brian Brogdon, Ph.D.
Executive Director


Jim Thompson

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