March 2021 Newsletter

Eyes are the Windows to the Soul (and the Brain)
part 1

“The eyes only see what the mind is prepared to comprehend.”
– Henri Bergson
The Eyes are an
Extension of the Brain
The eyes which are actual extensions of the brain, are more intricate and complex than any humanly conceived system to date. A single eye contains 137 million photoreceptors and more than 1 billion total parts.

Although the eyes and the brain represent only 2% of body weight, they require 25% of our nutritional intake.
The eyes alone use 1/3 as much oxygen as the heart, need 10-20 times as much vitamin C as our joints, and require more zinc ( intelligence chemical) than any other organ in the body. Housing 70% of the body' sense receptors, the eyes are the entry point for approximately 90% of all information we learn in a lifetime (with the exception of blind persons).

As a matter of fact, of the 3 billion messages relayed to the brain every second, 2 billion are sent from the eyes. The posterior third of the brain, which houses the memory bank and much of our intelligence, is also the portion of the brain used for vision.

excerpted from Light, Medicine of the Future by Dr. Jacob Liberman
Light: Food for Our Body and Brain
How do the eyes use their basic nutritional food: light? Each eye contains about 137 million photoreceptors;130 million are rods and 7 million are cones. These photoreceptors transform light into electrical impulses that are then sent to the brain at approximately 234 miles per second. These impulses travel along several different route that involve the entire brain. Some travel to the visual cortex for the construction of images, while others travel to the brain's hypothalamus and affect vital functions.
excerpted from Light, Medicine of the Future by Dr. Jacob Liberman
Eyes and the Central Nervous System
Just weeks after being no more than a fertilized egg, the optic nerve and retina become literal outgrowths of the brain. It’s like the stems on the brain growing directly forward out of the brain.

Seven weeks into pregnancy, or five weeks after conception, the baby's brain and face are growing and the beginnings of the retinas are forming.

At week eight, or six weeks after conception, the baby may be 1/2 inch long. Small swellings outlining the future parts of your baby's ears develop and the eyes become obvious.

That is why the retina and optic nerve are considered part of the brain and central nervous system. Our eyes are the only visible part of our CNS that others can see.
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