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  July 2017

Fourth of July
Happy 4th of July! I trust that you all enjoyed a relaxing and joyful 4th of July weekend. As I watched the fireworks this year, I was reminded that the loud explosions of the event we traditionally celebrate, came at the greatest cost for many brave men and women who served to provide the freedom and independence we hold dear. May each of us remember those who served, and currently serve, as a motivator to serve in our respective roles each and every day. Thank you for serving our customer above and beyond with excellence. You are the reason FSE is given the continued privilege to serve.

Reed Tarkington

Light Up The Sky
R ay Overman, Maintenance Technician at Synchrony Financial in Kettering, OH, has a dazzling part-time job: shooter for Rozzi Famous Fireworks.

With nearly 30 years of experience, Ray is in charge of several annual firework displays in the Beavercreek and Kettering area, from choreographing the show, to hand lighting the fireworks. "I usually start looking at a show right after it ends the year before," explains Ray. "You look at it and visualize it, 'I'm going to try it like this next year,' and you tweak it. The idea is to not do the same show all the time."

Ray Overman lights flare While many of the larger fireworks displays have upgraded to computers, Ray still hand lights all of his shows. "Me and the fireworks get close and personal, very close and personal," jokes Ray. "I get maybe a foot away when the gun goes off. I light it and turn. I don't try to run. As soon as that one's off, I have to hit the next one."

Ray is so busy during certain seasons, like the Fourth of July, that he goes from show to show. "My favorite part is hearing the people when they cheer," explains Ray. "It's not a super high-paying job, but it's the satisfaction of hearing people clapping and cheering."

"The best show I've put on... well they're all good, not to brag, when you're good, you're good," he jokes. "They're all really unique and, whichever way you do them, it's never the same layout," says Ray. I'll go to a show and plan it, write it out, and then I get there and it's 'that's not how it's going to work... okay let's just wing it!'"

Ray says he's worked on the WEBN Labor Day Fireworks that are a tradition in Cincinnati, but says that "it's the same as I do up here, basically the same shells, same everything, just that one is computer shot, so you choreograph with music, but a lot of my shows are not choreographed with music, we just light the sky up."

Looking to the future, Ray says the one thing he'd like to do is get certified for flame throwers to add the pyrotechnics he sees at the Bengals games as the players run onto the field. 


Mayor of DSCC
Tracy Fogle This issue, we'd like to celebrate an employee who not only received one letter of recognition from a customer, but five! Tracy Fogle, HVAC Technician at Defense Supply Center Columbus, is lovingly referred to as the "Mayor of DSCC," by her coworkers because she knows everyone. Jay Widner, Project Manager at DSCC, commends Tracy's customer services and adds that she is always the first one in and is ambitious to learn.
While all of the emails we received praising Tracy were glowing, here are a couple of excerpts from two that stood out:
"I want to take this opportunity to let you know how wonderful Tracy Fogle is. She is very nice and friendly. She stops by our office nearly every day to make sure the air temperature is comfortable," says Rhonda Frey of the DISA Accounting and Audit Readiness Division. "She seems to really care about her job and making sure everything is running the way it should. Her customer service is EXCELLENT!"
"I want to let you know of the outstanding support we receive from Tracy, an employee of Four Seasons," says Matthew Feverston. "Tracy makes it a part of her customer outreach to speak with me in the mornings to check on the building temperature and HVAC performance of our facility. She answers my questions and resolves issues brought up from my staff. She is knowledgeable of this building's mechanical components and the issues that arise from an old converted warehouse to office space.
I want you to know we appreciate her support and she is an excellent representative for Four Seasons."
Thank you, Tracy for all of your hard work! 

Converging Cultures

As followers of the FSE newsletter know, Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. has been lucky to be linked to amazing people and programs in East Africa through Ken Yockey, Facilities Performance Engineer. Through this newsletter, Ken has shared his experiences in Kenya, bringing fresh water and his faith to the people. This spring, though, FSE was excited to get an even closer look at the incredible work happening in these tribes and villages.
While in the United States to go to a mission conference in Arizona, Bishop Daniel Osoi visited Four Seasons' headquarters in Monroe, OH on March 21. "He prayed over the company and over the decisions Four Seasons' leaders had in front of them," recalls Ken. He also explained to the staff in the office what his ministry is about, "how he used to be a tribal warrior for the Maasai tribe, and how much his life has changed - he is now bishop for more than 100 churches."
Two months later, Reverend Nelly Sarune came to America to see her niece graduate with a Masters in Nursing from Oklahoma City University, Kramer School of Nursing, as well as to spend time with ministry partners. While here, she also visited Four Seasons to discuss her story in person with the FSE staff, the children she's taken into her home , 24 girls and 4 boys, that make up the Wadada Ministry. "It's impactful as a prototype ministry to show the value of a girl, and value of a child in East Africa, because they don't have much value in most of East Africa, let alone in Maasai land, so to minster them separately draws a lot of interest." The girls in WADADA Project, would have all been given away as child brides in arranged marriages by their parents, which has been the tradition for hundreds of years. The ages are from 9 to 17. However, because of the spread of Christianity, the Maasai are now open to consider a change in the traditions. Ken has built relationships and credibility with the Maasai and they allow their daughters to participate in this project.
Four Seasons' staff weren't the only ones learning during these visits. Ken explains that both Bishop Daniel and Reverend Nelly had a lot to learn about the American culture. "I act as Bishop Daniel's interpreter - he speaks English very well, but he doesn't know the customs and culture. So I am there to interpret the slang and customs to prevent any embarrassment that may happen along the way. Even just the handling of a menu is difficult because our culture is completely different from theirs." Reverend Nelly stayed with Ken much of her trip and Ken said his wife and sister taught her how to use the appliances: stoves, refrigerators, ice makers, dishwasher, mixer, blender... she's used to cooking for at least 30 people a day over three open fires, so microwaves... oh my goodness!"

To revisit Ken's work with Reverend Nelly, please read The Value of a Woman.

Let's Get to Know... Ray Overman!

Ray Overman Name: Ray Overman

Project Site:  Synchrony Financial (Kettering)
Job Title:  Maintenance Technician

How long have you worked for FSE? 18.5 years
What do you most like about your job?  Coworkers
What is your favorite place to visit? I like to visit family, grandchildren, kids and wife, and go to Bengals' games.
What is your favorite restaurant? TJ Chumps
What is your favorite movie?  Blues Brothers
What do I enjoy when not at work?  Shooting fireworks for Rozzi Famous Fireworks.
If I could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?  Charleston, SC


This issue, we're debuting a new section called Applause! This section will feature any employee who has received written praise from a client. Please send in any written words of acknowledgment to newsletter@fseinc.net so we may include them in upcoming issues!
The following employees have been recognized by our customer:
-  Dan Sullivan, Maintenance Electrician
-  Kel Turner, Maintenance Painter
-  Jeff Thompson, Laborer
Kenton County Detention Center
 - Don Blanch, Facility Manager

-  Martha Goering, Custodial Supervisor
-  Roland Gutierrez, Custodian
-  Nathan Nunnally, General Maintenance Worker
-  Gina Aulisio, Facilities Help Desk
-  Tyler Faunce, Engineer
- Raymond Bautista, Shipping and Receiving
- Dodi Sunjaya, Engineer

Synchrony Financial
- Ray Overman, HVAC Technician
- Doug Wells, HVAC Technician

Thank you for all of your hard work!

Introducing Rich Femia

Dear fellow workers at Four Seasons Environmental, Inc.,

Rich Femia_ FSE Chaplain
My name is Rich Femia and I have worked part time with FSE as its Controller since it started in 1988. In 1989, I also started pastoring a small church in Ohio and continued in that role until the end of 2015.  As my role as Controller is coming to an end at FSE, I was asked by the owners of FSE to consider being the Corporate Chaplain for the company. After much prayer about this request, I believe that God is leading me to take on this new role. 

As Corporate Chaplain, I will be available to FSE employees and their families to provide confidential care for your spiritual, physical and emotional needs as well as to help you through any crisis you might be facing. I will be visiting job sites so that we can get to know each other, and would be available to meet during your lunch break or after work hours to talk when I visit your jobsite. I will also be available to talk by phone at (513) 505-3761. If you have anything you would like me to pray about, you can text or call me. 

I want to assure you that anything that is shared with me will be totally confidential. I also will be writing an article in each FSE newsletter regarding spiritual topics that might interest you. I will look forward to meeting those of you that I have not already met.

Rich Femia

Monitoring Your Retirement Account

Have you logged into https://gaadvisors.invlink.com to monitor your retirement account? Your secure login gives you access to   view and update several components of your account. Upon successful  login, you will see an overview of your  account. There
Great American Advisors_ Inc. logo
are two menu bars across the top and links to a brief video tour and an introductory course to help you learn how to use the many tools available in the website. 

Look at your profile and make sure the address, phone number and email are correct. Look at your account balance, your investment allocations and your contribution history. Review the Summary Plan Disclosure Notice under the Services menu. If you have questions about the website or your account, contact Great American Advisors at 877-816-9521. They will be happy to assist you. The website has many planning tools but you can also get help and guidance from Faith Financial Advisors by calling 513-898-1897.

Three components will influence the growth of your account: contributions, time and asset allocation. Consider increasing the amount you contribute to your account. The best way to work toward that goal will be to increase the amount you contribute each week from your wages to the account. Contact the FSE office for information on how to start or increase the amount you contribute each week to your account. Look at the current balance in your retirement account and set a milestone for the balance you would like to achieve a year from now. Increase your contribution rate and watch the progress toward your goal.

5 Tips for Summer Safety, Fun in the Sun  

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. But along with preparing for fun in the sun, remember to practice summer safety as well.

Here are five important summer safety tips to pack along with the burgers, dogs and ice cream!

1. Flip or flop. Experts are warning against wearing flimsy flip-flops all summer long. They're OK for occasional use at the beach or the pool. But for steady walking, hiking or any type of sports, be sure to wear sturdier shoes made for the activity at hand. Or, afoot!

2. Don't feel the burn. You got this one, right? Always wear sunscreen. Avoid being out in the sun during midday when the sun's rays are the strongest. Protect skin with hats for the head, neck and ears, and light, loose clothing for the rest of the body. And don't forget those eyes - protect them with sunglasses.

3. Beat the heat. To prevent heat stroke, don't exercise outdoors when it is extremely hot, and stay hydrated. Some people, like children, are especially vulnerable to getting sick from the heat. Their bodies don't cool down as fast as others'.

4. Can't touch this. Or eat it, either. Salads, sandwiches and other summer delights shouldn't be left sitting at room temperature for more than a couple of hours. Even less if the temperature is 90 degrees or higher.

5. What's bugging you? Yes, they're back: pests of all kinds. And they can cause serious illnesses. Pregnant women, or those hoping to become pregnant, should be especially careful of mosquitoes. In some parts of the country, they may carry the Zika virus, which can harm the unborn child. Some also carry the West Nile virus. Ticks, too, carry several serious diseases, including Lyme disease. Bees and wasps are also buzzing about. Their stings are painful and can be deadly serious for those allergic to them. So arm yourself with proper clothing, repellent and first aid.

You can find more on summer safety here, from the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC). And this article focuses on keeping kids safe in the summer time.