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“You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your own way can illuminate the world.”
- Oprah Winfrey

May you allow yourself time and space this week to do things that light your spark,
and then, Dear Friend...Let Your Soul Shine!

Caroline Neff, aka Sneffca has really wowed us this month
with her themed creations....and we couldn't resist sharing
this tribute to The Great Pumpkin Patch!

s always, we wish you happy felting, and let us know
if you have any questions or need any support by emailing us at

customer service@livingfelt.com

With Love,


Meet Jennifer Field and see her amazing works
in our latest Felting Friends Spotlight!


Check out Sue Buchanan's SMASHY MONSTER!


Jude Lally shares her lovely Keeper of the Stones
for Celtic New Year


- Coming to the blog this week!

Connie Haddock of Moline, IL created a fun and lively Halloween Scene
with her fabulous imagination and needle felting prowess!
You might recall Connie's wonderful Lilly Loo which placed
in our Dr. Seuss Inspired Felting Contest last year!

See Connie's wonderful halloween sculpture
on the Felting Friends Blog starting Sunday 10/28


Lola's Ghoulish Delight
-- on the blog Monday 10/29!
Sue Potter felts a wonderful variety of creations...
and Lola is no exception!

Needle Felted Frankenweenie -- coming Tues. 10/30!
Sneffca has been felting up a storm and you're going to
want to see all of the fabulous Frankenweenie felted
characters ...

Be sure to check back on the blog later this week!



Monocrhrome Pack Fall Fun Pack

Merino Cross Felting Batts
Once you have the colors and shades in your hands...the ideas will flow and flow!
There's nothing quite so "halting" as not having the colors you desire,
our studio packs give you great 1oz bundles of our most popular
felting wool in a variety of colors!


Needle Felting Finger Protector

We love this high-quality Finger Protector, tested (with trepidation) in Living Felt R&D
and found that this little tool REALLY works well!

Highly recommended for the novice and professional alike. Protect your valuable hands.
Felting needles are very sharp and this is a great way to keep your fingers safe
and healthy while you have fun!


Multi-Needle Felting Tools

Marie loves high-quality comfortable Needle Felting machined tool, built to last a lifetime.

This felting tool model holds up to 4 felting needles -- and the felting needles are included.
You'll get the metal holder plus four 38 gauge USA felting needles.

This needle felting tool is great for working on medium to large projects
and works perfectly on all types of needle felting wool


It's not too soon to start on your very own

Take your sculptures from "bug eyes" and a flat face
to Santa's laughing cheeks and famous twinkle with Marie's step by step process!

Learn detailed methods and techniques for crafting realistic and expressive features.
Get just the instructional CD with step-by-step photos in PDF Modules (classes)
or get the complete kit!

Learn More, read testimonials from others
and get yours here:

Needle Felting an Heirloom Santa


Affirmations for Creative Success
Get Your Copy
On Sale
for only $7.98!

This CD is filled with Beautiful Music and Affirmations to inspire, uplift and support your creative expression.

This CD is a wonderful way to find your creative flow and fall naturally into it.
It is also beautiful music for creative sparks and fresh continued inspiration.

This CD is a collaboration by Rodney and Marie Spaulding.
Affirmations are spoken by Marie, and all music is written and performed by Rodney Spaulding.

These will make great gifts for your creative friends and for your self! Enjoy!

"I am listening to the affirmation cd and I just wanted to tell you that it's a great listen. The music is magical and nicely layered, Marie's voice is very soothing, and the affirmations go far beyond felting and may have positive effects thru out one's life. I am thoroughly enjoying it! It's going on to the Ipod!

Thank you all again. You are all fabulous."

- Antoinette and Patrick Butler, Shelton, WA

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my CD on Monday. What a beautiful gift! I was moved to tears when I read your note and saw the affirmations on the back of the cover. I got a chance to listen to the CD yesterday, and it, too, moved me to tears. The music is absolutely incredible - so beautiful! Thank you so much; this is one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever received."

- Connie Haddock, Moline, IL

"I love it so much. It is MAGICAL and I want to give one to my friends. Thank you for such a beautiful creative music and kind expression of love and affirmation. I LOVE IT!"

[ordered 10 more in addition to her original 2]

- Cassandra Richaud, Alberta, Canada

Get Your Copy: Affirmations for Creative Success

What are YOU Felting This Fall?

"I have always loved the look of felted art. I bought a kindle book on felting, but it wasn't quite what I was looking for. Last July, I went to San Diego ComicCon and there was an artist there selling the Woolbuddy kits. Wow, this was my chance to see if I would enjoy felting. I had sooo much fun (even poking my fingers!) I had to find more. I found Living Felt and I was hooked. I bought a couple of the NZ Corriedale bundles and started poking! Attached is a pic of the Pumpkins I have done so far. On some I did just the orange wool, then I got creative and started to mix some gold with it and a little bit of brown. Just in time for halloween and fall. I have so many ideas in my head now.... I just can't stop.
Thank you for all the tips and tricks you have on your website to help me out :

- Linda Hutsell
, San Diego



Kathleen Dickinson of Palm Coast, Florida made this gorgeous nuno felt shawl
to wear ar her niece's wedding!

Send us pictures of your felting projects!

(can be pictures, wearables, sculptures, etc. include details -- see below)
Send us a picture of yours for a chance to win
a Living Felt Gift Certificate!

send to: submissions@livingfelt.com

Just follow these 5 simple steps:

1) Take a nice clear photo with a complimentary background

2) Re-size to a maximum of 1000 pixels wide.
If you can’t do it with your own software, try this free tool: http://www.picresize.com/

3) Send your photo to submissions@livingfelt.com with Photo Entry - Item (hat, bear, scarf, etc.) in the Subject Line


5) Tell us what supplies you used - be specific if possible

*Remember, every photo posted on facebook or emailed to us is entered into our Monthly Drawing for Living Felt Gift Certificates and Prizes!

facebook | felting friends blog



Join us on facebook, and become a friend of LIVING FELT where you can upload your felted creations for all to enjoy!


Sending My Blessings
Marie Spaulding
www.LivingFelt.com ~ Act on Your Inspired Ideas!

On behalf of all of us here at Living Felt, I thank you for your letters, emails, pictures, and facebook posts. We truly love hearing from you, receiving your echoes of joy at tapping into your Inner Creativity, feeling the wonder and exhilaration of expressing from your heart. All of us here read your notes, and we all give thanks that we can be of service in lighting up that brilliant, brilliant light within you, and reminding you that it was with you all along.

Felting Friends Spotlight!

2012 Contest Winners
in the spotlight on our blog

2012 Contest on the blog


View All the Amazing Entries!


Jennifer Field creates
the most wonderful
expressions of life
in hand-made felt

Jennifer's Art

Dorie Blesoff shares
an expression of
seasons, in felt

Dorie's Panels



Wet Felting Autumn Leaves
This small project is great
fun and a simple way to get started with basic wet felting.

Autumn Leaves Tutorial


Enjoy another fabulous tutorial by Patty Gibson!
Patty awes us on facebook with her amazing bird and wildlife sculptures in wool, and you might recall that she previously gifted our community with a wonderful
step-by-step tutorial for needle felting nested birds.

Now she takes us through the process of making custom bird feet for your needle felted feathered friends.

Bird feet tutorial


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