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June 2020
„The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it!“- John 1:5

Whenever we go through difficult circumstances, God always sends positive things our way to give us hope. Some may overlook those little slivers of silver lining, but we should always do our best to recognize them for what they are: messeges from God... light in the darkness.

It has been a very long time since we have had the opportunity to enstate someone new into the leadership of our church. Either people have been too young spiritually or they have not been willing to take on that level of responsibility. Having the opportunity to enstate a new deacon and his wife, Danil and Natalia Semenenko, into ministry this month is not only a pleasure and an honor, it gives us great hope that God is leading us forward into a new season of fruitful ministry. 

Croatia has opened up almost completely. We have had only one new case of the corona virus in the past 10 days which is truly encouraging. With the reopening of the national parks, our church decided it was time to take a trip to the Plitvice Lakes together to spend some good quality time in fun and fellowship. In the end the idea was so popular that we had over 60 people signed up to go, and ended up renting a bus to keep the travel costs down which meant that everyone got to fellowship all the way there and back. It was an amazing day spent admiring God's nature and encouraging one another. Times such as these are a blessing and so truly benificial in promoting unity in the church.
> Hearts have been especially open to the Gospel this month
> God has provided all of our needs this month

Our youth were afraid that we were going to have to cancel camp this year, but God was merciful and camps are being allowed to reopen. God has been speaking to our youth about becoming broken before the Lord, being able to be used by him, and how to become hungry for the move of the Spirit. Bonnie has been challenging them the take time away from the various forms of media and concentrate on the Word, prayer, and worship- to empty themselves from the influences of the world and fill themselves with the Spirit of God. Please, be in prayer for our youth camp this year. We need a generation that is hungry for the move of the Spirit, and our youth desperately need a powerful experiece with God of their own that will mark them and change them forever. 
> That Mario would be allowed to travel to the US
> Provision for our home

I don't know how many of you are aware that we have never owned our own home. We have spoken to the bank several times, however we have never been at a place financially that we could take out a large enough loan to buy our own home. Real estate in Croatia is very expensive in relation to our standard of living, and we have rented (and moved 6 times) since being married. When the home that we've been living in for the past 5 and a half years was put on the market last year, we began looking into any possiblity of purchasing our own home and what we'd have to do in order to make it a reality. In February God lead us to look at a home which is about 30 minutes from our church. It has been on the market for quite a long time, and the owners have lowered the price considerably to $136,000. We are praying that God will do a miracle and provide $7,500 of that up front so that we can purchase this home. Would you be praying with us for this need?

We know that God always provides our needs in his perfect time. 

... is doing well. Our girls have finished school for the year and are officially on summer break. Our boys (because of teacher strikes and the coronavirus) have 3 more weeks left and are in the big end- of- the- year push to finish well. All of our children are very active with us in our ministry - Filip plays guitar, Luka plays drums, and Divna sings with Bonnie on the worship team. Filip also heads up our multimedia ministry, and Luka, Divna and Vjera also serve in children's church. It is very rewarding to see our children using their talents to serve the Lord and others.
We would like to thank each and every one of you for your generous support and prayers for our ministry. Without you, what we do would not be possible. May the Lord bless you for your willingness to be a blessing to others in his Kingdom.

Mario and Bonnie Dučić
Croatian Evangelistic Outreach