Light within the Darkness

Spending time alone at Berbere has allowed me to have a renewed appreciation for the beauty in simple, yet profound design elements. In this instance, I am referring to light in its various forms. 

It is amazing how light can not only transform space but mood. A few strategic outdoor lanterns can render a humble patio into a place of gathering. A once mundane hallway now becomes a gallery with hanging pendants. Also, swapping out that mediocre light at the apex of your entryway with something more substantial creates pageantry for your guests' arrival.

At nighttime, one of my favorite things to do is turn on a few lights, sit, read, and even meditate. For the last few weeks, I have found myself in the warehouse in different areas just appreciating how the different lights can create such inviting and unique settings. 

My hope for us all, may the light return and wrest us from this unanticipated darkness. 

With love and light,