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Perspective Comes from Encountering Something Completely New...
Hello Everyone & Happy Late Autumn!

The colors were spectacular this year—all of our guests said that this year was the best fall foliage they’ve seen in a decade or more! With most of the leaves on the ground we’re heading into Stick Season, the period between fall and winter when all the leaves are off the trees, and before the first snow fall. A month-long snowless, colorless landscape that’s left in monotones, reminiscent of a black & white photograph. Vermont has become still, quiet and turning colder as we await the grand season of winter. 

All our best – Kay & Glenn
"This is Vermont"
Pencil Sculpture at Pierson Library • Shelburne, Vermont… Titled, “Education Will Save the World.” Pierson Library is encouraging people to take a picture with the sculpture, write a short note about an educator who made a difference in their life, and post it and the photo to their social media with the hashtag #PiersonPencils. Thanks Kevin Unrath, Library Director at Pierson Library.
"This is Vermont"
We have visited 5 of The 17 Best Apple Orchards in Vermont—each with a unique personality. We’ve easily picked a bushel of apples this season for ourselves and our guests. More than a century ago, New England apples were so highly regarded that when served individually in city restaurants they were accompanied with a small tag describing the grower and variety.
"This is Vermont"
Our guests loved the Vermont Granite Museum, which was founded by a coalition of over 300 Central Vermont citizens in 1994 as way to preserve the story and memories of the community’s granite industry. Volunteers have worked relentlessly to preserve the historic Jones Brothers Manufacturing plant, now a museum, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Ibérico “The Wagyu of Pork”
Wait until you taste Ibérico Pork—it’s the most delicious, tender, and juiciest pork you’ve ever had; arguably The World's Finest Pork. It’s considered the culinary equivalent of Wagyu beef for its internal marbling. Why is this pork so delicious? It’s all about genetics, lifestyle, and diet—these are heirloom Iberian happy, free-range pigs, from family-owned farms in southern Spain. We’ll have this on our menu at the beginning of our 2023 season—stay tuned!

The owner has generously given our guests a $25 incentive to experience this international pork delicacy—please use code POND25 when placing your order.   
We Exaggerate Delicious… 

The world is filled with savory delicacies, and we do our part to bring you things that you likely will not find anywhere else… we only serve fresh Champlain Valley Mushrooms in our omelets, and not just one variety—typically, our omelet interiors include a medley of 3-4 varieties… Lion’s Mane, Chestnut (my favorite, and in the photo), Maitake and a rainbow of oysters, golden, pink or gray dove. More recently, I’ve started using Chaga Tincture to reduce shoulder inflammation, which has helped enormously. Take a look at their website!   
Gourmet Breakfast... at PMI

Another Gourmet Breakfast Worth Salivating Over... Our eggs, straight from the nest—known for their rich yellow yokes are delicately poached that rest on tender slices of Vermont Wagyu steak and a buttery Vermont English muffin. Once the breakfast stack is complete, we drizzle homemade creamy hollandaise sauce with just enough fresh lemon juice to give the sauce that ultimate subtle tangy flavor, then finished with chives from our garden.
The Majesty of the “Queen of American Lakes” 
America’s Original Vacation Destination…
Steamboats did not arrive on Lake George until 1817. Now, more than 200 years later, Boat US Magazine named Lake George one of the top 9 great American freshwater lakes, ranked against 123,439 other freshwater lakes in the country. Lake George continues to be a wonderful three-season destination for us and our guests. This year, we not only enjoyed island hopping, barbequing and wine tasting on remote islands, but still did all those touristy things “The Lake” is noted for… while dining at The Sagamore is a must. Lake George is the perfect day trip!
America's Most Beautiful Foliage… Killington, Vermont
Something New For Our Guests...
"The country’s most beautiful foliage can be found at this Vermont destination, according to Country Living Magazine."

The Scenic Gondola Ride to the summit offers 360° panoramic multi-state views of the Green and White Mountains, Adirondacks and Taconic Mountain range. Warm days, crisp nights, colorful foliage— all giftwrapped in a perfect package…. watching the leaves transition from bright reds into yellows and oranges—nature’s palette unfolds before your very eyes making Vermont “Your Autumn Destination”. Mount Killington is the second tallest mountain in the Green Mountains at 4,235 feet, just behind Mount Mansfield that peaks at 4,395. We now have a new autumn tradition at Killington!! Thanks to Scott and Mary Lou for discovering this for us!
Fort Ticonderoga — America’s Fort
Experience Fort Ticonderoga this Winter...
One of our top-three favorite three-season destinations—and, perhaps a winter destination as well. From November 2022-April 2023, we plan to experience some of their exciting living history events, engaging seminars, specialty programs, behind-the-scenes VIP Tours, virtual programming, and hands-on workshops. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about The Fort’s commitment to engaging both residents and tourists this winter.
One Day in Vermont… 
This photo is more about an autumn country drive through The Green Mountain State on dirt roads… passing spirited small towns, picking apples & pumpkins, stopping to photograph a ringed-neck pheasant before it disappeared into the thicket… the only thing that would have made this nicer is touring in a 1969 Jaguar Series II E-Type Roadster
We've Always Said...
You Don't Need More Vacation Days – You Just Need Better Ones! Perhaps our tagline resonates now more than ever? Given the weird fact above, I suppose we were right... Vacation time has a healthful purpose—don’t leave your valuable vacation time on the table at the end of the year. Read our Occupational Wellness page, it’s a worthwhile, fun 1 minute read.  
Upcoming Events & Insightful Features
Wine Tasting at Dancing Ewe Farm

Get inspired for this exclusive experience on the first Friday of every month…. enjoy intimate wine tastings, expansive outdoor spaces, and behind-the-scenes private tours of their cheese cave and charcuterie chamber. Wine should be enjoyed, so let’s not overthink it – have fun and drink what you like while celebrating interesting Italian wines not found anywhere else and enjoy the idyllic scenery… 
For dinner... freshly made 3 course meal including a mini antipasti plate, beef stew with farm made bread and cultured butter, and dessert while listening to live music throughout the evening—these evenings are not to be missed... this Friday!

Lyrical Ballad Bookstore... Saratoga

We had to go inside… Described by visitors as a magical destination, the brick-and-mortar store is comprised of ten rooms with 100,000 books and winding halls stacked high with new, used and rare books. “I think the structure and the layout is certainly one of its selling points,” said co-owner Jason Zerrillo. With the escort of a shop worker, visitors can browse the protected collection that includes first edition books worth thousands of dollars in the collector’s market, as well as original movie posters… you can easily spend a few hours inside this maze of hard-to-find books. 

Holmes Creek Covered Bridge

We only discovered this bridge accidentally during an autumn drive on Lake Road in Charlotte… Also called the Lakeshore Covered Bridge, it’s just off the shore of Lake Champlain and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Built in 1898, it’s the shortest known covered bridge in Vermont with a total length of 40’—the shortest covered bridge in America is the West Liberty Covered Bridge in Geneva, Ohio, it’s only 18 feet long.

Consider joining The Vermont Covered Bridge Society—take a look at their spectacular photographs below... 

Enjoy the pleasantly languid start to each day, then let adventures still unwritten take you further…
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