Prayer Partner Alliance Newsletter
May 2021
From Loretta's Desk
Ah Spring! With low humidity and sunny days we hope you are enjoying your time outside wherever you are. At Protected Harbor, all staff and residents who chose to have been successfully vaccinated giving us new freedom and protection as we carefully begin enjoying more outings in the community.
With that in mind we are excited to announce our “2021 Outdoor Olympics”! On May 14, 2021 at our Camino Real Way home in Ft. Myers, a full plate of activities are planned. Visitors and residents will gather for BBQ, the grand sports competitions and a great time of fellowship. We look forward to showing off our home, the residents’ skills and enjoying the opportunity to greet old friends and new. A very special “Thank You” goes to “Swinging with Purpose” for their generous grant allowing the purchase of the wellness activities that will be used at this event.
Please come join the fun. If you wish to lend a hand we are looking for volunteers to help set up, keep score, present awards, assist the grill master as he prepares dinner and many other tasks; please let me know. Of course, sponsorship gifts towards the dinner and dessert would be very appreciated. 
To assist our efforts in keeping our residents in optimum health and in shape, we will soon begin weekly “special strong” fitness training. Our residents will have the opportunity to enjoy the use of a personal trainer who will work on establishing some appropriate fitness routines that will hopefully be tailored to each individual’s needs.
In addition, with the support of a local artist who is giving of her time by sharing her God given talents, our residents have been offered the opportunity to learn a new art form. We have begun a mosaic glass class right in one of our homes. The first project was decorating photo frames. We are looking forward to continuing to enhance these new skills by moving on to new and exciting projects, all while sharing and working cooperatively with each other. We can only thank God for these wonderful opportunities. GOD IS GOOD!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms! This year let us reflect on the importance of a mother’s role in society and especially in the Christian home. Do bring flowers, chocolates and gifts of all kinds but remember how Jesus honored Mary as taught in the Old Testament; “Hear my son, your father’s instruction, and forsake not your mother’s teaching” Proverbs 1:8; “Her children rise up and call her blessed…” Proverbs 31:28
This has indeed been a challenging year, but we were able to successfully overcome thanks to your prayers and support. For this we thank you and ask you to continue as we plan exciting new activities in the near future.
Friend of the Board Spotlight:
Meet Pat Schubring
The familiar letters P.S. represent the Latin phrase “postscriptum”, which indicate an afterthought, a last-minute sentence added to a completed letter. However, at Protected Harbor we have our own very special P.S. in the person of Pat Schubring who is far from an afterthought, or a last-minute addition. In fact, Pat has been a valuable asset alongside her husband, Bob for many years, collaborating with and fundraising successfully on behalf of the residents and staff.

Pat and her husband became interested and eventually involved with Protected Harbor over ten years ago through their friendship with George Pappas whose daughter Cleo is still a current resident. Initially Pat saw how God was using Bob in this ministry, but wasn’t sure what her role should be, until she began spending time with the men and women with special needs. Seeing their grateful expressions and the magic spark that evolved into smiles, she became hooked!
Behind the Smiles: Meet Ashley
Ashley is one of Protected Harbor’s residents who contributes greatly to the smooth running of the house she resides in. She has made herself an important part of the prep and cooking team, becoming an integral participant in the success of the daily family dinners. She loves living at Protected Harbor and regards it as her home and her fellow residents her brothers and sisters.

Much like several of her peers, Ashley volunteers in the Food Ministry of McGregor Baptist Church when school is in session. Her supervisors there praise her for her diligence on the job and occasionally invite her to work with them in the kitchen for other special events at the church. When she is not working, Ashley loves to spend time solving puzzles on her iPad, or engaging in an exciting game of Candy Crush. She chooses apps and games that help sharpen her decision making and thinking skills. She recently took up disc golfing, an activity her housemates also love. They are all looking forward to visiting an actual disc golf course to play their first non-virtual round.
We are so grateful for the outpouring of support from our donors.  In response to the many calls we receive asking how you can help, we are launching our new Online Wish List.  Click the Contribution link on the left for a current list of items needed and desired for the homes.  Items are shipped directly to us making it even easier for those wishing to lend an extra hand of support. Visit our registry today!
Special Blessings
We are thanking God for the spirit of "family" and mutual care for one another that our residents are demonstrating. They enjoy doing life together, praying together, and special outings together. COVID may have limited our engagement with the broader community, but it has also allowed us to deepen our engagement with one another.
Our Mission, Our Vision, Your Support
Our Mission
The mission of Protected Harbor is to develop and operate supportive housing, enhanced with Christian care, for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Our Vision
Our vision is that adults that want and need the Protected Harbor model for Christian care homes will have a home with Protected Harbor.

Support Our Work
We believe that God calls each of us for a very special purpose. The work He has called us to is a ministry that we embrace with our whole hearts. If you feel that God is calling you to support this special work, please consider making a contribution.