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September 2022

With schools re-opening and the scent of pumpkin spice in the air even in sunny Florida, we notice the fall season is upon us. As the new Executive Director, I am prepared for the exciting challenges, activities, and growth we experience at Protected Harbor. In many ways, I share the same focus as my predecessor, Loretta Mottram. My vision is to steer the direction of our organization towards the future while achieving goals already set. But in all things, we will seek God’s direction to ensure our clients remain the focus of all our decisions.

Recently, James Romans and other Protected Harbor staff were honored to have participated in the Bell Tower (Mall) Family Fun Night. During this event families from across the region became acquainted and bonded by engaging in fun activities. This great outreach also gave Protected Harbor new exposure to many community members who may need our services or want to become involved by donating or volunteering.

On August 19th, we participated in the Collaboratory Friday Night Market, a showcase for members’ businesses. Protected Harbor staff provided face painting activities and joined in the festivities organized for the event. This was another opportunity to keep our ministry visible and engaged in the community.

This very busy month also included a Special Olympics Bowling event, and both houses proudly brought home first-place ribbons! In addition, on August 28th, three ladies residing in PH1 competed in the Special Olympics State finals for swimming. Protected Harbor staff and volunteers work tirelessly to provide clients and friends with action-packed calendars of activities that include training, swim parties, art classes, outings, and much more.

Loretta Mottram recently commented that it is an honor to continue her leadership in a supporting role for the board and the entire mission of Protected Harbor. She added, “The passion and dedication to serving this special population are unparalleled." For example, she noted all the positive events and achievements that occurred in August. “We have continued providing Personal Support Services to outside clients. In addition, we have also hired our first Case Manager thanks to a generous grant from the Golisano Foundation. This is in keeping with our focus on increasing and expanding the resources necessary to offer the highest level of care for our clients and their caretakers.”

Finally, I can report that on August 27, in celebration of Volunteer Day 2022, Protected Harbor hosted twenty student volunteers from Florida Gulf Coast University. The theme this year was, "Empathy in Action". These wonderful students assisted our residents in creating crafts and playing basketball, cards, and other games. They even helped in some yard cleanup.

Once again, we thank all our prayer warriors and financial supporters who never give up on the very special people God has entrusted to us. We remain humbled and grateful for your generous gifts and prayers.

Robin Antone

Friend of the Board Spotlight:

David Hammerstrom

David attended a yearly event held at First Baptist Naples a couple of years ago. This was pivotal and the beginning of his engagement with Protected Harbor. The event titled Missionary Sunday is when worldwide and local missions are showcased, and one that Protected Harbor regularly participates in. Dave spoke with our board president, Jeff Buchholz, that day. Jeff introduced him to our ministry and our purpose for being. His interest was immediately piqued, prompting him to become a “Friend of the Board”. A year later, he became a full board member and serves on the Governance and Executive Committee.

David came to us from a brilliant career in banking. Most recently, he worked as Executive Vice President and Senior Loan Officer at a prominent bank in Connecticut. Joining Protected Harbor helps to fulfill a deep and different urgency in his soul: the call from God to assist and care for those less fortunate, coupled with the need to give back to God’s Kingdom. Through his involvement with Protected Harbor, David sees how the mission impacts the lives of many people. He smiles, knowing that Protected Harbor helps with physical needs but, most importantly, their spiritual growth in an environment where the love of Christ is shared and demonstrated daily.

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Behind the Smiles: Meet Tiffany

Protected Harbor is blessed with a governing Board that includes directors from varied backgrounds, professions, and life experiences. Similarly, the clients residing in our supported living homes represent equally diverse backgrounds and life histories.

Tiffany is one such resident who despite being reluctant to share much about herself verbally, expresses herself beautifully through art. She absolutely loves drawing, painting, and crafting mosaic pieces, which she is very proud to display. Tiffany’s talent inspires her roommates to emulate her and create their own art pieces.

Additionally, Tiffany enjoys the outdoors and is especially happy to live in Florida, where she enjoys perennial spring or summer, void of the cold brought by winter! She also enjoys attending classes at Goodwill where she experiences an environment outside her home, with different people, that expands her social sphere.

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