eNewsletter February 2022

LightHousePBC is the new
Hepzibah House!

Hepzibah was tricky to spell...
   Difficult to pronounce...
      And hard to remember...
So we rebranded to LightHousePBC! 
Becky Dymond, Executive Director
LightHousePBC provides services and support to individuals
exiting sex trafficking & commercial sexual exploitation.
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Weekly mentoring for women in the life at laundromats. Refreshments for all, and a load of laundry for the first 8 women that come. We are building bridges as we position ourselves to reopen a safe house.

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A micro-business making organic, non-GMO animal treats with two goals in mind:

  1. A funding stream, Paul Newman style.
  2. Hire women participating in the Pop-Up Program to work part-time, restoring the dignity of an honorable paycheck.

Two very practical ways to help: Volunteer
Start-up funding
We run the diversion program for individuals arrested for prostitution with separate courses for buyers (TRAPS) and victims (ReSPECT) - addressing both supply and demand.

Several women have left the life and several male social influencers have shared their significant change of heart with their followers as a result of the classes!

Looks like success to me...

Curious? Visit JohnSchoolPBC.org
Closer Than You Think: Human Trafficking in S. FL
When I met with WPB Police to set the John School up, the vice squad said, “What do we do if we arrest someone who really wants out?? You HAVE to open another safe house!!”

That conversation precipitated two things:
1. The creation of Sharing One Love PBC, a consortium of area stake holders addressing human trafficking in our county.
2. The writing of "Closer Than You Think", a white paper, outlining a three-pronged community response to human trafficking: Outreach, Safe house, and Transitional housing. The paper is here, along with the other AMAZING community partners of SOLPBC. The "Pop-Up" program is part of this effort.
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Photo credits: Laundromat: Photo by Aaron Meacham on Unsplash
Dog: Photo by Joe Caione on Unsplash
Classroom: Photo by Ion Fet on Unsplash