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The Magic is in the Unfamiliar... 
May 2020
Sometimes it's about the journey, sometimes the destination. But with our unique Vermont day trips, it's decidedly both! 

Dear Friends,

Spring has arrived. It is a time of renewal when we can believe that while there may be more challenges ahead there is also sunlight through the clouds. Our thoughts remain with you and your families, near and far.

The global impact of the COVID-19 virus leaves us all in uncharted waters. We do not know how this situation will continue to unfold, how long it will last or what decisions it will ask each one of us to make based on what is best for our families and communities.

While we’re currently closed, we intend to reopen on Memorial Day Weekend. Of course, we will continue to monitor developments related to the Coronavirus and adjust as appropriate. The safety and health of our guests, family and neighbors will always be our highest priority.

We are enormously grateful for your support and friendship over the past years and we wish you and your families the very best.

Be safe and be healthy,

Kay & Glenn
Vermont Peloton
Pumping Water for the Cows
It takes about “eighty pumps” to lift five gallons of water—our neighbor’s four cows drink between 25-40 gallons each day depending on the season. That’s a lot of free-Peloton exercise!
Our Coronavirus Response
Social Distancing
Humorously sent from one of our guests. This bird checks up on John regularly—respectful of the distancing protocols, but clearly asymptomatic and refuses to wear a mask!
Agricola Farm
Panton, Vermont
Out for a lovely spring drive we picked up a seven-pound porchetta for Easter. Bobby, the farm manager, let us hold a week-old spring lamb and toured us around the barn.
Perspective comes from encountering something completely new...
21 Hour No-Knead Bread Recipe
Kay recently found a 3-4 interesting bread recipes—they’re so good that we’ve decided to only serve our homemade bread. When served with Ploughgate Creamery  Cultured Butter one could argue this is a meal in itself. Thanks to Carol & Stan Ferraro for their recipe.
Spring Lamb • Dancing Ewe Farm
This week-old lamb is just too adorable and had to be included in our newsletter. Not long from now her milk will be turned into world-class cheese—you won’t find a better pecorino or ricotta outside Italy. And, start thinking about getting a group together for the most extraordinary farm-to-table dining experience. 
Brookside Farm • Orwell, Vermont
Belted Galloway ground beef makes one of the best hamburgers—we buy our ground beef here from Olga. The Belted Galloway breed are completely black, except for their strikingly distinctive white belly! Also referred to as the Oreo Cow . Take a look...
Connecting Our Guests to New Experiences… 
It’s Time To Turn Out The Cows For Grazing... And, It's Happening Today!
The Larson Farm & Creamery │ Wells, Vermont
Noon today as many as nine of our neighbors are headed to The Larson Farm to share in the excitement, watching the cows go to pasture for the first time this year. If the weather is nice we'll bring a picnic lunch, sit on the hill and enjoy the sight. We can't wait!!
Introducing... Our Twelve Principles of Vermont Wellness
Wellness isn’t just about physical and mental well-being – it’s the pursuit of a balanced life integrating all twelve principles that lead to a better quality of life and ultimately to sustainable happiness... You'll love the photos and you'll enjoy reading about what we're doing for ourselves and our guests for a more meaningful and happy life in Vermont.
Sustainability at Pond Mountain Inn...
Our Sustainability values and environmental efforts are designed to make a positive difference in Vermont in order to ensure a future that offers the same opportunity for fulfillment that we enjoy today. We have learned valuable lessons and made substantial progress in sustainability over the last several years...

The Spotted Salamander is the largest of Vermont's salamanders. It grows up to 9 inches long with bright yellow spots and spends most of the year underground.
A Leisurely Five-Mile Hike on Mount Equinox... Destination: Deer Knoll
The Equinox Preserve consists of over 914 acres on the slopes of Mt. Equinox in Manchester, Vermont, which is managed by the Equinox Preservation Trust.

Together with our neighbors and friends we spent a magnificent spring day on the mountain. The trails took us past rushing spring-fed brooks and the views from Deer Knoll were truly inspirational. No worries… we all kept our distance. 
TIGERHONEY Organic Apple Cider Vinegar... Herbal Health Elixir
The benefits of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar are well-known. I’ve been taking it on and off for years, and more off recently, until now! Kay recently discovered TIGERHONEY—it’s a delicious, unique and versatile natural herbal tonic for holistic healthy living. TIGERHONEY incorporates essential natural botanicals that we cannot get in a single health-drink. It's made in Vermont and we like the owners! We’ll share some with you the next time you’re here.
The Best Lobster Rolls in Vermont!
A beautiful Sunday afternoon was the perfect excuse to deliver ourselves from quarantine. We stumbled upon a nameless lobster shack with only a tiny nondescript lobster street-sign below Mountain Man Sterling Silver —still though, it caught our attention! 

We met Joe—a gifted lobster roll practitioner that spent a decade or two perfecting his trade in York, Maine. We had a choice; either the Traditional Maine Lobster Roll for $14.50 or the Big Daddy for $21.00—we both went with the Big Daddy. The Cornmeal Dusted Kaiser Roll was generously buttered to perfection, and Joe’s generosity didn’t end there… it was difficult to contain all the lobster meat within the confines of the roll. Joe’s Lobster Rolls were magnificent!      

We’ve just added Joe to our Short List of Lobster Roll Favorites …

The Oyster Bar • Grand Central Station • New York City | Anthony’s Seafood • Middletown, Rhode Island (Newport) | Vermont Mountain Man • Chester, Vermont.
Vermont Wagyu Tomahawk Ribeye Steaks... at Spring-Rock Farm
Running low on Wagyu we took a glorious Sunday drive over to Spring-Rock Farm last weekend. Always the consummate host, Sheila, the owner, took us to another hundred acres where most of her calves were being born. The mamas were both protective of their young and curious while we respected our distance. The upper pasture was more than a mile in; so picturesque you could easily lose yourself in thought... Clearly, a working farm with over 450 head of cattle, but easy to see the care and attention to detail with every step.

The steaks in the picture, they’re $154 a piece—all twelve were gone in a single afternoon shortly after being posted on their website!  Click on the photo for Vermont Wagyu.
Adventure Wellness • Experience The Unfamiliar • Lake St. Catherine
Some of the finest trout lakes and rivers are here in Vermont – so what, right! Until the other day we only knew two fishing enthusiasts; now we know four. That’s to say we don’t know anyone that goes fishing. It’s difficult to fathom the joy of sitting precariously on some wooden boat plank struggling to convince a huge nightcrawler of the benefits of the hook in my other hand... See how the story ends below.

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