These Goodman Pendants from Visual Comfort are one element in a kitchen and dining room that hits on many 2021 Design Trends: Mixed Metals, Industrial Design, Natural Elements, Lighting Focal Point, and a Pop of Color. Courtesy: Circa Lighting Bay Head, NJ residence
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Lighting Trends for 2021-2022

Regardless of whether you love to stay on trend or prefer your own tried and true style, you have to admit: it is fun to look! And that is what we will begin to do in this weeks newsletter.

We not only sleep, eat, relax and have family time at home now, we also work there, hold zoom meetings, homeschool, study, work out and pursue hobbies. No doubt you have looked around and wondered what you could do to make a simple change...or even a major one.

We have been pleased to be helping many of you achieve your lighting goals in various rooms as well as entire homes and second homes in the past year. There are a lot of ways we can work together to bring more light into your life!


Trending 2021
Industrial Style
Never shy, always bold.
This look pulls on nostalgia to bring the clean lines, utility space, natural materials and high end appliances
together in a gorgeous, functional and inviting space.

Cadence Pendants from Generation Lighting
Vintage mechanical features are distinctive characteristics of the industrial style. A light fixture in this genre is versatile to use with many other design looks from Victorian, rustic farmhouse or modern.

Smyrna Grande Suspension by Sean Lavin for Visual Comfort

  • Industrial interior design is pleasingly flexible. Consisting mostly of neutral hues and materials that focus on unique textures, this design style is easy to pull off with lighting, decor, and furniture.
  • Despite its simplicity and minimal design tropes, industrial style manages to create a bold statement. The juxtaposition of modern v.s timeworn makes for a great, layered and considered statement.

Pelham Pendants by Hudson Valley Lighting

Most industrial style lighting is made of metal and often consists of a combination of pendants and lamps. When using pendants, they should be low hanging with wide shades.
Natural Modern

The warm and inviting look of natural woven light fixtures is a trend that originated with the Boho design style. A look that accentuates a relaxed, comforting type of lifestyle and graciously unites natural materials with organic shapes. A hip lighting look.
Troy Conga Pendants: Natural Modern
Hunters Point Pendants from Hudson Valley Lighting
Arteriors Padma Sconces
The Huxley by Troy Lighting
Made entirely of ceramic material, the Tech Lighting Karam Pendant boasts its large scale and abundance of texture. Both the inner and outer walls have been hand painted and textured making each piece unique in its own right.

Minimal is a classically modern style that has been around for decades. The understated features of a minimalistic pendent light or chandelier works well with many designer looks from ultra-modern to industrial
Tech Mina Pendants
Atom Pendants from Modern Forms
Dot Pendant and Sierra Tail Sconce by Sean Lavin for Visual Comfort
Lighting as Your Focal Point
There are many ways to highlight the lighting in your space. Color is one obvious way. Shape and Design, regardless of style are most common.

Painted Pendants #2 in Blue Bird for Hudson Valley Lighting
Element Pendant from Corbett
Calligraphy from Corbett
Sonneman Suspenders 2 Tier Linear Pendants
Sanger Chandelier by Aerin for Visual Comfort
We are here to help you light your space whatever your taste and style. Get in touch today!