The Front Porch
Concord Post and Wall Lights by Northeast Lantern
Your front porch invites you home, provides an escape from foul weather, and if you are fortunate enough, gives you a great view! The kids and grandkids will play here and you can set up some comfortable outdoor seating and greet your neighbors as they go by!
Carriage Lights by Fourteenth Colonymake quite a statement at the Memphis Home
We've said it before....Don't undersize the lighting at your front door. That is the most common mistake we see. Be brave, be bold and make a strong welcome!
Darlana Wall Sconces by Chapman and Myers for Visual Comfort
Dover Ball by Urban Electric
Darlana Lanterns, a Perennial Favorite (Chapman and Myers for Visual Comfort) grace this fabulous Charleston Front Porch
Porches for Living
Sussix Outdoor Lanterns by Chapman and Myers´╗┐
There is nothing like extending your living space into the great outdoors! This home owners Transitional style, with a nod to Traditional style Lanterns suggest a homey, warm and inviting space to live!
This Gas Post Lantern by Fourteenth Colony will provide not only functionality, but also provide the flickering flam for this petite porch.
Onion Lantern by Northeast Lantern with decorative Optic Glass
The Stanfield Wall Lantern from Northeast Lantern is a perennial favorite.
The "O" Light, suspended in this case is also available as a ground piece
Halle Wide Lantern by Ian K. Fowler for Visual Comfort
Sometimes we want to keep our focus 'in' when enjoying our outdoor space as shown above. However, when you want your gaze out and into the view, you will want your lighting to not obstruct that view!
Transitional minimal Lanterns from Northeast Lantern...ENJOY THAT VIEW!
Sullivan's Island Lantern and 1600 both by Urban Electric
Outdoor living space without ceilings will require creative use of sconces and potentially portable lighting
Shard Wall Sconces by Hubbardton Forge
Forged Steel with beautiful glass
Close Up photo of the Shard featureed above
Close up of the Erlenmeyer sconces shown below
Erlenmeyer Outdoor Wall Sconces by Hubbardton Forge
Twilight Sconces by Hubbardton Forge

The Forge makes many Night Sky Friendly outdoor Fixtures. Ask us about them.
Learn More about Hubbardton Forge below
Below: Bover North America is a new company for us. We are only beginning to learn about them. "The AMPHORA collection has been designed to create a warm environment especially in outdoors. However, thanks to its highly decorative look, the Amphoras can equally be placed both in outdoor and indoor. The size and shape of this collection pay a subtle and discreet homage to the terracotta amphora formerly used to store food. In this collection we have used a synthetic wicker to make up big handmade baskets as shades with a tripod foot subjected to a cataphoresis treatment. The light source is located inside the polyethylene ellipse which grants its water proofing. The light emitted by the Amphora collection is full of nuances and shapes .
Amphorus Collection by Bover North America
Outdoor Dining
This stunning Gas Lantern by Fourteenth Colony works just as well in an intimate dining setting as it does in a grande entrance porch
How many for Brunch?
Northeast Lanterns are always a good choice!

Conga Pendants by Troy
Absolutely 'current'!

Divergent Pendant by Hubbardton Forge
Darlana Wall fixture by Chapman and Myers for Visual Comfort
Mr. Go! by Koncept Lighting

mr.GO!, a sister product line to the Mr. n table light, is designed with an ultra minimalist silhouette and features the unique curved light panel design from the Mr. n. The arched light panel and curved housing act as a natural handle to carry the portable lantern around with you. Charge the built-in, powerful batteries using the USB port and enjoy the portability of a cordless light. The lamp offers 5000mAh amount of stored energy, so take it anywhere you go. A standard USB output port is available allowing users to also charge their USB devices on-the-go, making it the perfect companion for many different occasions.
I love what I do!
I am very fortunate to love my work. It is a pleasure working with you to update, build and transform your spaces with excellent lighting.