Is the club closed?

We will have sporadic days or times where the tennis courts are not available for use, but we will still be open.


How will this affect Junior Program?

Our goal is to teach our Junior Program students on at least three courts at all times. We are optimistic that we will actually use four courts for a majority of the period in question, but ultimately, we will need to make adjustments daily depending on where we are in the project.


Can I still book courts?

Yes! We are aiming to have three courts available during MOST of the project – this will include those with private lessons. We will not have any courts available for booking on Monday, September 18th or during the day on Tuesday, September 19th as we get the project underway. There may be times that we have a few courts blocked for a specific project and open them up as we get closer to the day. If you are looking to book a court and don’t see any available, be sure to call in or email to get on the waitlist and also check online for openings.


How will this affect USTA and Cup home matches?

We worked hard to be sure there are no home matches between September 18th and the middle of October for both USTA and Cups season.


Will we still have flights?

We are still planning to have flights as scheduled EXCEPT for Monday, September 18th. Any other changes to flights will be communicated to the affected flights directly.


How will I know if my court or program is cancelled?

We are going to try and update everyone as early in advance as possible, but sometimes a last minute change will be necessary. Be sure you have opted in to receiving text messages from the club. We don’t spam you – we just send you texts on any last-minute cancellation that is within the upcoming 24 hours (or so). Messages are one way (ie, we send them to you; you can’t message us back) and come from the number 26192. If you have not opted in and want to do so, please email [email protected] and we will send you the text to get that taken care of! (Have Juniors on your account? Be sure that the number you want listed is attached to your junior. It could be your Junior who gets the text OR you.)


Why are we doing this…and why now?

The goal of this project is to brighten up our club and clean up the upper court ceiling liner. We have done extra work on the roof of the upper court this summer to ensure there are no more leaks and now are working on the next portion of this important project.


We went back and forth on how to best plan for this project for our members and landed on us trying to accommodate being open and having to make last minute court changes instead of closing completely. We tried to get this project done during the summer while weather was optimal for outdoor play, but if you have ever done a renovation, you know we are at the mercy of contractors and their schedules as well. While we are completing this project, we wanted to still remain open for use as much as possible. Just remember it won’t be optimal use/playing conditions while here during the work time. It may be loud while you are here. Our priorities for court use are programming (Flights and Juniors), lessons and member use with an emphasis on being as open as possible on the weekends.