Christmas Eve
Lighting of the Luminaries

Join the Civic Club in a Shenandoah holiday tradition by helping to
place luminaries at city entrances.
You can do it as a family and make this part of YOUR tradition as well! Spend a little time brightening your community, enjoying the holiday spirit, and making new friends.

Luminary lighting will take place on December 24, Christmas Eve, at 6 pm.
  • Need 20 volunteers to help bag sand for the luminaries at our community's entrances on 12/9/17 from 9:00am-12:00pm at the Municipal Building Bay.
  • Need 18 volunteers who would like to decorate one neighborhood entrance in our community on 12/24/17 at about 5:00pm. At 6 pm, light the luminaries. By 10 am 12/25, clean up the entrance and dispose of the spent luminaries.
  • Self-serve luminary supplies for individual homes will be available to all Shenandoah residents in the Municipal Building parking lot on 12/8/17.

For information or to volunteer, contact Civic Club . Please contact them as early as possible so they can confirm with you.

Entrances and number of luminaries needed:
Boulevard Green